30th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium Sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

2019 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)
June 9-12, 2019, Paris, France

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Last updated on June 16, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday June 12, 2019

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WeAM_P MobiLab
Poster 5: AV + V2X + Learning + Lidar + Vision Poster Session
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.1 
Performance Optimization of Autonomous Platforms in Unstructured Outdoor Environments Using a Novel Constrained Planning Approach
Heide, Nina FelicitasFraunhofer IOSB
Albrecht, AlexanderFraunhofer IOSB
Emter, ThomasFraunhofer Institut IOSB
Petereit, JankoFraunhofer-Institut IOSB
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.2 
An Attention-Based Recurrent Convolutional Network for Vehicle Taillight Recognition
Lee, Kuan-HuiToyota Research Institute
Tagawa, TakaakiToyota Central R6D Labs., Inc
Pan, Jia-EnToyota Research Institute
Gaidon, AdrienToyota Research Institute
Douillard, BertrandAustralian Centre for Field Robotics
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.3 
A Human Factors Approach to Defining Requirements for Low-Speed Autonomous Vehicles to Enable Intelligent Platooning
Woodman, RogerUniversity of Warwick
Lu, KateUniversity of Warwick
Higgins, MatthewUniversity of Warwick
Brewerton, SimonRDM Group
Jennings, PaulWMG, University of Warwick
Birrell, StewartUniversity of Warwick
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.4 
Scene-Guided Region Proposal Re-Ranking Method for On-Road Vehicle Candidate Generation
Nan, ZhixiongXi'an Jiaotong University
Feng, YangXi'an JiaoTong University
He, JiaweiXi'an Jiaotong University
Wei, PingXi'an Jiaotong University
Xu, LinhaiXi’an Jiaotong University
Sun, HongbinXi’an Jiaotong University
Zheng, NanningXi'an Jiaotong University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.5 
From Functional to Logical Scenarios: Detailing a Keyword-Based Scenario Description for Execution in a Simulation Environment
Menzel, TillTU Braunschweig - Institute of Control Engineering
Bagschik, GerritTechnische Universität Braunschweig
Isensee, LeonTechnische Universität Braunschweig
Schomburg, AndreTechnische Universität Braunschweig
Maurer, MarkusTU Braunschweig
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.6 
Large-Scale Extraction of Accurate Vehicle Trajectories for Driving Behavior Learning
Clausse, AubreyMines-Paristech
Benslimane, SalmaMines ParisTech
de La Fortelle, ArnaudMINES ParisTech
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.7 
Dynamic Real-Time Multimodal Routing with Hierarchical Hybrid Planning
Choudhury, ShushmanStanford University
Knickerbocker, JacobFord Greenfield Labs
Kochenderfer, MykelStanford University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.8 
Reference Path Correction for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Driving Over Rough Terrain
Wang, ShaoboInstitute of Applied Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sc
Zhao, PanInstitute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ChineseAcademy Of
Zheng, YanghaoShenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Communication and Informatio
Yu, BiaoInstitute of Applied Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sc
Huang, WeixinInstitute of Applied Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sc
Zhu, HuiInstitute of Applied Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sc
Liang, HuaweiInstitute of Applied Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sc
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.9 
An Adaptive Path Tracking Controller Based on Reinforcement Learning with Urban Driving Application
Chen, LongshengSun Yat-Sen University
Chen, YuanpengKey Laboratory of Machine Intelligent and Advanced Computing, Su
Yao, XiangtongSun Yat-Sen University
Shan, YunxiaoSun Yat-Sen University
Chen, LongSun Yat-Sen University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.10 
Service Discovery for the Connected Car with Semantic Accessors
Weber, MatthewUC Berkeley
Akella, RaviDENSO International America
Lee, Edward A.UC Berkeley
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.11 
Controlling Steering Angle for Cooperative Self-Driving Vehicles Utilizing CNN and LSTM Based Deep Networks
Valiente, RodolfoUniversity of Central Florida
Zaman, MahdiUniversity of Central Florida
Ozer, SedatUniv. of Central Florida
Fallah, YaserUniversity of Central Florida
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.12 
Research of Path Planning Model Based on Hotspots Evaluation
Zeng, LingqiuChongqing University
Zhang, KeChongqing University
Han, QingwenChongqing University
Chen, SiruBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Ye, LeiChongqing University
Wang, RuimeiChongqing University
Lei, JianmeiState Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology & Chon
Xie, QinglongChongqing Daxue
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.13 
An Efficient Requirement-Aware Attachment Policy for Future Millimeter Wave Vehicular Networks
Peron, DavideUniversity of Padova
Giordani, MarcoUniversity of Padova
Zorzi, MicheleUniversity of Padova
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.14 
Field Operational Test of V2V between Tramcars and Cars towards Automated Driving System
Nanba, HideakiAichi Prefectural University
Bhuiyan, ShoaibSuzuka University of Medical Science
Oguri, KojiAichi Prefectural University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.15 
Simulated Basic Safety Message: Concept & Application
Saxena, SuryanshNational Robotics Engineering Center
Isukapati, IsaacCarnegie Mellon University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.16 
Fitting Cornering Speed Models with One-Class Support Vector Machines
Fleming, JamesUniversity of Southampton
Yan, XingdaUniversity of Southampton
Roberto, LotUniversity of Southampton
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.17 
Unsupervised and Supervised Learning with the Random Forest Algorithm for Traffic Scenario Clustering and Classification
Kruber, FriedrichTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Wurst, JonasTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Sanchez Morales, EduardoTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt (University of Applied Sciences
Chakraborty, SamarjitTechnischen Universität München
Botsch, MichaelTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.18 
A New Causal Direction Reasoning Method for Decision Making on Noisy Data
Zhao, BoxuTsinghua University
Guiming, LuoSchool of Software, Tsinghua University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.19 
Wasserstein Generative Learning with Kinematic Constraints for Probabilistic Prediction of Interactive Driving Behavior
Ma, HengboUniversity of California, Berkeley
Li, JiachenUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhan, WeiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniversity of California at Berkeley
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.20 
Cooperative Object Classification for Driving Applications
Arnold, EduardoUniversity of Warwick
Al-Jarrah, Omar Y.University of Warwick
Dianati, MehrdadUniversity of Warwick
Fallah, SaberUniversity of Surrey
Oxtoby, DavidJaguar Land Rover Limited
Mouzakitis, AlexandrosJaguar Land Rover
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.21 
Deep, Spatially Coherent Inverse Sensor Models with Uncertainty Incorporation Using the Evidential Framework
Bauer, DanielFord Motor Company
Kuhnert, LarsUniversity of Siegen
Eckstein, LutzRWTH Aachen University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.22 
Coordination and Trajectory Prediction for Vehicle Interactions Via Bayesian Generative Modeling
Li, JiachenUniversity of California, Berkeley
Ma, HengboUniversity of California, Berkeley
Zhan, WeiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniversity of California at Berkeley
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.23 
SSeg-LSTM: Semantic Scene Segmentation for Trajectory Prediction
Syed, Arsal HudaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
Morris, BrendanUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.24 
RoarNet: A Robust 3D Object Detection Based on RegiOn Approximation Refinement
ShinShin, KiwooUniversity of California, Berkeley
Kwon, Youngwook PaulPhantom AI Inc
Tomizuka, MasayoshiUniversity of California at Berkeley
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.25 
Enhanced Object Detection in Bird’s Eye View Using 3D Global Context Inferred from Lidar Point Data
Kim, YaeCheolHanyang University
Kim, JaekyumHanyang University
Koh, JunhoHanyang University Signal Processing Machine Learning Laboratory
Choi, Jun WonHanyang University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.26 
Precise Synthetic Image and LiDAR (PreSIL) Dataset for Autonomous Vehicle Perception
Hurl, BradenUniversity of Waterloo
Czarnecki, KrzysztofUniversity of Waterloo
Waslander, Steven LUniversity of Waterloo
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.27 
Jointly Detecting and Retrieving Vehicles from Road Image Sequences Based on CNN
Wu, XiaoSchool of Software Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Li, YaochenXi'an Jiaotong University
Liu, YuehuInstitute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaoton
Pang, ShanminSchool of Software Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Wang, LeXi'an Jiaotong University
Wu, ChuanSchool of Software Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Huo, HuihuiSchool of Software Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.28 
Enhanced Free Space Detection in Multiple Lanes Based on Single CNN with Scene Identification
Pizzati, FabioUniversity of Bologna, Vislab SRL, University of Parma
Garcia, FernandoUniversidad Carlos III De Madrid
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.29 
Instance Stixels: Segmenting and Grouping Stixels into Objects
Hehn, Thomas MarkusTU Delft
Kooij, Julian Francisco PieterDelft University of Technology
Gavrila, Dariu M.TU Delft
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.30 
Ego-Motion and Surrounding Vehicle State Estimation Using a Monocular Camera
Hayakawa, JunHonda Research Institute USA, Inc
Dariush, BehzadHonda Research Institute, USA
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.31 
Global and Local Multi-Scale Feature Fusion for Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
Lim, Young-ChulDeagu Gyeongbuk Inst. of S&T
Kang, MinSungDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.32 
PointLaneNet: Efficient End-To-End CNNs for Accurate Real-Time Lane Detection
Chen, ZhenpengGAC Automotive Research & Development Center
Liu, QianfeiGAC Automotive Research & Development Center
Lian, ChenfanGAC Automotive Research & Development Center
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.33 
Robust 3D Perception for Any Environment and Any Weather Condition Using Thermal Stereo
Mita, SeiichiToyota Technological Institute
Xu, YuquanToyota Technological Institute
Ishimaru, KazuhisaNippon Soken Inc
Nishino, SakikoNippon Soken Inc
10:30-12:30, Paper WeAM_P.34 
Efficient Instance and Semantic Segmentation for Automated Driving
Petrovai, AndraTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca
Nedevschi, SergiuTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca




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