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IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society
32nd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium July 11-15, 2021. Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
2021 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)
July 11-17, 2021, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

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IV 2021 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   H   I   L   M   N   P   R   S   T   U   V  

Active and Passive Vehicle SafetyMC-ADSS.2, MC-ADSS.7, MC-AVS.6, MC-AVS.14, MC-CSS.15, MC-DSRS.4, MC-EPS.2, MC-MPS.1, MC-VSPS.3, MC-VSPS.22, WS-M117.1, WS-M118.4, WS-M118.5
Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsMC-ADSS.1, MC-ADSS.3, MC-ADSS.5, MC-ADSS.6, MC-AVS.11, MC-AVS.16, MC-AVS.22, MC-AVS.29, MC-DLS.10, MC-DLS.11, MC-DSRS.4, MC-DSRS.7, MC-DSRS.8, MC-HFS.1, MC-HFS.2, MC-IRLSPS.9, MC-IRLSPS.17, MC-IRLSPS.18, MC-MPS.6, MC-MPS.12, MC-SAPS.1, MC-SAPS.3, MC-SITMS.3, MC-SITMS.6, MC-VCS.2, MC-VSPS.13, MC-VSPS.21, MC-VSPS.23, WS-M112.1, WS-M114.3, WS-M114.4, WS-M116.2, WS-M117.3
Assistive Mobility SystemsMC-HFS.4, MC-SITMS.7
Automated VehiclesMC-AVS.2, MC-AVS.3, MC-AVS.4, MC-AVS.5, MC-AVS.6, MC-AVS.8, MC-AVS.9, MC-AVS.12, MC-AVS.13, MC-AVS.18, MC-AVS.20, MC-AVS.21, MC-AVS.23, MC-AVS.24, MC-AVS.26, MC-AVS.27, MC-AVS.30, MC-AVS.31, MC-AVS.32, MC-CSS.3, MC-CSS.4, MC-CSS.7, MC-CSS.8, MC-CSS.14, MC-DLS.1, MC-DLS.13, MC-DSRS.1, MC-DSRS.2, MC-DSRS.9, MC-DSRS.10, MC-DSRS.11, MC-EPS.3, MC-EPS.4, MC-EPS.12, MC-HFS.2, MC-HFS.3, MC-HFS.5, MC-IRLSPS.13, MC-IRLSPS.14, MC-IRLSPS.18, MC-MPS.3, MC-MPS.5, MC-MPS.9, MC-MPS.10, MC-MPS.11, MC-MPS.14, MC-MPS.15, MC-MPS.16, MC-SAPS.1, MC-SAPS.2, MC-SAPS.3, MC-SAPS.4, MC-SITMS.1, MC-SITMS.3, MC-SITMS.5, MC-SLAMS.6, MC-SLAMS.11, MC-SLAMS.12, MC-SLAMS.13, MC-VCS.3, MC-VCS.4, MC-VCS.6, MC-VCS.8, MC-VCS.9, MC-VCS.11, MC-VRUS.1, MC-VRUS.3, MC-VRUS.4, MC-VSPS.15, MC-VSPS.25, MC-VSPS.26, WS-M106.3, WS-M108.1, WS-M109.3, WS-M110.1, WS-M110.2, WS-M111.1, WS-M111.3, WS-M111.4, WS-M113.1, WS-M113.2, WS-M113.3, WS-M113.4, WS-M114.1, WS-M115.1, WS-M115.2, WS-M116.1, WS-M116.2, WS-M116.3, WS-M117.4, WS-M118.4, WS-M118.5, WS-M119.5, WS-M120.2
See also Autonomous / Intelligent Robotic Vehicles, Cooperative Systems (V2X), Eco-driving and Energy-efficient Vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Technologies, Intelligent Ground, Air and Space Vehicles, Intelligent Vehicle Software Infrastructure, Self-Driving Vehicles, Situation Analysis and Planning, V2X Communication, Vehicle Control
Autonomous / Intelligent Robotic VehiclesMC-ADSS.9, MC-AVS.1, MC-AVS.12, MC-AVS.14, MC-AVS.15, MC-AVS.19, MC-AVS.20, MC-AVS.25, MC-AVS.32, MC-CSS.5, MC-DLS.1, MC-DLS.5, MC-EPS.4, MC-IRLSPS.3, MC-MPS.1, MC-MPS.4, MC-MPS.5, MC-MPS.6, MC-MPS.13, MC-SITMS.2, MC-SLAMS.1, MC-SLAMS.3, MC-SLAMS.5, MC-SLAMS.7, MC-SLAMS.9, MC-SLAMS.13, MC-VCS.13, MC-VSPS.7, MC-VSPS.9, WS-M106.2, WS-M109.1, WS-M113.1, WS-M114.2, WS-M115.2, WS-M117.2, WS-M118.2, WS-M120.3
See also Automated Vehicles
Collision AvoidanceMC-ADSS.3, MC-ADSS.4, MC-AVS.4, MC-AVS.9, MC-AVS.28, MC-AVS.30, MC-CSS.17, MC-DLS.11, MC-EPS.1, MC-EPS.9, MC-EPS.12, MC-MPS.1, MC-MPS.3, MC-MPS.7, MC-MPS.8, MC-MPS.14, MC-VCS.5, MC-VCS.12, WS-M108.1, WS-M117.1, WS-M117.2
Convolutional Neural NetworksMC-AVS.5, MC-AVS.8, MC-DLS.1, MC-DLS.2, MC-DLS.14, MC-DLS.15, MC-DLS.17, MC-DLS.18, MC-EPS.7, MC-EPS.9, MC-IRLSPS.4, MC-IRLSPS.12, MC-SLAMS.7, MC-SLAMS.8, MC-VRUS.5, MC-VRUS.9, MC-VSPS.4, MC-VSPS.5, MC-VSPS.6, MC-VSPS.7, MC-VSPS.8, MC-VSPS.9, MC-VSPS.10, MC-VSPS.15, MC-VSPS.16, MC-VSPS.18, MC-VSPS.20, MC-VSPS.23, MC-VSPS.24, MC-VSPS.27, WS-M102.1, WS-M105.2, WS-M109.4, WS-M119.1, WS-M121.1
Cooperative ITSMC-ADSS.4, MC-AVS.3, MC-CSS.5, MC-CSS.10, MC-CSS.11, MC-DLS.6, MC-SITMS.1, MC-SITMS.4, MC-SITMS.6, MC-SITMS.8, WS-M114.3
Cooperative Systems (V2X)MC-ADSS.9, MC-CSS.1, MC-CSS.2, MC-CSS.3, MC-CSS.4, MC-CSS.6, MC-CSS.7, MC-CSS.8, MC-CSS.9, MC-CSS.11, MC-CSS.12, MC-CSS.13, MC-CSS.16, MC-CSS.17, MC-MPS.14, MC-SITMS.5, MC-VCS.7, MC-VSPS.21, WS-M101.3, WS-M114.1, WS-M114.2, WS-M114.3
See also Automated Vehicles
Deep LearningMC-AVS.7, MC-AVS.8, MC-AVS.31, MC-DLS.2, MC-DLS.3, MC-DLS.4, MC-DLS.7, MC-DLS.8, MC-DLS.9, MC-DLS.10, MC-DLS.12, MC-DLS.13, MC-DLS.14, MC-DLS.15, MC-DLS.16, MC-DLS.17, MC-DLS.18, MC-DLS.19, MC-DSRS.1, MC-DSRS.9, MC-EPS.1, MC-EPS.5, MC-EPS.6, MC-EPS.7, MC-EPS.8, MC-EPS.11, MC-IRLSPS.2, MC-IRLSPS.5, MC-IRLSPS.7, MC-IRLSPS.9, MC-MPS.12, MC-SDFS.1, MC-SDFS.4, MC-VRUS.2, MC-VRUS.3, MC-VRUS.8, MC-VRUS.10, MC-VSPS.1, MC-VSPS.2, MC-VSPS.3, MC-VSPS.8, MC-VSPS.11, MC-VSPS.13, MC-VSPS.16, MC-VSPS.18, MC-VSPS.20, MC-VSPS.24, MC-VSPS.26, MC-VSPS.27, WS-M102.1, WS-M104.1, WS-M106.1, WS-M109.2, WS-M115.1, WS-M117.1, WS-M118.1, WS-M119.1, WS-M119.2, WS-M119.3, WS-M119.4, WS-M120.1, WS-M121.1
Driver RecognitionMC-DSRS.2, MC-DSRS.3, MC-DSRS.5, MC-DSRS.7, MC-DSRS.10, MC-VSPS.12
Driver State and Intent RecognitionMC-ADSS.8, MC-DSRS.1, MC-DSRS.2, MC-DSRS.3, MC-DSRS.5, MC-DSRS.7, MC-DSRS.8, WS-M106.2, WS-M117.3
Eco-driving and Energy-efficient VehiclesMC-CSS.2, MC-CSS.3, MC-CSS.10, MC-DLS.12
See also Automated Vehicles
Electric and Hybrid TechnologiesMC-AVS.25, MC-SITMS.6, MC-VCS.1
See also Automated Vehicles
Hand-off/Take-OverMC-DSRS.11, MC-MPS.2, WS-M110.1, WS-M112.1
Human-Machine InterfaceMC-ADSS.8, MC-ADSS.9, MC-AVS.24, MC-AVS.26, MC-DSRS.3, MC-DSRS.11, MC-HFS.1, MC-HFS.2, MC-HFS.4, MC-HFS.5, MC-SITMS.4, MC-VSPS.26, WS-M110.1, WS-M110.2, WS-M112.1, WS-M116.2, WS-M121.1
Image, Radar, Lidar Signal ProcessingMC-EPS.3, MC-IRLSPS.1, MC-IRLSPS.2, MC-IRLSPS.6, MC-IRLSPS.10, MC-IRLSPS.11, MC-IRLSPS.12, MC-IRLSPS.15, MC-IRLSPS.17, MC-SDFS.3, MC-SITMS.9, MC-SLAMS.2, MC-SLAMS.5, MC-VRUS.9, MC-VSPS.11, MC-VSPS.13, MC-VSPS.17, WS-M113.5, WS-M116.3
Impact on Traffic FlowsMC-SITMS.7
Information FusionMC-ADSS.4, MC-IRLSPS.10, MC-SITMS.9, MC-SLAMS.1, MC-SLAMS.10, WS-M104.1, WS-M106.3, WS-M111.2
Intelligent Ground, Air and Space VehiclesMC-ADSS.5, MC-EPS.2, MC-MPS.9, MC-SITMS.2, MC-SLAMS.4, WS-M101.2
See also Automated Vehicles
Intelligent Vehicle Software InfrastructureMC-AVS.11, MC-AVS.13, MC-AVS.17, MC-AVS.28, WS-M113.2, WS-M114.4
See also Automated Vehicles
Legal ImpactsMC-AVS.4, MC-AVS.18, WS-M116.1, WS-M117.4
Lidar Sensing and PerceptionMC-DLS.2, MC-DLS.4, MC-IRLSPS.4, MC-IRLSPS.7, MC-IRLSPS.8, MC-IRLSPS.11, MC-IRLSPS.13, MC-IRLSPS.14, MC-IRLSPS.18, MC-SDFS.2, MC-SLAMS.2, MC-SLAMS.8, WS-M106.4, WS-M109.1, WS-M119.3, WS-M119.4
Mapping and LocalizationMC-EPS.10, MC-IRLSPS.8, MC-IRLSPS.15, MC-IRLSPS.16, MC-MPS.5, MC-SDFS.3, MC-SLAMS.1, MC-SLAMS.2, MC-SLAMS.3, MC-SLAMS.5, MC-SLAMS.6, MC-SLAMS.7, MC-SLAMS.9, MC-SLAMS.10, MC-SLAMS.11, MC-SLAMS.12, MC-SLAMS.13, MC-VSPS.11, WS-M106.3, WS-M106.4, WS-M111.2, WS-M111.3, WS-M111.4, WS-M113.1
Novel Interfaces and DisplaysMC-ADSS.1, MC-HFS.1, MC-HFS.4, WS-M110.2
Passive SafetyMC-DSRS.4, MC-DSRS.6
PrivacyMC-DLS.16, WS-M101.1, WS-M101.2
Radar Sensing and PerceptionMC-IRLSPS.1, MC-IRLSPS.2, MC-IRLSPS.3, MC-IRLSPS.5, MC-IRLSPS.6, MC-IRLSPS.9, MC-IRLSPS.16, MC-SDFS.5, WS-M105.1, WS-M113.4, WS-M119.5
Recurrent NetworksMC-AVS.15, MC-DLS.6, MC-DLS.7, MC-DLS.9, MC-DLS.19, MC-DSRS.8, MC-MPS.2
Reinforcement LearningMC-ADSS.2, MC-AVS.16, MC-AVS.19, MC-AVS.23, MC-AVS.31, MC-DLS.5, MC-DLS.11, MC-DSRS.6, MC-MPS.4, MC-MPS.13, MC-MPS.15, MC-MPS.16, MC-VCS.2, MC-VCS.3, MC-VCS.10, WS-M109.2, WS-M113.3, WS-M117.2, WS-M119.3
SecurityMC-ADSS.7, MC-AVS.10, MC-AVS.29, MC-CSS.5, MC-CSS.12, MC-CSS.13, MC-CSS.15, MC-DLS.8, MC-DLS.16, MC-SLAMS.4, MC-VRUS.3, WS-M101.1, WS-M101.2, WS-M101.3, WS-M118.3
Self-Driving VehiclesMC-ADSS.6, MC-AVS.1, MC-AVS.2, MC-AVS.7, MC-AVS.11, MC-AVS.12, MC-AVS.14, MC-AVS.17, MC-AVS.19, MC-AVS.22, MC-AVS.28, MC-AVS.32, MC-CSS.2, MC-DLS.4, MC-DLS.5, MC-EPS.1, MC-EPS.4, MC-EPS.5, MC-EPS.7, MC-EPS.8, MC-EPS.10, MC-EPS.11, MC-IRLSPS.8, MC-MPS.7, MC-MPS.8, MC-MPS.10, MC-MPS.16, MC-SAPS.4, MC-SDFS.1, MC-SITMS.3, MC-SITMS.4, MC-VCS.5, MC-VCS.6, MC-VCS.9, MC-VCS.10, MC-VCS.12, MC-VCS.13, MC-VRUS.1, MC-VRUS.7, MC-VRUS.10, MC-VSPS.6, MC-VSPS.12, MC-VSPS.16, MC-VSPS.24, WS-M105.2, WS-M106.1, WS-M106.2, WS-M109.2, WS-M113.3, WS-M115.1, WS-M118.1, WS-M118.2, WS-M118.3, WS-M118.4, WS-M119.2, WS-M119.4, WS-M120.1
See also Automated Vehicles
Sensor and Data FusionMC-ADSS.5, MC-AVS.21, MC-CSS.14, MC-DLS.6, MC-IRLSPS.11, MC-SDFS.2, MC-SDFS.3, MC-SDFS.4, MC-SLAMS.3, MC-SLAMS.4, MC-SLAMS.11, WS-M104.1, WS-M105.1, WS-M109.4, WS-M111.1, WS-M111.2, WS-M111.3, WS-M119.5
Situation Analysis and PlanningMC-ADSS.6, MC-ADSS.8, MC-AVS.1, MC-AVS.13, MC-AVS.15, MC-AVS.16, MC-AVS.18, MC-AVS.20, MC-AVS.21, MC-AVS.29, MC-CSS.9, MC-DLS.15, MC-DSRS.6, MC-MPS.2, MC-MPS.4, MC-MPS.6, MC-MPS.7, MC-MPS.10, MC-MPS.11, MC-MPS.13, MC-VCS.7, MC-VRUS.4, MC-VRUS.5, MC-VRUS.10, MC-VSPS.2, WS-M107.1, WS-M108.1, WS-M111.1, WS-M117.3, WS-M117.4, WS-M118.2, WS-M120.2, WS-M120.3
See also Automated Vehicles
Smart InfrastructureMC-CSS.13, MC-SITMS.9, MC-VRUS.6, WS-M107.1
Societal ImpactsMC-AVS.3, MC-AVS.24, MC-SITMS.2, WS-M107.1
TelematicsMC-ADSS.1, WS-M116.1, WS-M116.3
Traffic Flow and ManagementMC-SAPS.2, MC-SITMS.1, MC-SITMS.7, MC-SITMS.8, MC-VSPS.14, WS-M114.4
Unsupervised LearningMC-DLS.9, MC-DLS.18, MC-DSRS.5, MC-DSRS.10, MC-EPS.5, MC-EPS.8, MC-VSPS.2, MC-VSPS.14, MC-VSPS.19, MC-VSPS.22, WS-M102.1, WS-M109.1, WS-M109.3, WS-M119.1
V2X CommunicationMC-ADSS.2, MC-CSS.1, MC-CSS.4, MC-CSS.7, MC-CSS.8, MC-CSS.9, MC-CSS.11, MC-CSS.14, MC-CSS.15, MC-CSS.17, MC-DLS.7, MC-DLS.12, MC-IRLSPS.15, MC-VRUS.6, WS-M101.1, WS-M101.3, WS-M114.2
See also Automated Vehicles
Vehicle ControlMC-ADSS.3, MC-AVS.10, MC-AVS.17, MC-AVS.26, MC-AVS.30, MC-CSS.1, MC-HFS.3, MC-MPS.3, MC-MPS.8, MC-MPS.9, MC-MPS.11, MC-SITMS.8, MC-VCS.1, MC-VCS.2, MC-VCS.3, MC-VCS.4, MC-VCS.5, MC-VCS.6, MC-VCS.7, MC-VCS.8, MC-VCS.9, MC-VCS.10, MC-VCS.11, MC-VCS.12, MC-VCS.13, WS-M106.1, WS-M114.1, WS-M115.2
See also Automated Vehicles
Vehicle Environment PerceptionMC-AVS.5, MC-AVS.9, MC-AVS.10, MC-DLS.3, MC-DLS.10, MC-DLS.13, MC-DLS.19, MC-EPS.2, MC-EPS.3, MC-EPS.6, MC-EPS.9, MC-EPS.10, MC-HFS.3, MC-IRLSPS.1, MC-IRLSPS.3, MC-IRLSPS.4, MC-IRLSPS.6, MC-IRLSPS.7, MC-IRLSPS.10, MC-IRLSPS.13, MC-IRLSPS.14, MC-IRLSPS.16, MC-SAPS.1, MC-SAPS.2, MC-SAPS.3, MC-SDFS.2, MC-SDFS.5, MC-SITMS.5, MC-SLAMS.8, MC-VRUS.4, MC-VSPS.4, MC-VSPS.5, MC-VSPS.7, MC-VSPS.10, MC-VSPS.17, MC-VSPS.19, MC-VSPS.25, WS-M105.1, WS-M105.2, WS-M106.4, WS-M113.2, WS-M113.4, WS-M113.5, WS-M118.5, WS-M119.2
Vision Sensing and PerceptionMC-CSS.12, MC-DLS.14, MC-DLS.17, MC-DSRS.9, MC-EPS.6, MC-EPS.11, MC-IRLSPS.17, MC-SDFS.1, MC-SDFS.4, MC-SDFS.5, MC-SLAMS.9, MC-VRUS.2, MC-VRUS.8, MC-VSPS.1, MC-VSPS.3, MC-VSPS.4, MC-VSPS.5, MC-VSPS.6, MC-VSPS.8, MC-VSPS.9, MC-VSPS.10, MC-VSPS.12, MC-VSPS.14, MC-VSPS.15, MC-VSPS.17, MC-VSPS.19, MC-VSPS.21, MC-VSPS.22, MC-VSPS.23, MC-VSPS.25, MC-VSPS.27, WS-M109.3, WS-M109.4, WS-M113.5
Vulnerable Road-User SafetyMC-DLS.8, MC-HFS.5, MC-SAPS.4, MC-VRUS.1, MC-VRUS.2, MC-VRUS.5, MC-VRUS.6, MC-VRUS.7, MC-VRUS.8, MC-VRUS.9, WS-M120.3




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