2012 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
June 3-7, 2012, Alcalá de Henares, Spain

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Last updated on September 22, 2012. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IV'12 Keyword Index

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Active and Passive SafetyMoPO1S.6, MoPO1S.16, MoPO1S.19, MoPO1S.21, MoPO1S.24, MoPO2S.1, MoPO2S.4, MoPO2S.5, MoPO2S.9, MoPO2S.20, MoPO2S.23, MoPO2S.25, MoPO2S.28, TuPO3S.9, TuPO3S.15, TuPO3S.26, TuPO4S.7, TuPO4S.9, TuPO4S.11, WeOR3S.1, WeOR3S.2, WeOR3S.3, WePO5S.7, WePO5S.11, WePO5S.18
Automated VehiclesMoOR3S.2, MoPO1S.1, MoPO1S.3, MoPO1S.4, MoPO1S.6, MoPO1S.7, MoPO1S.12, MoPO1S.13, MoPO1S.16, MoPO1S.23, MoPO2S.3, MoPO2S.15, MoPO2S.16, MoPO2S.19, MoPO2S.23, MoPO2S.28, TuOR1S.3, TuOR2S.1, TuOR2S.2, TuOR2S.3, TuPO3S.4, TuPO3S.8, TuPO3S.10, TuPO3S.11, TuPO3S.18, TuPO3S.23, TuPO3S.24, TuPO4S.14, TuPO4S.18, TuPO4S.25, TuPO4S.26, WePO5S.4, WePO5S.14, WePO5S.15, WePO5S.22, WePO5S.27, WePO6S.7, WePO6S.12, WePO6S.14, WePO6S.15, WePO6S.20, WePO6S.28
Collision AvoidanceMoOR1S.1, MoOR1S.3, MoOR3S.1, MoPO1S.6, MoPO1S.22, MoPO1S.24, MoPO2S.3, MoPO2S.14, MoPO2S.27, TuOR1S.1, TuOR1S.2, TuOR2S.2, TuOR2S.3, TuOR2S.4, TuPO3S.3, TuPO3S.12, TuPO3S.13, TuPO3S.18, TuPO3S.23, TuPO3S.26, TuPO4S.7, TuPO4S.8, TuPO4S.10, TuPO4S.11, TuPO4S.18, TuPO4S.24, WeOR1S.1, WeOR3S.1, WeOR3S.3, WePO5S.5, WePO5S.21, WePO6S.8, WePO6S.28
Cooperative Vehicle-Highway SystemsMoOR2S.2, MoOR2S.3, MoOR2S.4, MoPO1S.3, TuPO3S.2, TuPO3S.11, TuPO3S.22, WeOR1S.3, WePO5S.9, WePO5S.10, WePO5S.14, WePO5S.26, WePO6S.6
Decision and Expert SystemsMoOR1S.2, MoPO1S.19, MoPO1S.25, MoPO1S.26, MoPO2S.12, TuOR2S.2, TuOR2S.3, TuPO3S.5, WeOR3S.2, WeOR3S.3, WePO5S.8, WePO5S.12, WePO5S.20, WePO5S.24, WePO6S.3, WePO6S.4
Dedicated Short Range CommunicationsMoOR1S.1, MoPO2S.10, TuOR2S.4, TuPO3S.2, TuPO3S.20, TuPO3S.22, TuPO3S.27, TuPO4S.16, WePO5S.5, WePO5S.10, WePO5S.17, WePO6S.1, WePO6S.11
Driver Assistance SystemsMoOR1S.1, MoOR1S.2, MoOR1S.3, MoOR1S.4, MoOR2S.1, MoOR3S.1, MoOR3S.2, MoOR3S.3, MoPO1S.2, MoPO1S.9, MoPO1S.11, MoPO1S.15, MoPO1S.16, MoPO1S.18, MoPO1S.20, MoPO1S.21, MoPO1S.24, MoPO1S.25, MoPO2S.2, MoPO2S.4, MoPO2S.5, MoPO2S.6, MoPO2S.7, MoPO2S.9, MoPO2S.10, MoPO2S.11, MoPO2S.12, MoPO2S.13, MoPO2S.14, MoPO2S.17, MoPO2S.22, MoPO2S.24, MoPO2S.25, MoPO2S.27, MoPO2S.28, TuOR1S.1, TuPO3S.3, TuPO3S.7, TuPO3S.8, TuPO3S.17, TuPO3S.26, TuPO3S.27, TuPO4S.1, TuPO4S.3, TuPO4S.4, TuPO4S.6, TuPO4S.7, TuPO4S.8, TuPO4S.10, TuPO4S.13, TuPO4S.14, TuPO4S.17, TuPO4S.20, TuPO4S.21, TuPO4S.22, TuPO4S.23, TuPO4S.24, TuPO4S.25, WeOR1S.1, WeOR1S.2, WeOR1S.3, WeOR1S.4, WeOR2S.1, WeOR2S.3, WeOR3S.1, WeOR3S.2, WePO5S.2, WePO5S.3, WePO5S.6, WePO5S.9, WePO5S.12, WePO5S.14, WePO5S.18, WePO5S.19, WePO5S.20, WePO5S.21, WePO5S.24, WePO6S.4, WePO6S.5, WePO6S.6, WePO6S.7, WePO6S.8, WePO6S.9, WePO6S.10, WePO6S.13, WePO6S.14, WePO6S.15, WePO6S.16, WePO6S.18, WePO6S.19, WePO6S.25, WePO6S.26, WePO6S.27
Floating Car Data for SafetyWePO6S.24
Image, Radar, Lidar Signal ProcessingMoPO1S.5, MoPO1S.7, MoPO1S.10, MoPO1S.12, MoPO1S.15, MoPO1S.17, MoPO1S.18, MoPO1S.20, MoPO1S.26, MoPO1S.27, MoPO2S.2, MoPO2S.6, MoPO2S.15, MoPO2S.21, MoPO2S.22, MoPO2S.26, TuOR1S.3, TuOR1S.4, TuOR2S.1, TuPO3S.1, TuPO3S.4, TuPO3S.6, TuPO3S.8, TuPO3S.10, TuPO3S.12, TuPO3S.16, TuPO3S.17, TuPO3S.23, TuPO3S.25, TuPO4S.1, TuPO4S.4, TuPO4S.5, TuPO4S.6, TuPO4S.9, TuPO4S.13, TuPO4S.21, TuPO4S.23, TuPO4S.25, TuPO4S.27, WeOR1S.4, WeOR2S.1, WePO5S.2, WePO5S.3, WePO5S.4, WePO5S.13, WePO5S.16, WePO5S.19, WePO5S.25, WePO6S.5, WePO6S.6, WePO6S.7, WePO6S.8, WePO6S.12, WePO6S.13, WePO6S.17, WePO6S.18, WePO6S.19, WePO6S.22, WePO6S.23, WePO6S.24, WePO6S.25, WePO6S.27
Impact on Traffic FlowsMoOR2S.1, MoOR2S.2, MoOR2S.3, MoPO1S.8, MoPO2S.8, TuOR1S.2, TuPO3S.11, TuPO3S.21, TuPO4S.19, TuPO4S.22, WeOR1S.3, WePO5S.26, WePO6S.10
Information fusionMoOR1S.4, MoPO1S.1, MoPO1S.12, MoPO1S.27, MoPO2S.8, MoPO2S.11, MoPO2S.12, MoPO2S.14, MoPO2S.15, MoPO2S.18, TuOR1S.4, TuPO3S.5, TuPO3S.7, TuPO3S.13, TuPO3S.14, TuPO3S.16, TuPO3S.19, TuPO3S.25, TuPO4S.1, TuPO4S.3, TuPO4S.4, TuPO4S.5, TuPO4S.13, TuPO4S.15, TuPO4S.16, TuPO4S.27, WeOR1S.4, WePO5S.1, WePO5S.6, WePO5S.12, WePO5S.15, WePO5S.23, WePO5S.25, WePO6S.9, WePO6S.21
Integrated Safety SystemsMoPO1S.19, MoPO1S.22, MoPO1S.27, MoPO2S.1, MoPO2S.16, MoPO2S.25, TuPO3S.12, WePO5S.20, WePO5S.25, WePO6S.16, WePO6S.18
SensorsMoOR1S.4, MoPO1S.9, MoPO2S.4, MoPO2S.21, MoPO2S.24, MoPO2S.26, TuPO3S.13, TuPO3S.14, TuPO3S.15, TuPO3S.17, TuPO3S.25, TuPO4S.5, TuPO4S.19, TuPO4S.20, WeOR1S.2, WeOR2S.1, WeOR2S.2, WeOR2S.3, WeOR2S.4, WePO5S.8, WePO5S.17, WePO6S.2, WePO6S.11
Smart InfrastructureMoOR1S.2, MoOR2S.3, MoPO1S.23, MoPO2S.1, MoPO2S.17, MoPO2S.21, TuPO3S.15, TuPO3S.21, TuPO4S.2, TuPO4S.3, WeOR2S.2, WePO5S.21, WePO5S.22, WePO5S.23, WePO6S.1
System ArchitectureMoOR2S.2, MoPO1S.23, MoPO2S.7, MoPO2S.18, TuPO3S.2, TuPO3S.18, TuPO3S.21, TuPO3S.22, TuPO3S.24, TuPO4S.2, TuPO4S.12, TuPO4S.15, TuPO4S.22, WeOR1S.2, WeOR2S.4, WePO5S.5, WePO5S.11, WePO5S.19, WePO5S.22, WePO5S.26, WePO5S.27, WePO6S.2, WePO6S.15, WePO6S.16, WePO6S.20
TelematicsMoPO2S.8, TuOR2S.4, TuPO3S.20, TuPO4S.2, TuPO4S.16, WeOR1S.1, WeOR2S.4, WePO5S.23, WePO6S.1, WePO6S.2
Vehicle ControlMoOR3S.1, MoOR3S.2, MoOR3S.3, MoPO1S.3, MoPO1S.8, MoPO1S.13, MoPO1S.14, MoPO1S.22, MoPO2S.5, MoPO2S.16, MoPO2S.19, MoPO2S.20, MoPO2S.23, TuPO3S.5, TuPO3S.9, TuPO3S.24, TuPO4S.11, TuPO4S.12, TuPO4S.26, WeOR2S.3, WePO5S.7, WePO5S.8, WePO5S.9, WePO5S.11, WePO5S.27, WePO6S.4, WePO6S.20, WePO6S.27, WePO6S.28