2010 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
June 21-24, 2010, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA

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Technical Program for Tuesday June 22, 2010

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TuO1 Plenary Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Opening Keynote: Ray Resendes  
TuB1 Poster Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Poster Session 1  
Chair: Nunes, UrbanoInst. for Systems and Robotics
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.1 Add to My Program
Local Contour Patterns for Fast Traffic Sign Detection
Parada, FranciscoUniv. of Vigo
Alba, Jose L.Univ. of Vigo
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.2 Add to My Program
A New Vision System for Traffic Sign Recognition
Gu, YanleiNagoya Univ
Yendo, TomohiroNagoya Univ
Panahpour Tehrani, MehrdadNagoya Univ
Fujii, ToshiakiTokyo Inst. of Tech
Tanimoto, MasayukiNagoya Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.3 Add to My Program
Target Vehicle Selection Based on Multi Features Fusion Method
Wang, JianqiangTsinghua Univ
Liu, ZhifengTsinghua Univ
Yi, shichunTsinghua Univ
Li, keqiangTsinghua Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.4 Add to My Program
Vehicle Yaw Rate Control Based on Piecewise Affine Regions
Benine-Neto, AndréLCPC/INRETS
SCALZI, STEFANOUniv. of Rome Tor Vergata
Netto, MarianaLCPC
Mammar, SaidINRETS
PASILLAS-LEPINE, WilliamLab. Des Signaux Et Systemes, CNRS-Supelec
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.6 Add to My Program
Vehicle Tracking and Motion Prediction in Complex Urban Scenarios
Hermes, ChristophBielefeld Univ
Einhaus, JulianDaimler AG, Group Res
Hahn, MarkusDaimler AG, Group Res
Kummert, FranzBielefeld Univ
Woehler, ChristianDortmund Univ. of Tech
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.7 Add to My Program
An Efficient Real Time Rectangle Speed Limit Sign Recognition System
Zhang, YankunHarman International, Corp. Tech. Group, Shanghaioffice
Hong, ChuyangHarman International, Corp. Tech. Group, Shanghaioffice
Charles, WangHarman International, Corp. Tech. Group, Shanghaioffice
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.8 Add to My Program
Experimental Design and Evaluation of Networked Traveler Field Tests of Safety Applications in California
Chan, Ching-YaoITS, Univ. of California at Berkeley
Manasseh, ChristianUC Berkeley
Rezaei, ShahramUC Berkeley
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.9 Add to My Program
Estimation of Traffic Sign Visibility Toward Smart Driver Assistance
Doman, KeisukeNagoya Univ
Deguchi, DaisukeNagoya Univ
Takahashi, TomokazuNagoya Univ
Mekada, YoshitoChukyo Univ
Ide, IchiroNagoya Univ
Murase, HiroshiNagoya Univ
Tamatsu, YukimasaDENSO Corp
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.10 Add to My Program
Pedestrian Detection in Near-Infrared Night Vision System
Luo, YunRobert Bosch LLC
Remillard, JeffreyFord Motor Company
Hoetzer, DieterRobert Bosch LLC
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.11 Add to My Program
A Novel Lane Detection Based on Geometrical Model and Gabor Filter
Zhou, ShengyanBeijing Inst. of Tech
Xi, JunqiangBeijing Inst. of Tech
Gong, JianweiBeijing Inst. of Tech
Xiong, GuangmingBeijing Inst. of Tech
Chen, HuiyanBeijing Inst. of Tech
Jiang, YanhuaBeijing Inst. of Tech
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.12 Add to My Program
Maneuver Recognition Using Probabilistic Finite-State Machines and Fuzzy Logic
Hülnhagen, TillDaimler AG
Dengler, IngoDaimler AG
Tamke, AndreasUniv. of Stuttgart
Dang, ThaoDaimler AG
Breuel, GabiDamiler AG
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.13 Add to My Program
Neuropsychological Approach to Identify the Risky Driving Behaviors
Danno, MikioToyota InfoTechnology Center
Wakabayashi, AkioChiba Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.14 Add to My Program
Research on Driver Experience Based Route Planning Method
Li, ManHitachi (China) R&D Corp
wang, wenjiaHitachi (China) Res. & Development Corp
Zhang, YuheHitachi (China) Res. & Development Corp
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.15 Add to My Program
Assessment of Safety Levels and an Innovative Design for the Lane Change Assistant
Roelofsen, MarkUniv. of Twente
Bie, JingUniv. of Twente
Jin, LishengNanling Campus of Jilin Univ
van Arem, BartDelft Univ. of Tech
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.16 Add to My Program
Block-Constraint Line Scanning Method for Lane Detection
Chen, LongWuhan Univ
Li, QingquanWuhan Univ
Mao, QingzhouWuhan Univ
Zou, QinWuhan Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.17 Add to My Program
Cross-Layer Location Verification Enhancement in Vehicular Networks
Yan, GongjunOld Dominion Univ
Olariu, StephanOld Dominion Univ
Weigle, Michele C.Old Dominion Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.18 Add to My Program
Camera-Based Drowsiness Reference for Driver State Classification under Real Driving Conditions
Friedrichs, FabianUniv. of Stuttgart
Yang, BinUniv. of Stuttgart
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.19 Add to My Program
Advisory Speed for Intelligent Speed Adaptation in Adverse Conditions
HAUTIERE, NicolasUniv. Paris-Est, INRETS-LCPC
Glaser, SébastienLCPC
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.20 Add to My Program
Validation and Benchmarking for Pedestrian Video Detection Based on a Sensors Simulation Platform
Bossu, JeremieINRETS
Gruyer, DominiqueINRETS/LCPC
SMAL, Jean-christopheInst. National De Recherche Sur Les Transports Et Leur Securi
Blosseville, Jean-marcINRETS
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.21 Add to My Program
The See-Through System: A VANET-Enabled Assistant for Overtaking Maneuvers
Olaverri-Monreal, CristinaInst. De Telecomunicações, Departamento De Ciência De Comput
Gomes, Pedro Emanuel RodriguesInst. De Telecomunicações
Fernandes, RicardoInst. De Telecomunicações
Vieira, FaustoInst. De Telecomunicações, Faculdade De Engenharia Da Univ
Ferreira, MichelInst. De Telecomunicações
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.22 Add to My Program
Ecological and Safe Driving Assistance System : Design and Strategy
Luu, Hong TuLIVIC
Mammar, SaidINRETS
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.23 Add to My Program
Fast Prototyping of a Highly Autonomous Cooperative Driving System for Public Roads
Vanholme, BenoitLCPC
Gruyer, DominiqueINRETS/LCPC
Glaser, SébastienLCPC
Mammar, SaidINRETS
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.24 Add to My Program
Junior 3: A Test Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Langer, DirkVolkswagen of America
Stanek, GanymedStanford Univ
Mueller-Bessler, BernhardVolkswagen Group of America
Huhnke, BurkhardVolkswagen Group of America
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.25 Add to My Program
Vehicle Detection and Tracking Using Homography-Based Plane Rectification and Particle Filtering
Arróspide, JonUniv. Pol. De Madrid
Salgado, LuisUPM
Nieto, MarcosE.T.S.I.T. - Univ. Pol. Madrid
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.26 Add to My Program
Pedestrian Recognition Based on Hierarchical Codebook of SURF Features in Visible and Infrared Images
Bassem, BesbesNational Inst. for Applied Sciences Rouen
Alexandrina, RogozanNational Inst. of Applied Sciences Rouen
Abdelaziz, BensrhairNational Inst. of Applied Sciences Rouen,
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.27 Add to My Program
The “UTDrive” In-Vehicle Voice Activity Detection System
Yu, TaoCenter for Robust Speech System, Univ. of Texas Atdallas
Hansen, JohnUniv. of Texas at Dallas
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.28 Add to My Program
Vehicle Iconic Surround Observer: Visualization Platform for Intelligent Driver Support Applications
Morris, BrendanUniv. of California, San Diego
Trivedi, Mohan M.Univ. of California at San Diego
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.29 Add to My Program
Speech Based Emotion Classification Framework for Driver Assistance System
Tawari, AshishUniv. of California, San Diego
Trivedi, Mohan M.Univ. of California at San Diego
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.30 Add to My Program
Towards a Vision-Based System Exploring 3D Driver Posture Dynamics for Driver Assistance: Issues and Possibilities
Tran, CuongUniv. of California, San Diego
Trivedi, Mohan M.Univ. of California at San Diego
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.31 Add to My Program
Estimation of Vehicle Speed by Motion Tracking on Image Sequences
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.32 Add to My Program
Sensor Fusion-Based Line Detection for Unmanned Navigation
Chun, ChangmookKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
suh, seungbeumKorea Inst. of Science & Tech
Roh, Chi-wonKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Kang, YeonsikKorea Inst. of Science & Tech
Kang, SungchulKorea Inst. of Science and Tech
Lee, Jung-yupHyundai-Rotem
Han, Chang-sooHanyang Univ
10:00-11:10, Paper TuB1.33 Add to My Program
Object Tracking Via the Probability-Based Segmentation Using Laser Range Images
Hsiao, TeshengNational Chiao Tung Univ
Lee, Yung-ChouNational Chiao Tung Univ
TuC1 Regular Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Vehicle Environment Perception 1  
Chair: Stiller, ChristophKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
11:10-11:30, Paper TuC1.1 Add to My Program
Curb Reconstruction Using Conditional Random Fields
Siegemund, JanUniv. of Bonn
Pfeiffer, DavidDaimler AG
Franke, UweDaimler AG
Förstner, WolfgangUniv. Bonn
11:30-11:50, Paper TuC1.2 Add to My Program
An Embedded Multi-Modal System for Object Localization and Tracking
RODRIGUEZ FLOREZ, Sergio AlbertoHeudiasyc Lab. Univ. De Tech. De Compiègne
FREMONT, VincentUniv. De Tech. De Compiègne
BONNIFAIT, PhilippeUniv. of Tech. of Compiegne
Cherfaoui, VéroniqueUniv. Tech. Compiègne
11:50-12:10, Paper TuC1.3 Add to My Program
Effi Cient Representation of Traffi C Scenes by Means of Dynamic Stixels
Pfeiffer, DavidDaimler AG
Franke, UweDaimler AG
TuD1 Regular Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Driver Assistance Systems 1  
Chair: Becker, JanBosch Res. and Tech. Center
13:30-13:50, Paper TuD1.1 Add to My Program
A Simulation Environment for Developing Intelligent Headlight Systems
Tideman, MartijnTNO
Janssen, Simon JacobusFontys Univ. of Applied Sciences
13:50-14:10, Paper TuD1.2 Add to My Program
Examining the Impact of Driving Style on the Predictability and Responsiveness of the Driver: Real-World and Simulator Analysis
Doshi, AnupUniv. of California, San Diego
Trivedi, Mohan M.Univ. of California at San Diego
14:10-14:30, Paper TuD1.3 Add to My Program
Driver Behavior Analysis through Speech Emotion Understanding
Kamaruddin, NorhaslindaNanyang Tech. Univ. Singapore
Abdul Rahman, Abdul WahabInternational Islamic Univ. Malaysia
14:30-14:50, Paper TuD1.4 Add to My Program
Energy Constrained Trajectory Generation for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
DANIEL, JeremieUniv. of Haute Alsace
Birouche, AbderazikUniv. of Haute Alsace
Lauffenburger, Jean-PhilippeUniv. of Haute-Alsace
Basset, MichelUniv. of Haute-Alsace
TuE1 Poster Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Poster Session 2  
Chair: van Arem, BartDelft Univ. of Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.1 Add to My Program
Development of an Intelligent Master-Slave System between Agricultural Vehicles
Zhang, XiKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.2 Add to My Program
Road Detection Using Support Vector Machine Based on Online Learning and Evaluation
Zhou, ShengyanBeijing Inst. of Tech
Gong, JianweiBeijing Inst. of Tech
Xiong, GuangmingBeijing Inst. of Tech
Chen, HuiyanBeijing Inst. of Tech
Iagnemma, KarlMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.3 Add to My Program
Robust Positioning in Safety Applications for the CVIS Project
Gruyer, DominiqueINRETS/LCPC
Gingras, DenisIntelligent Materials and Systems Inst. Univ. Desherbr
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.4 Add to My Program
Dynamic Level of Detail 3D Occupancy Grids for Automotive Use
Schmid, Matthias RolandUniv. of the Bundeswehr, Munich
Maehlisch, MirkoDaimler AG
Dickmann, JürgenDaimler AG
Wuensche, Hans JoachimUniv
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.5 Add to My Program
Characterization of the Reception Environment of GNSS Signals Using a Texture and Color Based Adaptive Segmentation Technique
COHEN, AndreaUniv. of Tech. of Belfort-Montbeliard
MEURIE, CyrilUniv. of Tech. of Belfort-Montbeliard
Ruichek, YassineUniv. of Tech. of Belfort-Montbeliard
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.6 Add to My Program
Automatic Generation of a Highly Accurate Map for Driver Assistance Systems in Road Construction Sites
Wimmer, AndreasUniv. of Ulm
Jungel, TobiasUniv. of Ulm, Inst. of Measurement, Control, and Microt
Glueck, ManuelUniv. of Ulm, Inst. of Measurement, Control, and Microt
Dietmayer, Klaus Christian JürgenUniv. of Ulm
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.7 Add to My Program
ObjectFlow: A Descriptor for Classifying Traffic Motion
Geiger, AndreasKIT
Kitt, BerndKIT
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.8 Add to My Program
Fusion of Occupancy Grid Mapping and Model Based Object Tracking for Driver Assistance Systems Using Laser and Radar Sensors
Bouzouraa, Mohamed EssayedAudi Ag
Hofmann, UlrichAudi AG Ingolstadt
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.9 Add to My Program
A Fusion Method of Data Association and Virtual Detection for Minimizing Track Loss and False Track
Lim, Young-ChulDeagu Gyeongbuk Inst. of S&T
Lee, Chung-HeeDeagu Gyeongbuk Inst. of Science & Tech
Kwon, SoonDeagu Gyeongbuk Inst. of Science & Tech
Lee, Jong-HunDaegu Gyeongbuk Inst. of Science & Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.10 Add to My Program
A Self-Adaptive Approach for Curbstone/Roadside Detection Based on Human-Like Signal Processing and Multi-Sensor Fusion
Michalke, ThomasDaimler AG
Kastner, RobertDarmstadt Univ. of Tech
Fritsch, JannikHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
Goerick, ChristianHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.11 Add to My Program
Probabilistic Representation of the Uncertainty of Stereo-Vision and Application to Obstacle Detection
Perrollaz, MathiasINRIA
Aubert, DidierINRETS/LCPC
Spalanzani, AnneINRIA
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.12 Add to My Program
Multiple Track 4D-Road Representation
Baer, MichaelAudi Ag
Hofmann, UlrichAudi AG Ingolstadt
Gies, StefanVolkswagen AG
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.13 Add to My Program
Fast Human Detection with Cascaded Ensembles on the GPU
Bilgic, BerkinMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Horn, Berthold K.P.MIT
Masaki, IchiroMIT
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.14 Add to My Program
Attention-Based Traffic Sign Recognition with an Array of Weak Classifiers
Kastner, RobertDarmstadt Univ. of Tech
Michalke, ThomasDaimler AG
Burbach, ThomasDarmstadt Univ. of Tech
Fritsch, JannikHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
Goerick, ChristianHonda Res. Inst. Europe GmbH
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.15 Add to My Program
Camera-Based Bidirectional Reflectance Measurement for Road Surface Reflectivity Classification
Roser, MartinKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
Lenz, PhilipKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.16 Add to My Program
Automatic Recognition of Railway Signs Using SIFT Features
Nassu, Bogdan TomoyukiRailway Tech. Res. Inst
Ukai, MasatoRailway Tech. Res. Inst
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.17 Add to My Program
Sensor Fusion-Based Pedestrian Collision Warning System with Crosswalk Detection
Suzuki, ShigetakaTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech
Raksincharoensak, PongsathornTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech
Shimizu, IkukoTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech
Nagai, MasaoTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech
Adomat, RolfContinental
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.18 Add to My Program
MRF-Based Road Detection with Unsupervised Learning for Autonomous Driving in Changing Environments
Guo, ChunzhaoToyota Tech. Inst
MITA, SeiichiToyota Tech. Inst
McAllester, DavidToyota Tech. Inst. at Chicago
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.19 Add to My Program
Real-Time Semi-Global Dense Stereo Solution with Improved Sub-Pixel Accuracy
Haller, IstvanTech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca
Pantilie, CosminTech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca
Oniga, Florin IoanTech. Univ. of Cluj Napoca
Nedevschi, SergiuTech. Univ. of Cluj-Napoca
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.20 Add to My Program
The Dynamic Emotion Recognition System Based on Functional Connectivity of Brain Regions
Khosrowabadi, RezaPhD Student, C2I, SCE, Nanyang Tech. Univ
Heijnen, MichelStudent, School of Medical Tech. Zuyd Univ
Abdul Rahman, Abdul WahabInternational Islamic Univ. Malaysia
quek, Hiok ChaiAssociate Professor, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Tec
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.21 Add to My Program
A Voting Strategy for Visual Ego-Motion from Stereo
Obdrzalek, StepanCzech Tech. Univ
Matas, GeorgeCzech Tech. Univ
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.22 Add to My Program
Fusing Vision and LIDAR -- Synchronization, Correction and Occlusion Reasoning
Schneider, SebastianUniv. of the Bundeswehr Munich
Himmelsbach, MichaelUniv. of the Bundeswehr, Munich
Luettel, ThorstenUniv. of the Bundeswehr Munich
Wuensche, Hans JoachimUniv
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.23 Add to My Program
Robust Road Marking Extraction in Urban Environments Using Stereo Images
Sebsadji, YazidCETE De L'est
TAREL, Jean-PhilippeUniv. Paris-Est, INRETS-LCPC
Foucher, PhilippeCETE De L'est
Charbonnier, PierreLRPC
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.24 Add to My Program
Detecting Unusual Pedestrian Behavior Toward Own Vehicle for Vehicle-To-Pedestrian Collision Avoidance
Nakatsubo, KotaMeijo Univ
Yamada, KeiichiMeijo Univ
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.25 Add to My Program
Global Positioning Using a Digital Map and an Imaging Radar Sensor
Szczot, MagdalenaDaimler AG
Serfling, MatthiasDaimler AG
Löhlein, OttoDaimler AG
Schüle, FlorianDaimler AG
Konrad, MarcusUniv. of Ulm
Dietmayer, Klaus Christian JürgenUniv. of Ulm
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.26 Add to My Program
Road Course Estimation in Occupancy Grids
Konrad, MarcusUniv. of Ulm
Szczot, MagdalenaDaimler AG
Dietmayer, Klaus Christian JürgenUniv. of Ulm
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.27 Add to My Program
On-Road Vehicle Detection During Dusk and at Night
Schamm, ThomasFZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
von Carlowitz, ChristophFZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
Zöllner, J. MariusFZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.28 Add to My Program
Active Safety and Collision Alerts Using Contextual Visual Dataspace
Kim, KyungnamHRL Lab. LLC
Owechko, YuriHRL Lab. LLC
Medasani, SwarupHRL Lab. LLC
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.29 Add to My Program
The Recognition and Tracking of Traffic Lights Based on Color Segmentation and CAMSHIFT for Intelligent Vehicles
Gong, JianweiBeijing Inst. of Tech
Jiang, YanhuaBeijing Inst. of Tech
Xiong, GuangmingBeijing Inst. of Tech
Tao, GangBeijing Inst. of Tech
Chen, HuiyanBeijing Inst. of Tech
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.30 Add to My Program
Online Visualization of Noisy 3D Point Clouds: From Monocular Image Sequences to Synthetic Views
Pagel, FrankFraunhofer IOSB
Ring, JochenFraunhofer Inst. of Optronics, System Tech. and Image
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.31 Add to My Program
Calibration Considerations for Hybrid VANET Simulation
Haran, JamesUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Nelson, Peter C.Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
14:50-16:00, Paper TuE1.32 Add to My Program
Vehicle Steering Maneuvers with Direct Trajectory Optimization
Soudbakhsh, DamoonThe George Washington Univ
Eskandarian, AzimThe George Washington Univ
Chichka, DavidThe George Washington Univ
TuF1 Regular Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Image, Radar, Lidar Signal Processing 1  
Chair: Dietmayer, Klaus Christian JürgenUniv. of Ulm
16:00-16:20, Paper TuF1.1 Add to My Program
Vision-Based Bicyclist Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles
Cho, HyunggiCarnegie Mellon Univ
Rybski, PaulCarnegie Mellon Univ
Zhang, WendeGm R&d
16:20-16:40, Paper TuF1.2 Add to My Program
High-Accurate Vehicle Localization Using Digital Maps and Coherency Images
Mattern, NormanChemnitz Univ. of Tech
Schubert, RobinChemnitz Univ. of Tech
Wanielik, GerdChemnitz Univ. of Tech
16:40-17:00, Paper TuF1.3 Add to My Program
Pedestrian Tracking in Infrared from Moving Vehicles
Jüngling, KaiFraunhofer IOSB
Arens, MichaelFraunhofer IOSB
17:00-17:20, Paper TuF1.4 Add to My Program
Improved Visibility of Road Scene Images under Heterogeneous Fog
TAREL, Jean-PhilippeUniv. Paris-Est, INRETS-LCPC
HAUTIERE, NicolasUniv. Paris-Est, INRETS-LCPC
Cord, AurelienUniv. LIVIC, INRETS-LCPC
Gruyer, DominiqueINRETS/LCPC
Halmaoui, HoussamUniv. LIVIC, INRETS-LCPC
17:20-17:40, Paper TuF1.5 Add to My Program
Visual Odometry Based on Stereo Image Sequences with RANSAC-Based Outlier Rejection Scheme
Kitt, BerndKIT
Geiger, AndreasKIT
Lategahn, HenningKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. Inst. of Measurement And
17:40-18:00, Paper TuF1.6 Add to My Program
Motion Based Vehicle Identification in Car Video
Jazayeri, AmiraliIUPUI
Cai, HongyuanIUPUI
Zheng, Jiang YuIUPUI
Tuceryan, MihranIUPUI




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