IV22 33rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium June 5-9, 2022  □  Aachen, Germany
2022 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)
June 5-9, 2022, Aachen, Germany

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Last updated on June 12, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday June 7, 2022

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Tu-A-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Perception and Sensing  
Chair: Bergasa, Luis M.University of Alcala
08:30-08:50, Paper Tu-A-OR.1 Add to My Program
Multitask Network for Joint Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation and Human Pose Estimation in Vehicle Occupancy Monitoring

Ebert, NikolasHochschule Mannheim
Mangat, PatrickHS Mannheim
Wasenmüller, OliverHS Mannheim
08:50-09:10, Paper Tu-A-OR.2 Add to My Program
Traffic Sign Classifiers under Physical World Realistic Sticker Occlusions: A Cross Analysis Study

Bayzidi, YasinVolkswagen AG, Technische Universität München
Smajic, AlenVolkswagen AG
Hüger, FabianCARIAD SE
Moritz, RubyVolkswagen AG
Varghese, SerinCARIAD
Schlicht, PeterCARIAD S.E
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
09:10-09:30, Paper Tu-A-OR.3 Add to My Program
Attention Guided Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Visual-Inertial Odometry

Wang, ZhenkeTongji University
Zhu, YuanTongji University
Lu, KeTongji University
Freer, DanielAntobot Ltd
Wu, HaoAntobot Ltd
Chen, HuiTongji University
Tu-Po1S  Poster Session, Foyer Eurogress Add to My Program 
Interactive Session Tu1  
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.1 Add to My Program
A*-Guided Incremental Sampling for Trajectory Planning of Inland Vessels in Narrow Ship Canals

Huang, Marvin WenRWTH Aachen University
Abel, DirkAachen University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.2 Add to My Program
Mono-DCNet: Monocular 3D Object Detection Via Depth-Based Centroid Refinement and Pose Estimation

Astudillo, ArmandoUniversidad Carlos III De Madrid
Al-Kaff, AbdullaUniversidad Carlos III De Madrid
Garcia, FernandoUniversidad Carlos III De Madrid
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.3 Add to My Program
A Two-Stage Bayesian Optimisation for Automatic Tuning of an Unscented Kalman Filter for Vehicle Sideslip Angle Estimation

Bertipaglia, AlbertoDelft University of Technology
Shyrokau, BarysDelft University of Technology
Alirezaei, MohsenFellow Engineer at Siemens
Happee, RDelft University of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.4 Add to My Program
Optimization-Based Resource Allocation for an Automotive Service-Oriented Software Architecture

Kampmann, AlexandruRWTH Aachen University
Lüer, MaximilianRWTH Aachen University
Kowalewski, StefanAachen University
Alrifaee, BassamRWTH Aachen University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.5 Add to My Program
Analysis on Effects of Driving Behavior on Freeway Traffic Flow: A Comparative Evaluation of Two Driver Profiles Using Two Car-Following Models

Goncu, SadullahFatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University
Erdagi, Ismet GoksadTechnical University of Istanbul
Silgu, Mehmet AliTechnical University of Istanbul
Celikoglu, Hilmi BerkTechnical University of Istanbul
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.6 Add to My Program
Generic Detection and Search-Based Test Case Generation of Urban Scenarios Based on Real Driving Data

Thal, SilviaTechnische Universität Braunschweig, Institute of Automotive Eng
Henze, RomanTechnical University of Braunschweig
Hasegawa, RyoJapan Automobile Research Institute
Nakamura, HirokiJapan Automobile Research Institute
Imanaga, HisashiJapan Automobile Research Institute
Antona-Makoshi, JacoboJapan Automobile Research Institute
Uchida, NobuyukiJapan Automobile Research Institute
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.7 Add to My Program
Evaluation of Vehicle Assignment Algorithms for Autonomous Mobility on Demand Systems

Goncu, SadullahFatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University
Silgu, Mehmet AliTechnical University of Istanbul
Celikoglu, Hilmi BerkTechnical University of Istanbul
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.8 Add to My Program
Scenario Analysis for Optimized Trajectories of a Truck-Trailer Model Utilizing Coupled Dynamics

Balaganchi Muralidhara, DarshanAE Software & Electronics DT&B, Vehicle Control Systems, Daimler
Gehring, OttmarAE Software & Electronics DT&B, Vehicle Control Systems, Daimler
Bock, Hans GeorgInterdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelb
Wirsching, LeonardInterdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelb
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.9 Add to My Program
Assuring Responsible Driving of Autonomous Vehicles

Schöner, Hans-PeterIFO-Consulting
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.10 Add to My Program
Towards Real-Time Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Detection on Embedded Systems

Jayasinghe, OshadaUniversity of Moratuwa
Kulathunga Arachchige, Avandra Sahan HemchandraUniversity of Moratuwa
Anhettigama, DamithUniversity of Moratuwa
Kariyawasam, Shenali AnjanaUniversity of Moratuwa
Wickremasinghe, Liyanage Tharindu NirmalUniversity of Moratuwa
Ekanayake, ChalaniUniversity of Moratuwa
Rodrigo, RangaThe University of Moratuwa
Jayasekara, PeshalaUniversity of Moratuwa
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.11 Add to My Program
Individual Traffic Information Preferences in User Interfaces for Automated Driving – a Driving Simulator Study

Driesen-Micklitz, TimMercedes-Benz AG; University of Rostock
Michael Fellmann, MichaelUniversity of Rostock
Röcker, CarstenFraunhofer IOSB-INA
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.12 Add to My Program
Spatiotemporal Prediction of Vehicle Movement Using Artificial Neural Networks

Pihrt, JiříCzech Technical University in Prague
Šimánek, PetrCzech Technical University in Prague
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.13 Add to My Program
MAConAuto: Framework for Mobile-Assisted Human-In-The-Loop Automotive System

Elmalaki, SalmaUniversity of California, Irvine
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.14 Add to My Program
Mobility, Communication and Computation Aware Federated Learning for Internet of Vehicles

Pervej, Md FerdousNC State University
Guo, JianlinMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Kim, Keyong JinMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Parsons, KieranMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Orlik, PhilipMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Di Cairano, StefanoMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Menner, MarcelMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Berntorp, KarlMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Nagai, YukimasaMitsubishi Electric Corporation
Dai, HuaiyuNC State University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.15 Add to My Program
Fast Online Parameter Estimation of the Intelligent Driver Model for Trajectory Prediction

Kreutz, KarstenTechnical University of Darmstadt
Eggert, JulianHonda Research Institute Europe GmbH
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.16 Add to My Program
Object-Level Targeted Selection Via Deep Template Matching

Kothawade, SurajUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Roy, DonnaDonnar@nvidia.com
Fenzi, MicheleNVIDIA
Haussmann, ElmarNVIDIA
Alvarez, José M.NVIDIA
Angerer, ChristophNVIDIA
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.17 Add to My Program
Deep CNN-BiLSTM Model for Transportation Mode Detection Using Smartphone Accelerometer and Magnetometer

Tang, QinruiGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Jahan, KanwalDLR
Roth, MichaelGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.18 Add to My Program
LPV-Fuzzy Control Approach for Road Adaptive Semi-Active Suspension System

Basargan, HakanBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Mihály, AndrásSZTAKI
Gaspar, PeterHungarian Academy of Sciences - Institute for Computer Science A
Sename, OlivierGrenoble Institute of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.19 Add to My Program
A Mobile Application for Resolving Bicyclist and Automated Vehicle Interactions at Intersections

Lindner, JohannesTechnical University of Munich
Grigoropoulos, GeorgiosTechnische Universität München
Keler, AndreasTechnical University of Munich
Malcolm, PatrickTechnical University of Munich
Denk, FlorianTechnical University Ingolstadt (CARISSMA)
Brunner, PascalTechnical University Ingolstadt (CARISSMA)
Bogenberger, KlausTechnical University of Munich
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.20 Add to My Program
Intelligent Control Switching for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Reinforcement Learning

Atoui, HussamRenault
Sename, OlivierGrenoble Institute of Technology
Milanés, VicenteRenault
Martinez Molina, John J.Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble-INP, Gipsa-Lab
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.21 Add to My Program
Systematization and Identification of Triggering Conditions: A Preliminary Step for Efficient Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

Zhu, ZhijingVolkswagen AG
Philipp, RobinVolkswagen AG
Hungar, ConstanzeVolkswagen AG
Howar, FalkTU Dortmund
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.22 Add to My Program
Stress Testing Autonomous Racing Overtake Maneuvers with RRT

Bak, StanleyStony Brook University
Betz, JohannesUniversity of Pennsylvania
Zheng, HongruiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Chawla, AbhinavStony Brook University
Mangharam, RahulUniversity of Pennsylvania
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.23 Add to My Program
LiDAR-MIMO: Efficient Uncertainty Estimation for LiDAR-Based 3D Object Detection

Pitropov, MatthewUniversity of Waterloo
Huang, ChengjieUniversity of Waterloo
Abdelzad, VahdatUniversity of Waterloo
Czarnecki, KrzysztofUniversity of Waterloo
Waslander, StevenUniversity of Toronto
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.24 Add to My Program
Injecting Planning-Awareness into Prediction and Detection Evaluation

Ivanovic, BorisNVIDIA
Pavone, MarcoStanford University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.25 Add to My Program
Enhancing SUMO Simulator for Simulation Based Testing and Validation of Autonomous Vehicles

Kusari, ArpanUniversity of Michigan
Yang, HanzhiUniversity of Michigan
Punshi, NikhilUniversity of Michigan
Rasulis, MichUniversity of Michigan
Scott, BogardUniversity of Michigan
LeBlanc, DavidUniversity of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.26 Add to My Program
Virtual Test Scenarios for ADAS: Distance to Real Scenarios Matters !

El Mostadi, MohamedLAAS-CNRS, Renault Software Labs
Waeselynck, HeleneLAAS-CNRS
Jean-Marc Gabriel, Jean-MarcRenault Software Labs
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.27 Add to My Program
Self-Supervised Road Layout Parsing with Graph Auto-Encoding

Lu, ChenyangEindhoven University of Technology
Dubbelman, GijsEindhoven University of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.28 Add to My Program
Transformers for Multi-Object Tracking on Point Clouds

Ruppel, FeliciaRobert Bosch GmbH and Ulm University
Faion, FlorianRobert Bosch GmbH
Gläser, ClaudiusRobert Bosch GmbH
Dietmayer, KlausUniversity of Ulm
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.29 Add to My Program
Validating Simulation Environments for Automated Driving Systems Using 3D Object Comparison Metric

Wallace, AlbertUniversity of Warwick
Khastgir, SiddarthaUniversity of Warwick
Zhang, XizheUniversity of Warwick
Brewerton, SimonRDM Group
Anctil, BenoitTransport Canada
Burns, PeterTransport Canada
Charlebois, DominiqueTransport Canada
Jennings, PaulWMG, University of Warwick
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.30 Add to My Program
On Adversarial Robustness of Semantic Segmentation Models for Automated Driving

Yin, HuilinTongji University
Wang, RuiningTongji University
Liu, BoyuTongji University
Yan, JunTongji University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.31 Add to My Program
Scene Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Pedestrian Intention Estimation

Naik, AbhilashEindhoven University of Technology
Bighashdel, AriyanEindhoven University of Technology
Jancura, PavolEindhoven University of Technology
Dubbelman, GijsEindhoven University of Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.32 Add to My Program
Improved Vanishing Point Accuracy by Integrating Vehicle Detection and Segmentation

Sato, FumiakiToho University
Koshizen, TakamasaHonda R&D Co. Ltd
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.33 Add to My Program
GNSS-Based Environmental Context Detection for Navigation

Feriol, FlorentISAE-SUPAERO/University of Toulouse
Watanabe, YokoONERA (The French Aerospace Laboratory)
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.34 Add to My Program
Is Attention to Bounding Boxes All You Need for Pedestrian Action Prediction?

Achaji, LinaStellantis
Moreau, JulienStellantis
Fouqueray, ThibaultStellantis
Aioun, FrancoisPSA Peugeot Citroen, Velizy, France
Charpillet, FrançoisLORIA
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.35 Add to My Program
How Simulation Based Test Methods Will Substitute the Proving Ground Testing?

Drechsler, Maikol FunkCARISSMA
Seifert, GeorgTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Peintner, JakobTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Reway, FabioTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Riener, AndreasTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Huber, WernerBMW Group Research and Technology
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.36 Add to My Program
Virtual Obstacle for a Safe and Comfortable Approach to Limited Visibility Situations in Urban Autonomous Driving

Karanam, Sai KrishnaUTC, Heudiasyc Laboratory, UMR 7253 CNRS
Duhautbout, ThibaudStellantis -- University of Technology of Compiègne
Talj, ReineUniversité De Technologie De Compiègne, Heudiasyc
Cherfaoui, VéroniqueUniversite De Technologie De Compiegne
Aioun, FrancoisPSA Peugeot Citroen, Velizy, France
Guillemard, FranckPSA Peugeot Citroen, Velizy, France
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.37 Add to My Program
Fair Division Meets Vehicle Routing: Fairness for Drivers with Monotone Profits

Aleksandrov, Martin DamyanovFreie Universität Berlin
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.38 Add to My Program
Improved Deep Reinforcement Learning with Expert Demonstrations for Urban Autonomous Driving

Liu, HaochenNanyang Technological University
Huang, ZhiyuNanyang Technological University
Wu, JingdaNanyang Technological University
Lv, ChenNanyang Technological University
09:30-10:50, Paper Tu-Po1S.39 Add to My Program
Lidar and Landmark Based Localization System for a Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator

Lutwitzi, Melina SofiaTechnical University of Darmstadt
Betschinske, DanielTechnical University Darmstadt
Albrecht, TorbenTechnical University of Darmstadt
Winner, HermannTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Tu-B-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Explainability, Safety and Risk Assessment  
Chair: Darms, MichaelContinental AG
10:50-11:10, Paper Tu-B-OR.1 Add to My Program
How Can Automated Vehicles Explain Their Driving Decisions? Generating Clarifying Summaries Automatically

Henze, FranziskaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Fassbender, DennisAUDI AG
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
11:10-11:30, Paper Tu-B-OR.2 Add to My Program
Learning to Predict Collision Risk from Simulated Video Data

Schoonbeek, Tim JeroenEindhoven University of Technology
Piva, Fabrizio JulianEindhoven University of Technology
Abdolhay, Hamid RezaSiemens Nederland N.V
Dubbelman, GijsEindhoven University of Technology
11:30-11:50, Paper Tu-B-OR.3 Add to My Program
Provable Probabilistic Safety and Feasibility-Assured Control for Autonomous Vehicles Using Exponential Control Barrier Functions

Van Koevering, SpencerWhitman College
Lyu, YiweiCarnegie Mellon University
Luo, WenhaoUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dolan, JohnCarnegie Mellon University
Tu-LU_BR  Conference Event, Lunch Area Add to My Program 
Tu Lunch  
Tu-KN  Plenary Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Jack Weast: Driving Safely in an Age of Automation  
Tu-C-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Data Sets for Automated Driving  
Chair: Shehata, OmarGerman University in Cairo
14:05-14:25, Paper Tu-C-OR.1 Add to My Program
The exiD Dataset: A Real-World Trajectory Dataset of Highly Interactive Highway Scenarios in Germany

Moers, TobiasFka GmbH
Vater, LennartInstitut Für Kraftfahrzeuge RWTH Aachen University
Krajewski, RobertRWTH Aachen University
Bock, JulianRWTH Aachen University
Zlocki, AdrianFka
Eckstein, LutzRWTH Aachen University
14:25-14:45, Paper Tu-C-OR.2 Add to My Program
A9-Dataset: Multi-Sensor Infrastructure-Based Dataset for Mobility Research

Creß, ChristianTechnical University Munich
Zimmer, WalterTechnical University of Munich (TUM)
Strand, LeahTechnical University of Munich
Fortkord, MaximilianTechnical University of Munich, Germany
Dai, SiyiTechnical University of Munich (TUM)
Lakshminarasimhan, VenkatnarayananTechnical University of Munich
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
14:45-15:05, Paper Tu-C-OR.3 Add to My Program
Augmented Reality on LiDAR Data: Going Beyond Vehicle-In-The-Loop for Automotive Software Validation

Genevois, ThomasInria
Horel, Jean-BaptisteInria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
Renzaglia, AlessandroINRIA
Laugier, ChristianINRIA
Tu-Po2S  Poster Session, Foyer Eurogress Add to My Program 
Interactive Session Tu2  
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.1 Add to My Program
Optimization-Based Coordination of Mixed Traffic at Unsignalized Intersections Based on Platooning Strategy

Faris, MuhammadChalmers University of Technology
Falcone, PaoloChalmers University of Technology
Sjoberg, JonasChalmers University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.2 Add to My Program
A Biologically-Inspired Global Localization System for Mobile Robots Using LiDAR Sensor

Zhuang, GenghangTechnical University of Munich
Cagnetta, CarloTechnical University Munich
Bing, ZhenshanTechnical University of Munich
Cao, HuTechnical University of Munich
Li, XinyiTechnical University of Munich
Huang, KaiSun Yat-Sen University
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.3 Add to My Program
Beyond 10Gbps Electrical Automotive Ethernet Channel Insertion Loss Characterization

Borda, Jamila JosipBMW
Matheus, KirstenBMW
Gerfers, FriedelTU Berlin
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.4 Add to My Program
Impacts of Data Anonymization on Semantic Segmentation

Zhou, JingxingPorsche Engineering Group GmbH
Beyerer, JürgenFraunhofer Institute of Optronics, Systems Technologies and Imag
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.5 Add to My Program
Uncertainty-Aware Prediction of Battery Energy Consumption for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Khiari, JihedJohannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaChair Sustainable Transport Logistics 4.0, Johannes Kepler Unive
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.6 Add to My Program
Adversarial Attack and Defense of YOLO Detectors in Autonomous Driving Scenarios

Choi, Jung ImBowling Green State University
Tian, QingBowling Green State University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.7 Add to My Program
Amodal Cityscapes: A New Dataset, Its Generation, and an Amodal Semantic Segmentation Challenge Baseline

Breitenstein, JasminTechnische Universität Braunschweig
Fingscheidt, TimTechnische Universität Braunschweig
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.8 Add to My Program
Solving the Deadlock Problem with Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Information from Multiple Vehicles

Goto, TsuyoshiChubu University
Itaya, HidenoriChubu University
Hirakawa, TsubasaChubu University
Yamashita, TakayoshiChubu University
Fujiyoshi, HironobuChubu University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.9 Add to My Program
A Sufficient Condition for Convex Hull Property in General Convex Spatio-Temporal Corridors

Zhang, WeizeHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Yadmellat, PeymanHuawei Technologies Canada
Gao, ZhiweiBeijing Huawei Digital Technologies Co. Ltd
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.10 Add to My Program
From Spoken Thoughts to Automated Driving Commentary: Predicting and Explaining Intelligent Vehicles’ Actions

Omeiza, DanielUniversity of Oxford
Anjomshoae, SuleUmeå University
Webb, HelenaUniversity of Oxford
Jirotka, MarinaUniversity of Oxford
Kunze, LarsUniversity of Oxford
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.11 Add to My Program
Time to Arrival As Predictor for Uncertainty and Cooperative Driving Decisions in Highly Automated Driving

Miller, LindaUlm University
Leitner, JasminUlm University
Kraus, JohannesUlm University
Lee, JieunKeio University
Daimon, TatsuruKeio University
Kitazaki, SatoshiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Baumann, MartinUlm University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.12 Add to My Program
Vehicle Simulation Model Chain for Virtual Testing of Automated Driving Functions and Systems

Bartolozzi, RiccardoFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
Landersheim, VolkerFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
Stoll, GeorgFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
Holzmann, HendrikFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
Möller, RiccardoFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
Atzrodt, HeikoFraunhofer-Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliab
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.14 Add to My Program
Interaction-Aware Trajectory Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles Based on Hierarchical Framework in Highway Scenarios

Na, YuseungKonkuk University
Lee, JunheeKonkuk University
Jo, KichunKonkuk University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.15 Add to My Program
ARAGAN: A dRiver Attention Estimation Model Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Network

Araluce, JavierUniversity of Alcala
Bergasa, Luis M.University of Alcala
Ocaña, ManuelUniversity of Alcala
Barea, RafaelUniversity of Alcala
López-Guillén, ElenaUniversity of Alcalá
Revenga, PedroUniversity of Alcala
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.16 Add to My Program
Toward an Adaptive Situational Awareness Support System for Urban Driving

Wu, TongRutgers University
Sachdeva, EnnaHonda Research Institute
Akash, KumarHonda Research Institute USA, Inc
Wu, XingweiHonda Research Institute USA
Misu, TeruhisaHonda Research Institute
Ortiz, JorgeRutgers University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.17 Add to My Program
A Parameter Analysis on RSS in Overtaking Situations on German Highways

Königshof, HendrikFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Oboril, FabianIntel
Scholl, Kay-UlrichIntel Deutschland GmbH
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.18 Add to My Program
Situation-Aware Environment Perception for Decentralized Automation Architectures

Henning, MattiUlm University
Buchholz, MichaelUniversität Ulm
Dietmayer, KlausUniversity of Ulm
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.19 Add to My Program
Quantification of Actual Road User Behavior on the Basis of Given Traffic Rules

Bogdoll, DanielFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Nekolla, MoritzFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Joseph, TimKarlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Research Center for Information Technology; KIT Karlsruhe In
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.20 Add to My Program
A Spatio-Temporal Multilayer Perceptron for Gesture Recognition

Holzbock, AdrianUlm University
Tsaregorodtsev, AlexanderUniversität Ulm
Dawoud, YoussefUlm University
Dietmayer, KlausUniversity of Ulm
Belagiannis, VasileiosOtto Von Guericke University Magdeburg
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.21 Add to My Program
Investigating Outdoor Recognition Performance of Infrared Beacons for Infrastructure-Based Localization

Kampmann, AlexandruRWTH Aachen University
Lamberti, MichaelRWTH Aachen University
Petrovic, NikolaRWTH Aachen University
Kowalewski, StefanAachen University
Alrifaee, BassamRWTH Aachen University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.22 Add to My Program
Towards Collision-Free Probabilistic Pedestrian Motion Prediction for Autonomous Vehicles

Li, KunmingAustralian Centre for Field Robotics
Shan, MaoUniversity of Sydney
Eiffert, StuartThe University of Sydney
Worrall, StewartUniversity of Sydney
Nebot, EduardoACFR University of Sydney
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.23 Add to My Program
Predicting Future Occupancy Grids in Dynamic Environment with Spatio-Temporal Learning

Mann, Khushdeep SinghINRIA
Tomy, AbhishekINRIA (Institut National De Recherche En Informatique Et En Auto
Paigwar, AnshulINRIA (Institut National De Recherche En Informatique Et En Auto
Renzaglia, AlessandroINRIA
Laugier, ChristianINRIA
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.24 Add to My Program
LUMPI: The Leibniz University Multi-Perspective Intersection Dataset

Busch, SteffenLeibniz Universität Hannover, Institute of Cartography and Geoin
Axmann, JeldrikLeibniz University Hannover
Koetsier, ChristianLeibniz University Hannover
Brenner, ClausLeibniz University Hannover
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.25 Add to My Program
Formalization of Intersection Traffic Rules in Temporal Logic

Maierhofer, SebastianTechnical University of Munich
Moosbrugger, PaulTechnical University of Munich
Althoff, MatthiasTechnische Universität München
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.26 Add to My Program
Detecting Vehicles in the Dark in Urban Environments - a Human Benchmark

Ewecker, LukasPorsche
Asan, EbubekirPorsche AG
Roos, StefanDr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AG
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.27 Add to My Program
On Integrating POMDP and Scenario MPC for Planning under Uncertainty – with Applications to Highway Driving

Hynén Ulfsjöö, CarlLinköping University
Axehill, DanielLinköping University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.28 Add to My Program
Gaussian Process Based Model Predictive Control for Overtaking Scenarios at Highway Curves

Liu, WenjunTechnical University of Munich
Zhai, YulinTechnical University of Munich
Chen, GuangTongji University
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.29 Add to My Program
Users’ Preferences for the Communication with Autonomous Micro-Vehicles

Lotz, VivianRWTH-Aachen University
Schomakers, Eva-MariaRWTH-Aachen University
Ziefle, MartinaRWTH Aachen University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.30 Add to My Program
Cooperative Maneuver Planning for Mixed Traffic at Unsignalized Intersections Using Probabilistic Predictions

Mertens, Max BastianUlm University
Müller, Johannes ChristianUniversität Ulm
Buchholz, MichaelUniversität Ulm
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.31 Add to My Program
Dynamic Resolution Terrain Estimation for Autonomous (Dirt) Road Driving Fusing LiDAR and Vision

Forkel, BiancaUniversität Der Bundeswehr München
Wuensche, Hans Joachim JoeUniversität Der Bundeswehr München
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.32 Add to My Program
Driving Envelope: On Vehicle Stability through Tire Capacities

Efremov, DenisCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engi
Klauco, MartinInstitute of Information Engineering, Automation, and Mathematic
Hanis, TomasCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engi
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.33 Add to My Program
Combining 2D and 3D Datasets with Object-Conditioned Depth Estimation

Pauls, Jan-HendrikKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Fehler, RichardKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Lauer, MartinKarlsruher Institut Für Technologie
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.34 Add to My Program
Interaction-Dynamics-Aware Perception Zones for Obstacle Detection Safety Evaluation

Topan, SeverNVIDIA Corp
Leung, KarenNVIDIA, University of Washington
Chen, YuxiaoNvidia
Schmerling, EdwardStanford University
Nilsson, JonasVolvo Car Corporation
Cox, MichaelNVIDIA
Pavone, MarcoStanford University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.35 Add to My Program
HD Maps: Exploiting OpenDRIVE Potential for Path Planning and Map Monitoring

Diaz-Diaz, AlejandroUniversity of Alcala
Ocaña, ManuelUniversity of Alcala
Llamazares, AngelUniversity of Alcalá
Gómez-Huélamo, CarlosUniversity of Alcalá
Revenga, PedroUniversity of Alcala
Bergasa, Luis M.University of Alcala
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.36 Add to My Program
MTP: Multi-Hypothesis Tracking and Prediction for Reduced Error Propagation

Weng, XinshuoCarnegie Mellon University
Ivanovic, BorisStanford University
Pavone, MarcoStanford University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.37 Add to My Program
Learning-Based Eco-Driving Strategy Design for Connected Power-Split Hybrid Electric Vehicles at Signalized Corridors

Li, ZhihanSoutheast University
Yin, GuodongSoutheast University
Zhuang, WeichaoSoutheast University
Ju, FeiNanjing University of Science and Technology
Wang, QunNanjing University of Science and Technology
Ding, HaonanSoutheast University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.38 Add to My Program
An Enhanced Driver’s Risk Perception Modeling Based on Gate Recurrent Unit Network

Peng, PingNantong University
Ding, WeipingNantong University
Liu, YongkangUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Takeda, KazuyaNagoya University
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.39 Add to My Program
Learning to Predict Motion from Raw 3D Object Detections

Neumeyer, ChristianTU Delft
Bijelic, MarioDaimler AG
Gavrila, Dariu M.TU Delft
15:05-16:25, Paper Tu-Po2S.40 Add to My Program
Spatial Optimization in Spatio-Temporal Motion Planning

Zhang, WeizeHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Yadmellat, PeymanHuawei Technologies Canada
Gao, ZhiweiBeijing Huawei Digital Technologies Co. Ltd
Tu-D-OR  Regular Session, Europa Hall Add to My Program 
Trust in Automated Driving  
Chair: van Arem, BartDelft University of Technology
16:25-16:45, Paper Tu-D-OR.1 Add to My Program
Trusting Explainable Autonomous Driving: Simulated Studies

Goldman, ClaudiaGeneral Motors
Bustin, RonitGeneral Motors
16:45-17:05, Paper Tu-D-OR.2 Add to My Program
Fuzzy Interpretation of Operational Design Domains in Autonomous Driving

Salvi, AniketFraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS
Weiss, GereonFraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS
Trapp, MarioFraunhofer IKS
Oboril, FabianIntel
Buerkle, CorneliusIntel
17:05-17:25, Paper Tu-D-OR.3 Add to My Program
Public Expectations Regarding the Longer-Term Implications of and Regulatory Changes for Autonomous Driving: A Contribution to the Debate on Its Social Acceptance

Fleischer, TorstenKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Puhe, MaikeKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Schippl, JensKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Yamasaki, YukariKarlsruhe Institute of Technology




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