13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Madeira Island, Portugal, 19-22 September 2010

ITSC 2010 Paper Abstract


Paper MC6.2

Wang, Yubin (TU Delft, Trinité Automation), Vrancken, Jos (Delft University of Technology), Davarynejad, Mohsen (TU Delft)

Integration of the Urban and Freeway Networks Control by Using a Scenario Coordination Module

Scheduled for presentation during the Special Session "Coordinated/Integrated Road Traffic Control" (MC6), Monday, September 20, 2010, 16:40−17:00, Nautilus II

13th International IEEE Annual Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, September 19-22, 2010, Madeira Island, Portugal

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Keywords Agent-Based Methods for Traffic Management, Human Centered Design for ITS, Traffic Control


In the Netherlands, the common approach for road network traffic control is top-down control by applying so-called scenarios. However, when the number of scenarios are getting larger, operators are often confronted with a dazzling number of choices which can be troublesome as a matter of fact that their selections will dramatically affect the throughput of the network. In this paper, we will present a Decision Support System to manage the scenario-based control from a bottom-up approach by using so-called scenario coordination module. The bottom-up approach based on a hierarchal system architecture introduces a set of agents called buildingblocks. A road network can be divided into several subnetworks and each subnetwork can be divided into several buildingblocks. The combination of traffic measures in buildingblocks can represent a scenario. Moreover, they can communicate with each other to resolve the conflicts. This approach has been applied in the operational traffic control system for the Dutch city of Amsterdam. It was developed at the Dutch traffic management company Trinité Automation B.V.



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