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31st IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 31st IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium October 20-23, 2020. Las Vegas, USA
2020 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)
October 20-23, 2020, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Last updated on September 20, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday October 23, 2020

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Keynote 4 Plenary Session
Deep Learning. A Regular Session
09:25-09:30, Paper FrAM1_T1.1 
Deep Reinforcement Learning with Enhanced Safety for Autonomous Highway Driving

Baheri, AliWest Virginia University
Nageshrao, SubramanyaFord Motor Compony
Kolmanovsky, IlyaUniversity of Michigan
Girard, AnouckUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Tseng, EricFord
Filev, DimitarFord Research & Advanced Engineering
09:30-09:35, Paper FrAM1_T1.2 
Uncertainty-Aware Energy Management of Extended Range Electric Delivery Vehicles with Bayesian Ensemble

Wang, PengyueUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Li, YanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Shekhar, ShashiUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Northrop, WillUniversity of Minnesota
09:35-09:40, Paper FrAM1_T1.3 
Tactical Decision-Making in Autonomous Driving by Reinforcement Learning with Uncertainty Estimation

Hoel, Carl-JohanVolvo Group
Wolff, KristerChalmers University of Technology
Laine, LeoVolvo Group Trucks Technology
09:40-09:45, Paper FrAM1_T1.4 
From Simulation to Real World Maneuver Execution Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Capasso, Alessandro PaoloVisLab, an Ambarella Inc. Company - University of Parma
Bacchiani, GiulioVisLab, an Ambarella Inc. Company
Broggi, AlbertoUniversity of Parma
09:45-09:50, Paper FrAM1_T1.5 
Evaluation of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Driving

Stang, MarcoKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Grimm, DanielKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Gaiser, MoritzKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Sax, EricKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:50-09:55, Paper FrAM1_T1.6 
A Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning Approach for Navigating Unsignalized Intersections

Kai, ShixiongHuawei
Wang, BinHuawei
Chen, DongHuawei Noah's Ark Lab
Hao, JianyeHuawei Noah's Ark Lab
Zhang, HongboHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Wulong, LiuHuawei Technologies
09:55-10:00, Paper FrAM1_T1.7 
Graph Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning for Behavior Generation in Semantic Environments

Hart, Patrick ChristopherTechnical University of Munich
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
10:00-10:05, Paper FrAM1_T1.8 
Learning Highway Ramp Merging Via Reinforcement Learning with Temporally-Extended Actions

Triest, SamuelUniversity of Rochester
Villaflor, AdamCarnegie Mellon University
Dolan, JohnCarnegie Mellon University
Sensor and Data Fusion. A Regular Session
09:25-09:30, Paper FrAM1_T2.1 
Learning Common and Transferable Feature Representations for Multi-Modal Data

Nitsch, JuliaIbeo Automotive Systems GmbH
Nieto, Juan IgnacioETH Zurich
Siegwart, RolandETH Zurich
Schmidt, Max TheoAUDI AG
Cadena, CesarETH Zurich
09:30-09:35, Paper FrAM1_T2.2 
Robust Audio-Based Vehicle Counting in Low-To-Moderate Traffic Flow

Djukanovic, SlobodanCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engi
Matas, GeorgeCzech Technical University
Virtanen, TuomasAudio Research Group, Tampere University
09:35-09:40, Paper FrAM1_T2.3 
Vehicle State and Tire Force Estimation: Performance Analysis of Pre and Post Sensor Additions

Vaseur, CyranoFlanders Make
van Aalst, SebastiaanFlanders Make
Desmet, W.K.U.Leuven
09:40-09:45, Paper FrAM1_T2.4 
High Dimensional Frustum PointNet for 3D Object Detection from Camera, LiDAR, and Radar

Wang, LeiChenUniversität Konstanz
Chen, TianbaiKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Anklam, CarstenDaimler AG
Goldluecke, BastianUniversity of Konstanz
09:45-09:50, Paper FrAM1_T2.5 
Efficient Dynamic Occupancy Grid Mapping Using Non-Uniform Cell Representation

Buerkle, CorneliusIntel
Oboril, FabianIntel
Jarquin Arroyo, Julio FernandoIntel Corporation
Scholl, Kay-UlrichIntel Deutschland GmbH
09:50-09:55, Paper FrAM1_T2.6 
A Quaternion Unscented Kalman Filter for Road Grade Estimation

He, WenpeiBeijing Institute of Technology
Xi, JunQiangBeijing Institute of Technology
09:55-10:00, Paper FrAM1_T2.7 
Focussing Learned Image Compression to Semantic Classes for V2X Applications

Löhdefink, JonasTechnische Universität Braunschweig
Bär, AndreasTechnische Universität Braunschweig - Institute for Communicatio
Schmidt, Nico M.Volkswagen AG
Hüger, FabianVolkswagen AG
Schlicht, PeterVolkswagen Group Research
Fingscheidt, TimTechnische Universität Braunschweig
10:00-10:05, Paper FrAM1_T2.8 
Multisensor Tracking of Lane Boundaries Based on Smart Sensor Fusion

Camarda, FedericoHeudiasyc Laboratory
Davoine, FranckCNRS, Université De Technologie De Compiègne
Cherfaoui, VéroniqueUniversite De Technologie De Compiegne
Durand, BrunoRenault SAS
VRU. A Regular Session
09:25-09:30, Paper FrAM1_T3.1 
Predicting Motion of Vulnerable Road Users Using High-Definition Maps and Efficient ConvNets

Chou, Fang-ChiehUber
Lin, Tsung-HanUber
Cui, HenggangUber ATG
Radosavljevic, VladanSpotify
Nguyen, Thi DuongUber Technologies Inc
Huang, Tzu-KuoUber ATC
Niedoba, MatthewUniversity of Waterloo
Schneider, JeffCarnegie Mellon University
Djuric, NemanjaUber Advanced Technology Group
09:30-09:35, Paper FrAM1_T3.2 
AutoCone: An OmniDirectional Robot for Lane-Level Cone Placement

Hartzer, JacobTexas A&M University
Saripalli, SrikanthTexas A&M University
09:35-09:40, Paper FrAM1_T3.3 
Model-Based Prediction of Two-Wheelers

Wirth, FlorianKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Fernandez Lopez, CarlosKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
09:40-09:45, Paper FrAM1_T3.4 
Generative Model Based Data Augmentation for Special Person Classification

Guo, ZijieMercedes-Benz Reseach & Development Center, Daimler Greater Chin
Zhi, RongDaimler Greater China
Zhang, WuqiangDaimler Greater China
Wang, BaofengResearch and Development Center Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Greater C
Fang, ZhijieResearch and Development Center Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Greater C
Kaiser, VitaliMercedes-Benz AG
Wiederer, JulianDaimler AG
Flohr, FabianDaimler AG
09:45-09:50, Paper FrAM1_T3.5 
Pedestrian Motion State Estimation from 2D Pose

Li, FeiHuawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd
Shiwei, FanHuawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd
Chen, PengzhenHuawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd
Li, XiangxuHuawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd
09:50-09:55, Paper FrAM1_T3.6 
Do They Want to Cross? Understanding Pedestrian Intention for Behavior Prediction

Kotseruba, IuliiaYork University
Rasouli, AmirYork University
Tsotsos, JohnYork University
09:55-10:00, Paper FrAM1_T3.7 
ECP2.5D - Person Localization in Traffic Scenes

Braun, MarkusMercedes-Benz AG
Krebs, SebastianMercedes-Benz AG
Gavrila, Dariu M.TU Delft
10:00-10:05, Paper FrAM1_T3.8 
Worst Perception Scenario Search for Autonomous Driving

Xu, LihengXi'an Jiaotong University
Zhang, ChiInstitute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaoton
Liu, YuehuInstitute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaoton
Wang, LeXi'an Jiaotong University
Li, LiTsinghua University
Deep Learning. B Regular Session
10:15-10:20, Paper FrAM2_T1.1 
Unsupervised Pixel-Level Road Defect Detection Via Adversarial Image-To-Frequency Transform

Yu, Jongmin1990
Kim, Du YongRMIT University
Lee, YounkwanGIST
Jeon, MoonguGIST
10:20-10:25, Paper FrAM2_T1.2 
Interaction Aware Trajectory Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles with Interaction Network and Deep Ensemble

Min, KyushikHanyang University
Kim, HayoungHanyang University
Park, JongwonHanyang University
Kim, DongchanHanyang University
Huh, KunsooHanyang University
10:25-10:30, Paper FrAM2_T1.3 
Multi-Head Attention Based Probabilistic Vehicle Trajectory Prediction

Kim, HayoungHanyang University
Kim, DongchanHanyang University
Kim, GihoonHanyang University
Cho, JeongminHanyang University
Huh, KunsooHanyang University
10:30-10:35, Paper FrAM2_T1.4 
Accelerating Cooperative Planning for Automated Vehicles with Learned Heuristics and Monte Carlo Tree Search

Kurzer, KarlKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Fechner, MarcusKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Research Center for Information Technology; KIT Karlsruhe In
10:35-10:40, Paper FrAM2_T1.5 
Semantic Consistency: The Key to Improve Traffic Light Detection with Data Augmentation

Hassan, EmanIndiana University Bloomington
Li, NanxiangRobert Bosch LLC
Ren, LiuRobert Bosch LLC
10:40-10:45, Paper FrAM2_T1.6 
An Iterative LQR Controller for Off-Road and On-Road Vehicles Using a Neural Network Dynamics Model

Nagariya, AkhilTexas A&M
Saripalli, SrikanthTexas A&M University
10:45-10:50, Paper FrAM2_T1.7 
Automated Lane Change Strategy Using Proximal Policy Optimization-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning

Ye, FeiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Cheng, XuxinBeijing Institute of Technology
Wang, PinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Chan, Ching-YaoITS, University of California at Berkeley
Zhang, JiucaiGAC R&D Center Silicon Valley Inc
Sensor and Data Fusion. B Regular Session
10:15-10:20, Paper FrAM2_T2.1 
Neural Network Virtual Sensors for Fuel Injection Quantities with Provable Performance Specifications

Wong, EricCarnegie Mellon University
Schneider, TimRobert Bosch GmbH
Schmitt, JoergRobert Bosch GmbH
Schmidt, Frank R.Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
Kolter, J.ZicoCarnegie Mellon University
10:20-10:25, Paper FrAM2_T2.2 
A Process Reference Model for the Virtual Application of Predictive Control Features

Langner, JacobFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Bauer, Kai-LukasDr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AG
Holzaepfel, MarcDr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AG
Sax, EricFZI Research Center for Information Technology
10:25-10:30, Paper FrAM2_T2.3 
Extrinsic Calibration of a 3D-LIDAR and a Camera

Mishra, SubodhTexas A&M University
Pandey, GauravFord
Saripalli, SrikanthTexas A&M University
10:30-10:35, Paper FrAM2_T2.4 
Road Friction Estimation Method Based on Fusion of Machine Vision and Vehicle Dynamics

Jin, DaTongji University
Leng, BoTongji University
Xing, YangTongji University
Lu, XiongTongji Unviersity
Yu, ZhuopingTongji University
10:35-10:40, Paper FrAM2_T2.5 
Amortized Variational Inference for Road Friction Estimation

Chen, ShuangshuangRoyal Institute of Technology
Ding, SihaoVolvo Car Technology USA LLC
Muppirisetty, L. SrikarVolvo Car Corporation
Karayiannidis, YiannisChalmers University of Technology
Björkman, MårtenKTH Royal Institute of Technology
10:40-10:45, Paper FrAM2_T2.6 
Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses of Complementary Sensor Modalities in Early Fusion for Object Detection

Corral-Soto, Eduardo R.Huawei Noah's Ark Lab
Liu, BingbingHuawei
10:45-10:50, Paper FrAM2_T2.7 
Interaction-Aware Kalman Neural Networks for Trajectory Prediction

Ju, CeWeBank Co., Ltd
Wang, ZhengNanyang Technological University
Long, ChengNanyang Technological University
Zhang, XiaoyuUniversity of Michigan
Chang, Dong EuiKAIST
VRU. B Regular Session
10:15-10:20, Paper FrAM2_T3.1 
RNN-Based Pedestrian Crossing Prediction Using Activity and Pose-Related Features

Lorenzo Díaz, JavierUniversidad De Alcalá
Parra Alonso, IgnacioUniversidad De Alcala
Wirth, FlorianKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Fernandez Llorca, DavidUniversity of Alcala
Sotelo, Miguel A.University of Alcala
10:20-10:25, Paper FrAM2_T3.2 
A Multi-State Social Force Based Framework for Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction in Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Scenarios

Yang, DongfangThe Ohio State University
Redmill, KeithOhio State University
Ozguner, UmitOhio State University
10:25-10:30, Paper FrAM2_T3.3 
An Experimental Study on 3D Person Localization in Traffic Scenes

van der Sluis, Joram R.Delft University of Technology
Pool, Ewoud Alexander IgnaczDelft University of Technology
Gavrila, Dariu M.TU Delft
10:30-10:35, Paper FrAM2_T3.4 
Autonomous Vehicle Visual Signals for Pedestrians: Experiments and Design Recommendations

Chen, HenryUniversity of Waterloo
Cohen, RobinUniversityof Waterloo
Dautenhahn, KerstinUniversity of Waterloo
Law, EdithUniversity of Waterloo
Czarnecki, KrzysztofUniversity of Waterloo
10:35-10:40, Paper FrAM2_T3.5 
Towards a Cooperative Driver-Vehicle Interface: Enhancing Drivers’ Perception of Cyclists through Augmented Reality

Pichen, JürgenUlm University
Yan, FeiUlm University
Baumann, MartinUlm University
10:40-10:45, Paper FrAM2_T3.6 
Traffic Police Gesture Recognition by Pose Graph Convolutional Networks

Fang, ZhijieResearch and Development Center Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Greater C
Zhang, WuqiangDaimler Greater China
Guo, ZijieMercedes-Benz Reseach & Development Center, Daimler Greater Chin
Zhi, RongDaimler Greater China
Wang, BaofengResearch and Development Center Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Greater C
Flohr, FabianDaimler AG
10:45-10:50, Paper FrAM2_T3.7 
Employing Severity of Injury to Contextualize Complex Risk Mitigation Scenarios

Serafim Guardini, Luiz AlbertoRenault SAS
Spalanzani, AnneINRIA
Laugier, ChristianINRIA
Martinet, PhilippeEcole Centrale De Nantes
Do, Anh LamRenault
Hermitte, ThierryRENAULT
Coffee Break_5 Conference Event
Poster Session. Deep Learning Poster Session
Poster Session. Sensor and Data Fusion Poster Session
Poster Session. VRU Poster Session
Lunch 3 Conference Event
Keynote 5 Plenary Session
Mapping and Localization 2. A Regular Session
14:35-14:40, Paper FrPM1_T1.1 
Urban Vulnerable Road User Localization Using GNSS, Inertial Sensors and Ultra-Wideband Ranging

de Ponte Müller, FabianGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Munoz Diaz, EstefaniaGerman Aerospace Center DLR
Perul, JohanFrench Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Develo
Renaudin, ValérieUniv. Gustave Eiffel
14:40-14:45, Paper FrPM1_T1.2 
Vehicle Localization in Six Degrees of Freedom for Augmented Reality

Roessle, BarbaraBMW Group
Gruenwedel, SebastianBMW Group
14:45-14:50, Paper FrPM1_T1.3 
3D Monte Carlo Localization with Efficient Distance Field Representation for Automated Driving in Dynamic Environments

Akai, NaokiNagoya University
Hirayama, TakatsuguNagoya University
Murase, HiroshiNagoya University
14:50-14:55, Paper FrPM1_T1.4 
SROM: Simple Real-Time Odometry and Mapping Using LiDAR Data for Autonomous Vehicles

Rufus, NiveditaIIITH
R Nair, Unni KrishnanIIITH
Avula, Venkata Seetharama Sai Bhargav KumarInternational Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Madiraju, VashistIIITH
Krishna, K MadhavaIIIT Hyderabad
14:55-15:00, Paper FrPM1_T1.5 
High Integrity Lane-Level Occupancy Estimation of Road Obstacles through LiDAR and HD Map Data Fusion

Bernardi, EdoardoUniversité De Technologie De Compiegne
Masi, StefanoUniversité De Technologie De Compiègne
Xu, PhilippeUniversity of Technology of Compiegne
Bonnifait, PhilippeUniversity of Technology of Compiegne
15:00-15:05, Paper FrPM1_T1.6 
Review on 3D Lidar Localization for Autonomous Driving Cars

Elhousni, MahdiWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Huang, XinmingWPI
15:05-15:10, Paper FrPM1_T1.7 
CFVL: A Coarse-To-Fine Vehicle Localizer with Omnidirectional Perception across Severe Appearance Variations

Fang, YichengZhejiang University
Wang, KaiweiZhejiang Univeristy
Cheng, RuiqiZhejiang University
Yang, KailunKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:10-15:15, Paper FrPM1_T1.8 
Exploiting Multi-Layer Grid Maps for Surround-View Semantic Segmentation of Sparse Lidar Data

Bieder, FrankKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Wirges, SaschaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Janosovits, JohannesMRT
Richter, SvenKIT
Wang, ZheyuanKarlsruher Institut Für Technologie
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Situation Analysis and Planning. A Regular Session
14:35-14:40, Paper FrPM1_T2.1 
Model Predictive Instantaneous Safety Metric for Evaluation of Automated Driving Systems

Weng, BowenTransportation Research Center, Inc
Rao, Sughosh JagannathaTransportation Research Center Inc
Deosthale, EeshanTransportation Research Center
Schnelle, ScottNHTSA
Barickman, FrankNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
14:40-14:45, Paper FrPM1_T2.2 
Introspective Black Box Failure Prediction for Autonomous Driving

Kuhn, Christopher BenjaminTechnical University of Munich
Hofbauer, MarkusTechnical University of Munich
Petrovic, GoranBMW Group
Steinbach, EckehardTechnische Universitaet Muenchen
14:45-14:50, Paper FrPM1_T2.3 
Optimal Behavior Planning for Autonomous Driving: A Generic Mixed-Integer Formulation

Esterle, KlemensFortiss GmbH
Kessler, TobiasFortiss GmbH
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
14:50-14:55, Paper FrPM1_T2.4 
Risk-Aware Safety Layer for AV Behavior Planning

Oboril, FabianIntel
Scholl, Kay-UlrichIntel Deutschland GmbH
14:55-15:00, Paper FrPM1_T2.5 
The inD Dataset: A Drone Dataset of Naturalistic Road User Trajectories at German Intersections

Bock, JulianFka GmbH
Krajewski, RobertInstitut Für Kraftfahrzeuge, RWTH Aachen University
Moers, TobiasFka GmbH
Vater, LennartInstitut Für Kraftfahrzeuge RWTH Aachen University
Runde, Steffen JulianRWTH Aachen University
Eckstein, LutzRWTH Aachen University
15:00-15:05, Paper FrPM1_T2.6 
Learning Representations for Multi-Vehicle Spatiotemporal Interactions with Semi-Stochastic Potential Fields

Wang, WenshuoUniversity of Michigan
Zhang, ChengyuanChongqing University
Wang, PinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Chan, Ching-YaoITS, University of California at Berkeley
15:05-15:10, Paper FrPM1_T2.7 
Safe Swerve Maneuvers for Autonomous Driving

De Iaco, RyanUniversity of Waterloo
Smith, Stephen L.University of Waterloo
Czarnecki, KrzysztofUniversity of Waterloo
15:10-15:15, Paper FrPM1_T2.8 
Generic Convoying Functionality for Autonomous Vehicles in Unstructured Outdoor Environments

Albrecht, AlexanderFraunhofer IOSB
Heide, Nina FelicitasFraunhofer IOSB
Frese, ChristianFraunhofer IOSB
Zube, AngelikaFraunhofer IOSB
Human Factors. A Regular Session
14:35-14:40, Paper FrPM1_T3.1 
Assessing the Effects of Failure Alerts on Transitions of Control from Autonomous Driving Systems

Fu, ErnestineStanford University
Hyde, DavidUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Sibi, SrinathStanford University
Johns, MishelStanford University
Fischer, MartinStanford University
Sirkin, DavidStanford University
14:40-14:45, Paper FrPM1_T3.2 
Driver-Automation Collaboration for Automated Vehicles: A Review of Human-Centered Shared Control

Xing, YangNanyang Technological University
Huang, ChaoNanyang Technological University
Lv, ChenNanyang Technological University
14:45-14:50, Paper FrPM1_T3.3 
Study on Safety Analysis Method for Take-Over System of Autonomous Vehicles

Chen, JunyiTongji University
Wang, ShanTongji University
Zhou, TangruiTongji University
Lu, XiongTongji Unviersity
Xing, XingyuTongji University
14:50-14:55, Paper FrPM1_T3.4 
Drivers’ Attitudes and Perceptions towards a Driving Automation System with Augmented Reality Human-Machine Interfaces

Wu, XingweiHonda Research Institute USA
Merenda, Coleman1992
Misu, TeruhisaHonda Research Institute
Tanous, KyleVirginia Tech
Suga, ChihiroHonda Research Institute USA
Gabbard, JosephVirginia Tech
14:55-15:00, Paper FrPM1_T3.5 
Modeling Methodology of Driver-Vehicle-Environment System Dynamics in Mixed Driving Situation

Xie, ShanshanTsinghua University
Chen, ShitaoXi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China
Zheng, NanningXi'an Jiaotong University
Wang, JianqiangTsinghua University
15:00-15:05, Paper FrPM1_T3.6 
Haptic Driver Guidance for Lateral Driving Envelope Protection Using Model Predictive Control

Efremov, DenisCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engi
Hanis, TomasCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engi
Klauco, MartinInstitute of Information Engineering, Automation, and Mathematic
15:05-15:10, Paper FrPM1_T3.7 
Impact of Sharing Driving Attitude Information: A Quantitative Study on Lane Changing

Liu, XiangguoNorthwestern University
Masoud, NedaUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor
Zhu, QiNorthwestern University
15:10-15:15, Paper FrPM1_T3.8 
Ethical Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicles

de Moura Martins Gomes, NelsonSorbonne Université / Institut VEDECOM
Chatila, RajaLAAS-CNRS
Evans, KatherineSorbonne University
Dogan, EbruVEDECOM
Chauvier, StephaneSorbonne University
Mapping and Localization 2. B Regular Session
15:25-15:30, Paper FrPM2_T1.1 
HD Map Generation from Vehicle Fleet Data for Highly Automated Driving on Highways

Doer, ChristopherKalsruhe Institute of Technology
Henzler, MichaelDaimler AG
Messner, HeinerMercedes Benz AG
Trommer, Gert FranzInstitute of Control Systems, Karlsruhe Insititute of Technology
15:30-15:35, Paper FrPM2_T1.2 
On-The-Fly Extrinsic Calibration of Non-Overlapping In-Vehicle Camerasbased on Visual SLAM under 90-Degree Backing-Up Parking

Nishiguchi, KazukiKyushu University
Uchiyama, HideakiKyushu University
Hayakawa, KazutakaAisin Seiki Co., Ltd
Adachi, JunAisin Seiki Co., Ltd
Thomas, DiegoKyushu University
Shimada, AtsushiKyushu University
Taniguchi, Rin-ichiroKyushu University
15:35-15:40, Paper FrPM2_T1.3 
Developments in Modern GNSS and Its Impact on Autonomous Vehicle Architectures

Joubert, NielsSwift Navigation
Reid, TylerXona Space Systems
Noble, FergusSwift Navigation Inc
15:40-15:45, Paper FrPM2_T1.4 
Characterization of the Impact of Visual Odometry Drift on the Control of an Autonomous Vehicle

Bazeille, StephaneUniversité De Haute-Alsace - IRIMAS
Laurain, ThomasIRIMAS / ENSISA, University of Haute-Alsace
Ledy, JonathanUniversité De Haute-Alsace
Rebert, MartinFrench German Research Institue of Saint-Louis
Al Assaad, MohamadUniversité De Haute-Alsace ( IRIMAS )
Orjuela, RodolfoUniversité De Haute-Alsace
15:45-15:50, Paper FrPM2_T1.5 
Point Grid Map-Based Mid-To-Mid Driving without Object Detection

Seiya, ShunyaNagoya University
Carballo, AlexanderNagoya University
Takeuchi, EijiroNagoya University
Takeda, KazuyaNagoya University
15:50-15:55, Paper FrPM2_T1.6 
Improving Vehicle Localization Using Pole-Like Landmarks Extracted from 3-D Lidar Scans

Hsu, Chih-MingNational Taipei University of Technology
Lee, Sheng-WeiNational Taipei University of Technology
15:55-16:00, Paper FrPM2_T1.7 
Motion-Based Calibration between Multiple LiDARs and INS with Rigid Body Constraint on Vehicle Platform

Kim, HyungjinCruise LLC
Kasturi Rangan, Sathya NarayananNIO
Pagad, ShishirNio
Yalla, VeeraganeshNIO
Situation Analysis and Planning. B Regular Session
15:25-15:30, Paper FrPM2_T2.1 
Synthesizing Traffic Scenarios from Formal Specifications for Testing Automated Vehicles

Klischat, MoritzTechnische Universität München
Althoff, MatthiasTechnische Universität München
15:30-15:35, Paper FrPM2_T2.2 
Realistic Single-Shot and Long-Term Collision Risk for a Human-Style Safer Driving

Wang, LingguangKIT
Fernandez Lopez, CarlosKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:35-15:40, Paper FrPM2_T2.3 
Accuracy Characterization of the Vehicle State Estimation from Aerial Imagery

Sánchez Morales, EduardoTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt (University of Applied Sciences
Kruber, FriedrichTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Botsch, MichaelTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Huber, BertoldGeneSys Elektronik GmbH
García Higuera, AndrésUniversidad De Castilla-La Mancha
15:40-15:45, Paper FrPM2_T2.4 
Vehicle Position Estimation with Aerial Imagery from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Kruber, FriedrichTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Sánchez Morales, EduardoTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt (University of Applied Sciences
Chakraborty, SamarjitTechnischen Universität München
Botsch, MichaelTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
15:45-15:50, Paper FrPM2_T2.5 
A Methodology for Model-Based Validation of Autonomous Vehicle Systems

Hejase, MohammadNASA Ames Research Center
Barbier, MathieuInria-CHROMA , Renault
Ozguner, UmitOhio State University
Ibanez, JavierRenault
15:50-15:55, Paper FrPM2_T2.6 
An Efficient Sampling-Based Hybrid A* Algorithm for Intelligent Vehicles

Li, GengxinXi'an Jiaotong University
Xue, JianruXi'an Jiaotong University
Zhang, LynnXi'an Jiaotong University
Wang, DiXi'an Jiaotong University
Li, YongqiangXi'an Jiaotong University
Tao, ZhongxingXi'an Jiaotong Unversity
Zheng, NanningXi'an Jiaotong University
15:55-16:00, Paper FrPM2_T2.7 
Optimization of Sampling-Based Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments Using Neural Networks

Schörner, PhilipFZI Research Center for Information Technology
Hüneberg, Mark TimonFZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Research Center for Information Technology; KIT Karlsruhe In
Human Factors. B Regular Session
15:25-15:30, Paper FrPM2_T3.1 
A Novel Approach to Neural Network-Based Motion Cueing Algorithm for a Driving Simulator

Koyuncu, Ahmet BurakhanTechnical University of Munich
Ercelik, EmecTechnical University of Munich
Comulada-Simpson, EduardBMW Group
Venrooij, JoostBMW Group
Kaboli, MohsenBMW Group Research
Knoll, AloisTechnische Universität München
15:30-15:35, Paper FrPM2_T3.2 
Task-Driven Image-To-Image Translation for Automotive Applications

Malaescu, AlexandruXperi
Fratila, AndreiXperi
Dutu, LiviuXperi
Sultana, AlinaXperi
Filip, DanXperi
Ciuc, MihaiXperi
15:35-15:40, Paper FrPM2_T3.3 
Reachability Estimation in Dynamic Driving Scenes for Autonomous Vehicles

Medina-Lee, Juan FelipeCentre for Automation and Robotics - (CAR-CSIC)
Artunedo, AntonioCentre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)
Godoy, JorgeCentre for Automation and Robotics (UPM-CSIC)
Villagra, JorgeCentre for Automation and Robotics (CSIC-UPM)
15:40-15:45, Paper FrPM2_T3.4 
Real-Time Operational Driving Energy Management with Stochastic Vehicle Behavior Prediction

Higashitani, MitsuharuDenso
15:45-15:50, Paper FrPM2_T3.5 
Safety Verification of a Data-Driven Adaptive Cruise Controller

Lin, QinCarnegie Mellon University
Verwer, SiccoDelft University of Technology
Dolan, JohnCarnegie Mellon University
15:50-15:55, Paper FrPM2_T3.6 
Assistance Systems for Driver Interventions in Critical Situations During Automated Driving

Nguyen, ThangTechnische Universität Berlin, Faculty Mechanical Engineering An
Müller, SteffenTechnical University of Berlin
15:55-16:00, Paper FrPM2_T3.7 
Evaluation of AR-HUD Interface During an Automated Intervention in Manual Driving

Karatas, NihanNagoya University
Tanaka, TakahiroNagoya University
Fujikake, KazuhiroNagoya University
Yoshihara, YukiNagoya University
Fuwamoto, YoshitakaToyota Motor Corporation
Yoshida, MorihikoToyota Motor Corporation
Kanamori, HitoshiNagoya Univ
Coffee Break_6 Conference Event
Poster Session. Mapping and Localization 2 Poster Session
Poster Session. Situation Analysis and Planning Poster Session
Poster Session. Human Factors Poster Session




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