IV22 33rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium June 5-9, 2022  □  Aachen, Germany
2022 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)
June 5-9, 2022, Aachen, Germany

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Last updated on May 23, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday June 8, 2022

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We-A-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Automated Driving  
08:30-08:50, Paper We-A-OR.1 Add to My Program
Tackling Real-World Autonomous Driving Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Maramotti, PaoloUniversità Degli Studi Di Parma
Capasso, Alessandro PaoloVisLab, an Ambarella Inc. Company - University of Parma
Bacchiani, GiulioVisLab, an Ambarella Inc. Company
Broggi, AlbertoUniversity of Parma
08:50-09:10, Paper We-A-OR.2 Add to My Program
How to Build and Validate a Safe and Reliable Autonomous Driving Stack? a ROS Based Software Modular Architecture Baseline

Gómez-Huélamo, CarlosUniversity of Alcalá
Diaz-Diaz, AlejandroUniversity of Alcala
Araluce, JavierUniversity of Alcala
Ortiz Huamaní, Miguel EduardoUniversity of Alcala
Gutiérrez-Moreno, RodrigoUniversity of Alcalá
Arango, FelipeUniversity of Alcala
Llamazares, AngelUniversity of Alcalá
Bergasa, Luis M.University of Alcala
09:10-09:30, Paper We-A-OR.3 Add to My Program
Segmented Encoding for Sim2Real of RL-Based End-To-End Autonomous Driving

Chung, Seung-HwanNaver Labs
Kong, Seung-HyunKorea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology
Cho, SangjaeKAIST
Nahrendra, I Made AswinKAIST
We-Po1S  Poster Session, Foyer Eurogress Add to My Program 
Interactive Session We1  
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.1 Add to My Program
How to Not Drive: Learning Driving Constraints from Demonstration

Rezaee, KasraUniversity of Toronto
Yadmellat, PeymanHuawei Technologies Canada
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.2 Add to My Program
Emerging of V2X Paradigm in the Development of a ROS-Based Cooperative Architecture for Transportation System Agents

Elias, CatherineGerman University in Cairo
Shehata, OmarGerman University in Cairo
Morgan, Elsayed ImamGerman University in Cairo
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.3 Add to My Program
Object-Based Velocity Feedback for Dynamic Occupancy Grids

Jiménez Bermejo, VíctorConsejo Superior De Investigaciones Científicas
Godoy, JorgeCentre for Automation and Robotics (UPM-CSIC)
Artunedo, AntonioCentre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)
Villagra, JorgeCentre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.4 Add to My Program
Cross-Layer Authentication Based on Physical-Layer Signatures for Secure Vehicular Communication

Shawky, MahmoudPhD Student at James Watt School of Engineering, University of G
Abbasi, Qammer H.Dr Abbasi Is a Reader with the James Watt School of Engineering,
Imran, Muhammad AliDean University of Glasgow UESTC, Head of the Communications Sen
Ansari, ShujaMember of the Communications Sensing and Imaging Research Group
Taha, AhmadMember of the Communications Sensing and Imaging Research Group
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.5 Add to My Program
Multi-Vehicle Conflict Management with Status and Intent Sharing

Wang, HaoUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Avedisov, SergeiToyota Motor North America R&D - InfoTech Labs
Altintas, OnurToyota North America R&D
Orosz, GaborUniversity of Michigan
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.6 Add to My Program
Predicting Real Life Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Session Duration Using Neural Networks

Deschênes, AnthonyUniversité Laval
Gaudreault, JonathanUniversité Laval
Quimper, Claude-GuyUniversité Laval
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.7 Add to My Program
AVMaestro: A Centralized Policy Enforcement Framework for Safe Autonomous-Driving Environments

Zhang, ZeUniversity of Michigan
Singapuram, Sanjay Sri VallabhUniversity of Michigan
Zhang, QingzhaoUniversity of Michigan
Hong, David KeUniversity of Michigan
Nguyen, BrandonUniversity of Michigan
Mao, Z. MorleyUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mahlke, ScottUniversity of Michigan
Chen, Qi AlfredUC Irvine
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.8 Add to My Program
Socially-Optimal Auction-Theoretic Intersection Management System

Morrissett, AdamVirginia Commonwealth University
Martin, PatrickVirginia Commonwealth University
Abdelwahed, SherifVirginia Commonwealth University
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.9 Add to My Program
MCS Analysis for 5G-NR V2X Sidelink Broadcast Communication

Yan, JinEurecom
Haerri, JeromeEURECOM
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.10 Add to My Program
RRT-Based Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Robust and Efficient Driving Behavior Prediction

Hosoma, ShinpeiTokyo Institute of Technology
Sugasaki, MasatoTokyo Institute of Technology
Shimosaka, MasamichiTokyo Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.11 Add to My Program
Recognising Place under Distinct Weather Variability, a Comparison between End-To-End and Metric Learning Approaches

Role', StephaneUniversity of Warwick
Marnerides, DemetrisIndependent
Debattista, KurtUniversity of Warwick
Cavazzi, StefanoOrdnance Survey
Dianati, MehrdadUniversity of Warwick
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.12 Add to My Program
Infrastructure-Based Object Detection and Tracking for Cooperative Driving Automation: A Survey

Bai, ZhengweiUniversity of California, Riverside
Wu, GuoyuanUniversity of California-Riverside
Qi, XueweiUniveristy of California, Riverside
Liu, YongkangUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Oguchi, KentaroToyota Motor North America R&D
Barth, MatthewUniversity of California-Riverside
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.13 Add to My Program
Cloud Assisted Connected and Automated Mobility System Architecture Design and Experimental Verification: The 5G-MOBIX Autonomous Truck Routing Use Case

Sari, TahirFord Otosan
Sever, MertIstanbul Technical University
Haklidir, MehmetTUBITAK BILGEM
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.14 Add to My Program
Spatiotemporal Transformer Attention Network for 3D Voxel Level Joint Segmentation and Motion Prediction in Point Cloud

Wei, ZhensongUniversity of California, Riverside
Qi, XueweiUniveristy of California, Riverside
Bai, ZhengweiUniversity of California, Riverside
Wu, GuoyuanUniversity of California-Riverside
Nayak, Saswat PriyadarshiCE-CERT, University of California Riverside
Hao, PengUniversity of California, Riverside
Barth, MatthewUniversity of California-Riverside
Liu, YongkangUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Oguchi, KentaroToyota ITC
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.15 Add to My Program
Seeing Nearby 3D Scenes Using Ultrasonic Sensors

Shimoyama, DainaNagoya Institute of Technology
Sakaue, FumihikoNagoya Institute of Technology
Kumano, ShunyaSOKEN, INC
Koyama, YuSOKEN, INC
Matsuura, MitsuyasuSOKEN, INC
Sato, JunNagoya Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.16 Add to My Program
Infra Sim-To-Real : An Efficient Baseline and Dataset for Infrastructure Based Online Object Detection and Tracking Using Domain Adaptation

Shyam, PranjayKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST
Mishra, SumitKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Yoon, Kuk-JinKAIST
Kim, Kyung-SooKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.17 Add to My Program
Dynamic Adjustment of Reward Function for Proximal Policy Optimization with Imitation Learning: Application to Automated Parking Systems

Albilani, MohamadTelecom Sudparis
Bouzeghoub, AmelTelecom SudParis
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.18 Add to My Program
User Experience Evaluation of SAE Level 3 Driving on a Test Track

Wintersberger, PhilippTU Wien
Sadeghian, ShadanUniversity of Siegen
Schartmüller, ClemensTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Frison, Anna KatharinaTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI)
Riener, AndreasTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.19 Add to My Program
Motion Sickness Modeling with Visual Vertical Estimation and Its Application to Autonomous Personal Mobility Vehicles

Liu, HaiLongNara Institute of Science and Technology
Inoue, ShotaNara Institute of Science and Technology
Wada, TakahiroNara Institute of Science and Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.20 Add to My Program
MCS-SLAM: Multi-Cues Multi-Sensors Fusion SLAM

Frosi, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano (Milan, Italy)
Matteucci, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano - DEIB
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.21 Add to My Program
A Unified Description of Proving Grounds and Test Areas for Automated and Connected Vehicles

Zofka, Marc RenéFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Fleck, TobiasFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Research Center for Information Technology; KIT Karlsruhe In
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.22 Add to My Program
A Comparative Analysis of Decision-Level Fusion for Multimodal Driver Behaviour Understanding

Roitberg, AlinaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Peng, KunyuKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Marinov, ZdravkoKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Seibold, ConstantinKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Anthropomatics A
Schneider, DavidKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Stiefelhagen, RainerKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.23 Add to My Program
Dynamic Conflict Mitigation for Cooperative Driving Control of Intelligent Vehicles

Oudainia, Mohamed RadjebLAMIH UMR CNRS 8201 (Laboratoire d'Automatique, De Mécanique Et
Sentouh, ChoukiLAMIH/CNRS University of Valenciennes
Nguyen, AnhTuUniversité Polytechnique Hauts-De-France
Popieul, Jean-ChristopheUniversite De Valenciennes
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.24 Add to My Program
Non-Local Evasive Overtaking of Downstream Incidents in Distributed Behavior Planning of Connected Vehicles

Kreidieh, Abdul RahmanUC Berkeley
Farid, YasharInfoTech Labs, Toyota Motor North America R&D
Oguchi, KentaroToyota Motor North America R&D
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.25 Add to My Program
Wheel Speed Is All You Need: How to Efficiently Detect Automotive Damper Defects Using Frequency Analysis

Huber, SebastianTechnical University of Munich
Betz, JohannesUniversity of Pennsylvania
Lienkamp, MarkusTechnische Universität München
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.26 Add to My Program
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control: A Hybrid Car Following Policy

Yavas, M. UgurEatron Technologies
Kumbasar, TufanIstanbul Technical University
Ure, NazimIstanbul Technical University
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.27 Add to My Program
Sharpness Continuous Path Optimization and Sparsification for Automated Vehicles

Kumar, MohitForschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe
Strauss, PeterMAN Truck & Bus SE
Kraus, SvenTechnische Universität München
Tas, Omer SahinFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.28 Add to My Program
G-VOM: A GPU Accelerated Voxel Off-Road Mapping System

Overbye, TimTexas A&M University
Saripalli, SrikanthTexas A&M University
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.29 Add to My Program
Systematic Evaluation of a Centralized Non-Recurrent Queue Management System

Yang, HaoMcMaster University
Farid, YasharInfoTech Labs, Toyota Motor North America R&D
Oguchi, KentaroToyota Motor North America R&D
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.30 Add to My Program
Real-Time Cooperative Motion Planning Using Efficient Model Predictive Contouring Control

Pauls, Jan-HendrikKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Boxheimer, MarioKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.31 Add to My Program
ROOAD: RELLIS Off-Road Odometry Analysis Dataset

Chustz, GeorgeTexas A&M University
Saripalli, SrikanthTexas A&M University
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.32 Add to My Program
Advances in Real-Time Online Vehicle Camera Calibration Via Road Line Markings Parallelism Enforcement

Bellusci, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano - DEIB
Matteucci, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano - DEIB
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.33 Add to My Program
Taxonomies of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility

Geissler, TorstenFederal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
Shi, ElisabethFederal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.34 Add to My Program
Fusion Attention Network for Autonomous Cars Semantic Segmentation

Wang, ChuyaoCity University of London
Aouf, NabilCity University of London
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.35 Add to My Program
Towards a Visual Road Traffic Monitoring System Based on Drones

Ning, MangKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Ma, XiaoliangKTH Royal Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.36 Add to My Program
A Sequential Decision-Theoretic Method for Detecting Mobile Robots Localization Failures

Liang, SunSichuan Changhong Electronics Holding Groups Co
Menghong, LiuSichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd
Huayi, ZhanSichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd
Ying, WuElectrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern Univer
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.37 Add to My Program
Deep-Learning-Based Anomaly Detection for Lane-Changing Decisions

Wang, Sheng-LiNational Taiwan University
Lin, ChienNational Taiwan University
Boddupalli, SrivalliUniversity of Florida
Lin, Chung-WeiNational Taiwan University
Ray, SandipUniversity of Florida
09:30-10:50, Paper We-Po1S.38 Add to My Program
Axial Attention Inside a U-Net for Semantic Segmentation of 3D Sparse LiDAR Point Clouds

Yin, Tang-KaiNational University of Kaohsiung
Wu, Liang-YueNUK
Hong, Tzung-PeiNational University of Kaohsiung
We-B-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Planning and Control  
10:50-11:10, Paper We-B-OR.1 Add to My Program
Conception and Experimental Validation of a Model Predictive Control (MPC) for Lateral Control of a Truck-Trailer

Kumar, MohitForschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe
Haas, AndreasMAN Truck & Bus SE
Strauss, PeterMAN Truck & Bus SE
Kraus, SvenTechnische Universität München
Tas, Omer SahinFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
11:10-11:30, Paper We-B-OR.2 Add to My Program
Vision Transformer for Learning Driving Policies in Complex and Dynamic Environments

Kargar, EshaghAalto University
Kyrki, VilleAalto University
11:30-11:50, Paper We-B-OR.3 Add to My Program
Delay-Aware Robust Control for Safe Autonomous Driving

Kalaria, DvijIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Lin, QinCleveland State University
Dolan, JohnCarnegie Mellon University
We-LU_BR  Conference Event, Lunch Area Add to My Program 
We Lunch  
We-KN  Plenary Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Jan Becker: The Automotive Industry Is Driving Toward Software-Defined
Vehicles — What If Cars Could Be As Easy to Program As Smartphones Are
We-C-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
ADAS Functions  
14:05-14:25, Paper We-C-OR.1 Add to My Program
Auditory and Visual Warning Information Generation of the Risk Object in Driving Scenes Based on Weakly Supervised Learning

Niu, YingjieNagoya University, Graduate School of Informatics,
Ding, MingNagoya University
Zhang, YuxiaoNagoya University
Ohtani, KentoNagoya University
Takeda, KazuyaNagoya University
14:25-14:45, Paper We-C-OR.2 Add to My Program
Cooperative Platooning with Mixed Traffic on Urban Arterial Roads

Mu, ZeyuUniversity of Virginia
Chen, ZhengUniversity of Virginia
Ryu, SeunghanPiedmont Authority for Regional Transportation
Avedisov, SergeiToyota Motor North America R&D - InfoTech Labs
Guo, RuiToyota Motor North America, R&D InfoTech Labs
Park, B. BrianUniversity of Virginia
14:45-15:05, Paper We-C-OR.3 Add to My Program
Energy-Optimal Control for Eco-Driving on Curved Roads

Bentaleb, AhmedUPJV
El Hajjaji, AhmedMIS UPJV
Abdelhamid, RabhiMIS UPJV
Karama, AsmaUniversity Cadi Ayyad
Benzaouia, AbdellahUniversity of Cadi Ayad
We-Po2S  Poster Session, Foyer Eurogress Add to My Program 
Interactive Session We2  
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.1 Add to My Program
MTBF Model for AVs - from Perception Errors to Vehicle-Level Failures

Oboril, FabianIntel
Buerkle, CorneliusIntel
Biton Shack, SimchaMobileye
Sussmann, AlonMobileye
Fabris, SimoneMobileye
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.2 Add to My Program
Scenario and Model-Based Systems Engineering Procedure for the SOTIF-Compliant Design of Automated Driving Functions

Meyer, Max-ArnoRWTH Aachen University
Silberg, SebastianFEV Europe GmbH
Granrath, ChristianFEV Europe GmbH
Kugler, ChristopherFEV Europe GmbH
Wachtmeister, LouisRWTH Aachen University
Rumpe, BernhardRWTH Aachen
Christiaens, SébastienFEV Europe GmbH
Andert, Jakob LukasRWTH Aachen University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.3 Add to My Program
Analysis of Real-Time LiDAR Sensor Simulation for Testing Automated Driving Functions on a Vehicle-In-The-Loop Testbench

Chen, HaopengTechnical University of Berlin
Müller, SteffenTechnical University of Berlin
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.4 Add to My Program
Real-To-Synthetic: Generating Simulator Friendly Traffic Scenes from Graph Representation

Tian, YafuNagoya University
Carballo, AlexanderNagoya University
Li, RuifengState Key Laboratory of Robotic and Intelligent System, Harbin I
Takeda, KazuyaNagoya University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.5 Add to My Program
Driver-Automation Shared Steering Control for Intelligent Vehicles under Unexpected Emergency Conditions

Yang, LuTsinghua University
Wang, JianqiangTsinghua University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.6 Add to My Program
Clothoidal Mapping of Road Line Markings for Autonomous Driving High-Definition Maps

Gallazzi, BarbaraPolitecnico Di Milano
Cudrano, PaoloPolitecnico Di Milano
Frosi, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano (Milan, Italy)
Mentasti, SimonePolitecnico Di Milano
Matteucci, MatteoPolitecnico Di Milano - DEIB
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.7 Add to My Program
Model-Based Framework to Optimize Charger Station Deployment for Battery Electric Vehicles

Eagon, MatthewUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Fakhimi, SetayeshUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lyu, GeorgeRice University
Yang, AudreyNew York University
Lin, BrianStanford University
Northrop, WillUniversity of Minnesota
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.8 Add to My Program
Detecting and Identifying Global Visual Novelties in Driving Scenarios

Palacios-Alonso, Miguel A.Instituto Nacional De Astrofísica, Óptica Y Electrónica
Escalante, Hugo JairINAOE
Sucar, Luis EnriqueInstituto Nacional De Astrofísica, Óptica Y Electrónica
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.9 Add to My Program
Mass Detection for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Using Gaussian Belief Propagation

Eagon, MatthewUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Fakhimi, SetayeshUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Pernsteiner, AdamUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Northrop, WillUniversity of Minnesota
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.10 Add to My Program
Adaptive Safe Control for Driving in Uncertain Environments

Gangadhar, SiddharthCarnegie Mellon University
Wang, ZhuoyuanCarnegie Mellon University
Jing, HaomingDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mell
Nakahira, YorieCMU
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.11 Add to My Program
Driver Behavior Model for the Safety Assessment of Automated Driving (I)

Fries, AlexandraBMW AG
Fahrenkrog, FelixBMW AG
Donauer, KatharinaBMW AG
Mai, MarcusTechnische Universität Dresden
Raisch, FlorianBMW AG
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.12 Add to My Program
Quantifying Realistic Behaviour of Traffic Agents in Urban Driving Simulation Based on Questionnaires (I)

Rock, TeresaTU Berlin
Bahram, MohammadBMW Group Research and Technology
Himmels, ChantalBMW Group
Marker, StefanieTU Berlin
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.13 Add to My Program
Modeling Driver Behavior Using Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning (I)

Sackmann, MoritzFriedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Bey, HenrikFriedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Hofmann, UlrichAUDI AG Ingolstadt
Thielecke, JörnFriedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.14 Add to My Program
CogMod: Simulating Human Information Processing Limitation While Driving (I)

Jawad, AbdulUniversity of California Santa Cruz
Whitehead, JimUC Santa Cruz
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.15 Add to My Program
Adversarial Jaywalker Modeling for Simulation-Based Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Systems (I)

Muktadir, Golam MdUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Whitehead, JimUC Santa Cruz
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.16 Add to My Program
Early Assessment of System-Level Safety Mechanisms through Co-Simulation-Based Fault Injection (I)

Munaro, TizianoFortiss
Muntean, IrinaFortiss
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.17 Add to My Program
Combining Virtual Reality and Steer-By-Wire Systems to Validate Driver Assistance Concepts (I)

Weiss, ElliotStanford University
Talbot, JohnStanford University
Gerdes, J ChristianStanford University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.18 Add to My Program
Point-Voxel Fusion for Multimodal 3D Detection (I)

Wang, KeChongqing University
Zhang, ZhichuangChongqing University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.19 Add to My Program
Residual MBConv Submanifold Module for 3D LiDAR-Based Object Detection (I)

Guo, LieDalian University of Technology
Huang, LiangDalian University of Technology
Yibing, ZhaoDalian University of Technology
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.20 Add to My Program
An Authentication Mechanism for Remote Keyless Entry Systems in Cars to Prevent Replay and RollJam Attacks (I)

Poolat Parameswarath, RohiniNational University of Singapore
Sikdar, BiplabNational University of Singapore
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.21 Add to My Program
Unsupervised Network Intrusion Detection System for AVTP in Automotive Ethernet Networks (I)

Alkhatib, NatashaUniversity
Mushtaq, MariaInstitut Polytechnique De Paris
Ghauch, HadiTelecom Paris
Danger, Jean-LucTélécom Paris
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.22 Add to My Program
Security Analysis of Merging Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles (I)

Jarouf, AbdulahHamad Bin Khalifa University
Meskin, NaderQatar University
Al-Kuwari, SaifCollege of Science and Engineering, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
Shakerpour, Mohammad Hussein, Mohammad HusseinQatar University
Cassandras, ChristosBoston University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.23 Add to My Program
A Multilayered Security Infrastructure for Connected Vehicles - First Lessons from the Field (I)

Häckel, TimoHAW Hamburg
Meyer, PhilippHamburg University of Applied Sciences
Stahlbock, LukasIAV GmbH
Langer, FalkIAV, HS-Mittweida
Eckhardt, Sebastian AlexanderIAV GmbH
Korf, FranzHamburg University of Applied Sciences
Schmidt, ThomasHamburg University of Applied Sciences
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.24 Add to My Program
An Hybrid Approach to Improve the Performance of Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Traversability Analysis in Urban Environments (I)

Fusaro, DanielUniversity of Padua
Olivastri, EmilioUniversity of Padua
Evangelista, DanieleUniversity of Padua
Iob, PietroUniversity of Padua
Pretto, AlbertoUniversity of Padua
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.25 Add to My Program
SAN: Scene Anchor Networks for Joint Action-Space Prediction (I)

Janjoš, FarisRobert Bosch GmbH
Dolgov, MaximRobert Bosch GmbH
Kuric, MuhamedVirtual Vehicle Research
Shen, YinzheUniversity of Stuttgart
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Research Center for Information Technology; KIT Karlsruhe In
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.26 Add to My Program
Winning the 3rd Japan Automotive AI Challenge - Autonomous Racing with the Autoware.Auto Open Source Software Stack (I)

Zang, ZiruiUniversity of Pennsylvannia
Tumu, RenukanandanUniversity of Pennsylvania
Betz, JohannesUniversity of Pennsylvania
Zheng, HongruiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Mangharam, RahulUniversity of Pennsylvania
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.27 Add to My Program
Reliable Evaluation of Navigation States Estimation for Automated Driving Systems (I)

Srinara, SurachetNational Cheng Kung University
Tsai, SyunNational Cheng Kung University
Lin, Cheng-XianNational Cheng Kung University
Tsai, Meng-LunNational Cheng Kung University
Chiang, Kai-WeiNational Cheng Kung University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.28 Add to My Program
Towards Integrity for GNSS-Based Urban Navigation -- Challenges and Lessons Learned (I)

Schön, SteffenLeibniz University Hannover
Baasch, Kai-NiklasLeibniz University Hannover
Icking, LucyLeibniz Universität Hannover
Karimidoona, AliLeibniz University Hannover
Lin, QianwenLeibniz Universität Hannover
Ruwisch, FabianLeibniz Universität Hannover
Schaper, AnatLeibniz Universität Hannover
Su, JingyaoLeibniz University Hannover
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.29 Add to My Program
A Monte Carlo Particle Filter Formulation for Mapless-Based Localization (I)

Braile Przewodowski Filho, Carlos AndréUniversity of Sao Paulo - USP
Osorio, FernandoUSP - University of Sao Paulo
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.30 Add to My Program
On Uncertainty Quantification for Convolutional Neural Network LiDAR Localization (I)

Joerger, MathieuVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Wang, JulianVirginia Tech
Hassani, AliVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.31 Add to My Program
Capsule Networks for Hierarchical Novelty Detection in Object Classification (I)

de Graaff, ThiesGerman Aerospace Center
Ribeiro de Menezes, ArthurGerman Aerospace Center
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.32 Add to My Program
BackboneAnalysis: Structured Insights into Compute Platforms from CNN Inference Latency (I)

Hafner, Frank M.ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Zeller, MatthiasUniversity of Stuttgart
Schutera, MarkKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Abhau, JochenZF Friedrichshafen AG
Kooij, Julian Francisco PieterDelft University of Technology
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.33 Add to My Program
MEAT: Maneuver Extraction from Agent Trajectories (I)

Schmidt, JulianMercedes-Benz AG, Ulm University
Jordan, JulianMercedes-Benz AG
Raba, DavidMercedes-Benz AG
Welz, TobiasMercedes-Benz AG
Dietmayer, KlausUniversity of Ulm
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.34 Add to My Program
Automated Driving Systems: Impact of Haptic Guidance on Driving Performance after a Take Over Request (I)

Morales-Alvarez, WalterChair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0, Johannes Kepler Unive
Certad, NovelChair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0, Johannes Kepler Unive
Tadjine, Hadj HammaIAV GmbH
Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaChair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0, Johannes Kepler Unive
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.35 Add to My Program
Deep Federated Learning for Autonomous Driving

Nguyen, AnhUniversity of Liverpool
Do, TuongAIOZ Singapore
Tran, MinhAIOZ
Nguyen, BinhAIOZ
Duong, ChienAIOZ
Phan, TuAIOZ
Tjiputra, ErmanAIOZ
Tran, QuangAIOZ
15:05-16:25, Paper We-Po2S.36 Add to My Program
Ordered-Logit Pedestrian Stress Model for Traffic Flow with Automated Vehicles (I)

Kamal, KimiaRyerson University
Farooq, BilalRyerson University
Mahwish, Mudassar, MahwishRyerson University
Kalatian, ArashRyerson University
We-D-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Perception for Intelligent Vehicles  
16:25-16:45, Paper We-D-OR.1 Add to My Program
A Conditional Confidence Calibration Method for 3D Point Cloud Object Detection

Kato, YoshioThe University of Tokyo
Kato, ShinpeiThe University of Tokyo
16:45-17:05, Paper We-D-OR.2 Add to My Program
3D-FlowNet: Event-Based Optical Flow Estimation with 3D Representation

Sun, HaixinEcole Centrale De Nantes, Nantes, France
Dao, Minh QuanÉcole Centrale De Nantes
Fremont, VincentEcole Centrale De Nantes, CNRS, LS2N, UMR 6004
17:05-17:25, Paper We-D-OR.3 Add to My Program
CSFlow: Learning Optical Flow Via Cross Strip Correlation for Autonomous Driving

Shi, HaoZhejiang University
Zhou, YifanShanghai AI Laboratory
Yang, KailunKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Yin, XiaotingZhejiang University
Wang, KaiweiZhejiang Univeristy
We-Awards  Conference Event, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Christoph Stiller and Lutz Eckstein: Awards and Closing  




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