ITSC 2019 The 22nd IEEE International Conference on
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Auckland, NZ, October 27-30, 2019

2019 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC)
October 27-30, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

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Last updated on October 24, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ITSC 2019 Keyword Index

.   A   C   D   E   H   I   M   N   O   P   R   S   T  

.MoA-P1.1, MoA-P1.2
Accurate Global PositioningMoC-T6.1, MoC-T6.3, MoE-T2.1, MoE-T2.2, MoF-T2.1, MoF-T7.1, MoF-T7.2, MoF-T7.3, MoF-T7.4, MoG-T7.1, MoG-T7.2, MoG-T7.3, MoG-T7.4, MoG-T7.5, MoG-T8.1, MoG-T8.2, MoG-T8.4, MoG-T8.5, MoG-T8.6, TuC-T4.1, TuC-T4.3, TuD-T3.6, WeB-T5.1, WeB-T5.5, WeB-T8.5, WeC-T8.1, WeC-T8.2, WeC-T8.3, WeC-T8.4, WeD-T2.4, WeD-T4.2, WeD-T8.1, WeD-T8.3, WeE-T8.2, WeE-T8.4, WeF-T5.1, WeF-T5.2, WeF-T5.3, WeF-T5.4, WeF-T5.6, WeG-T5.1, WeG-T5.2, WeG-T5.3, WeG-T5.4
Advanced Vehicle Safety SystemsMoC-T1.2, MoC-T5.1, MoC-T5.2, MoC-T7.1, MoC-T7.2, MoC-T7.3, MoC-T7.4, MoC-T8.2, MoD-T10.2, MoD-T2.4, MoD-T7.1, MoD-T7.2, MoD-T7.3, MoD-T7.4, MoD-T9.4, MoE-T1.2, MoE-T3.1, MoE-T7.3, MoE-T7.4, MoF-T1.1, MoG-T1.5, MoG-T2.1, MoG-T3.2, MoG-T5.2, MoG-T6.1, MoG-T6.2, MoG-T8.1, TuB-T1.2, TuB-T3.1, TuB-T3.2, TuB-T4.1, TuB-T4.2, TuB-T5.4, TuC-T3.1, TuC-T3.2, TuC-T3.3, TuC-T5.3, TuC-T9.3, TuD-T1.1, TuD-T1.2, TuD-T1.4, TuD-T1.5, TuD-T3.6, TuE-T1.6, TuE-T2.1, TuE-T3.1, TuE-T4.6, TuE-T9.1, TuE-T9.5, WeB-T2.1, WeB-T3.4, WeB-T3.5, WeB-T6.1, WeB-T6.2, WeB-T8.1, WeB-T8.2, WeB-T8.3, WeB-T8.4, WeB-T8.5, WeB-T8.6, WeB-T9.6, WeC-T1.1, WeC-T1.3, WeC-T10.2, WeC-T2.2, WeC-T6.1, WeC-T7.2, WeD-T1.3, WeD-T10.4, WeD-T2.1, WeD-T4.4, WeD-T6.1, WeD-T9.1, WeE-T1.1, WeE-T1.2, WeE-T1.3, WeE-T3.1, WeE-T6.2, WeE-T9.1, WeF-T2.1, WeF-T6.1, WeF-T6.5, WeF-T7.6, WeF-T8.3, WeG-T1.2, WeG-T1.4, WeG-T2.4, WeG-T3.1
Aerial, Marine and Surface Intelligent VehiclesMoC-T1.4, MoG-T1.1, MoG-T7.6, MoG-T8.4, WeD-T2.3, WeE-T8.3, WeE-T9.3, WeE-T9.4, WeF-T7.1, WeF-T7.2, WeF-T8.6, WeG-T7.1, WeG-T8.2
Air Traffic ManagementMoF-T6.2, WeC-T7.1, WeG-T8.1, WeG-T8.2, WeG-T8.3
Automated Vehicle Operation, Motion Planning, NavigationMoC-T5.1, MoC-T7.1, MoC-T7.2, MoD-T7.1, MoE-T2.3, MoE-T6.2, MoE-T7.1, MoE-T7.2, MoE-T7.4, MoE-T9.2, MoF-T3.1, MoF-T4.1, MoG-T1.1, MoG-T10.4, MoG-T7.1, MoG-T7.2, MoG-T8.1, MoG-T8.5, MoG-T8.6, TuB-T10.2, TuB-T10.4, TuB-T2.1, TuB-T2.2, TuB-T2.3, TuB-T2.4, TuB-T2.5, TuB-T2.6, TuB-T3.1, TuB-T3.2, TuB-T3.3, TuB-T3.4, TuB-T3.5, TuB-T4.3, TuB-T4.4, TuB-T4.5, TuB-T6.6, TuC-T2.1, TuC-T2.2, TuC-T2.3, TuC-T2.4, TuC-T3.1, TuC-T3.2, TuC-T3.3, TuC-T3.4, TuC-T4.2, TuC-T9.2, TuD-T1.4, TuD-T2.5, TuD-T2.6, TuD-T3.1, TuD-T3.2, TuD-T3.3, TuD-T3.4, TuD-T3.5, TuD-T3.6, TuD-T4.1, TuD-T4.3, TuD-T6.3, TuD-T9.1, TuD-T9.2, TuD-T9.3, TuD-T9.4, TuD-T9.5, TuD-T9.6, TuE-T3.1, TuE-T3.2, TuE-T3.3, TuE-T3.4, TuE-T3.5, TuE-T4.1, TuE-T5.5, TuE-T9.2, WeB-T11.1, WeB-T2.1, WeB-T2.2, WeB-T2.3, WeB-T2.4, WeB-T2.5, WeB-T2.6, WeB-T3.1, WeB-T3.2, WeB-T3.3, WeB-T3.4, WeB-T3.5, WeB-T4.6, WeB-T5.1, WeB-T5.5, WeB-T6.2, WeB-T6.3, WeB-T6.4, WeC-T2.1, WeC-T2.2, WeC-T2.3, WeC-T2.4, WeC-T3.1, WeC-T3.2, WeC-T3.3, WeC-T3.4, WeC-T5.1, WeC-T7.2, WeC-T8.1, WeC-T8.2, WeD-T1.2, WeD-T1.4, WeD-T10.1, WeD-T2.4, WeD-T3.1, WeD-T3.2, WeD-T3.3, WeD-T5.2, WeD-T5.4, WeD-T6.2, WeD-T8.2, WeD-T8.4, WeD-T9.2, WeD-T9.4, WeE-T1.1, WeE-T2.1, WeE-T3.2, WeE-T6.3, WeE-T6.4, WeE-T7.2, WeE-T8.3, WeE-T8.4, WeE-T9.3, WeE-T9.4, WeF-T2.1, WeF-T2.2, WeF-T2.3, WeF-T2.6, WeF-T3.5, WeF-T5.4, WeF-T5.6, WeF-T6.2, WeF-T7.1, WeF-T7.4, WeF-T8.2, WeF-T8.3, WeG-T10.3, WeG-T2.4, WeG-T3.1, WeG-T5.3, WeG-T6.1, WeG-T7.2, WeG-T7.3, WeG-T8.3, WeG-T8.4
Commercial Fleet ManagementMoC-T9.4, MoF-T8.2, MoF-T9.2, MoG-T5.1, MoG-T6.3, TuB-T9.2, TuB-T9.3, TuB-T9.4, TuB-T9.5, TuD-T4.5, WeB-T3.6, WeB-T9.3, WeB-T9.5
Commercial Vehicle Electronic ClearanceMoG-T4.3
Communications and Protocols in ITSMoC-T8.1, MoC-T8.2, MoC-T8.3, MoC-T8.4, MoD-T8.1, MoD-T8.2, MoD-T8.3, MoD-T8.4, MoE-T3.2, MoG-T4.1, MoG-T4.3, MoG-T4.5, TuB-T4.3, TuB-T6.4, TuD-T3.4, TuD-T4.2, TuE-T4.6, TuE-T5.1, TuE-T5.2, WeB-T10.5, WeC-T5.3, WeE-T5.2
Cooperative Techniques and SystemsMoC-T10.1, MoC-T8.1, MoC-T9.1, MoD-T8.4, MoE-T1.1, MoE-T4.4, MoE-T8.1, MoF-T1.1, MoF-T6.1, MoF-T9.3, MoG-T4.4, MoG-T4.5, MoG-T6.4, MoG-T6.6, TuB-T10.1, TuB-T10.2, TuB-T10.3, TuB-T4.1, TuB-T4.2, TuB-T4.3, TuB-T4.4, TuB-T4.5, TuB-T4.6, TuB-T6.3, TuC-T4.1, TuC-T4.2, TuC-T4.3, TuC-T4.4, TuC-T5.2, TuD-T1.2, TuD-T4.1, TuD-T4.2, TuD-T4.3, TuD-T4.4, TuD-T4.5, TuD-T4.6, TuE-T2.5, TuE-T3.2, TuE-T4.1, TuE-T4.2, TuE-T4.3, TuE-T4.4, TuE-T4.5, TuE-T4.6, WeB-T4.6, WeB-T7.5, WeB-T9.5, WeC-T11.1, WeC-T3.2, WeC-T5.1, WeC-T5.2, WeC-T5.3, WeC-T5.4, WeC-T7.2, WeC-T8.3, WeD-T3.3, WeD-T5.1, WeD-T5.2, WeD-T5.4, WeD-T6.3, WeD-T8.2, WeE-T5.2, WeF-T1.4, WeF-T2.2, WeF-T2.6, WeG-T6.4, WeG-T8.2
Data Management and Geographic Information SystemsMoC-T6.1, MoC-T6.2, MoC-T6.3, MoC-T6.4, MoD-T1.2, MoD-T6.1, MoD-T6.2, MoD-T6.3, MoD-T6.4, MoG-T5.4, MoG-T7.6, TuB-T2.5, TuB-T7.5, TuC-T1.2, TuD-T7.4, TuE-T10.3, WeG-T9.1
Data Mining and Data AnalysisMoC-T10.1, MoC-T10.2, MoC-T10.4, MoC-T2.1, MoC-T4.1, MoC-T4.3, MoC-T5.1, MoC-T5.3, MoC-T5.4, MoC-T6.2, MoC-T6.4, MoC-T9.3, MoD-T1.1, MoD-T10.1, MoD-T10.3, MoD-T10.4, MoD-T4.3, MoD-T5.1, MoD-T5.4, MoD-T6.1, MoD-T6.2, MoD-T6.4, MoE-T1.4, MoE-T2.4, MoE-T4.1, MoE-T4.2, MoE-T5.3, MoE-T6.1, MoE-T6.3, MoE-T7.2, MoE-T9.1, MoF-T10.1, MoF-T2.3, MoF-T4.3, MoF-T5.1, MoF-T5.2, MoF-T5.3, MoF-T5.4, MoF-T6.4, MoF-T8.4, MoG-T1.4, MoG-T10.1, MoG-T2.6, MoG-T4.2, MoG-T5.1, MoG-T5.2, MoG-T5.3, MoG-T5.4, MoG-T5.5, MoG-T9.1, MoG-T9.3, TuB-T5.1, TuB-T7.1, TuB-T7.2, TuB-T7.3, TuB-T7.4, TuB-T7.5, TuB-T7.6, TuC-T1.4, TuC-T7.1, TuC-T7.2, TuC-T7.3, TuC-T7.4, TuD-T10.3, TuD-T10.4, TuD-T10.5, TuD-T5.4, TuD-T5.5, TuD-T6.1, TuD-T6.5, TuD-T7.1, TuD-T7.2, TuD-T7.3, TuD-T7.4, TuD-T7.5, TuD-T7.6, TuE-T1.2, TuE-T10.1, TuE-T10.2, TuE-T10.5, TuE-T4.2, TuE-T6.2, TuE-T7.1, TuE-T7.2, TuE-T7.3, TuE-T7.4, TuE-T7.5, TuE-T7.6, WeB-T10.4, WeB-T2.3, WeB-T3.6, WeB-T4.1, WeB-T7.1, WeC-T1.2, WeC-T11.3, WeC-T9.4, WeD-T4.3, WeD-T7.1, WeE-T1.1, WeE-T1.3, WeE-T10.1, WeE-T2.2, WeE-T2.4, WeE-T5.1, WeE-T5.4, WeF-T10.3, WeF-T10.4, WeF-T10.6, WeF-T3.1, WeF-T4.1, WeF-T4.2, WeF-T4.3, WeF-T4.6, WeF-T5.5, WeF-T5.6, WeF-T7.3, WeF-T8.6, WeG-T1.3, WeG-T10.4, WeG-T4.3, WeG-T4.4, WeG-T5.4, WeG-T9.1, WeG-T9.2, WeG-T9.3, WeG-T9.4
Driver Assistance SystemsMoC-T1.1, MoC-T1.2, MoC-T2.3, MoC-T3.1, MoC-T3.2, MoC-T3.3, MoC-T5.2, MoC-T7.4, MoC-T8.2, MoD-T2.1, MoD-T3.2, MoD-T3.3, MoD-T4.4, MoD-T9.4, MoE-T1.1, MoE-T1.2, MoE-T1.3, MoE-T2.3, MoE-T3.2, MoE-T3.3, MoF-T2.2, MoF-T2.4, MoF-T3.1, MoF-T4.1, MoF-T5.4, MoF-T7.4, MoG-T1.2, MoG-T1.3, MoG-T1.6, MoG-T2.1, MoG-T2.2, MoG-T2.4, MoG-T3.4, MoG-T3.5, MoG-T3.6, MoG-T5.5, MoG-T6.1, MoG-T7.4, MoG-T7.5, TuB-T1.2, TuB-T2.3, TuB-T2.5, TuB-T2.6, TuB-T3.3, TuB-T4.5, TuB-T5.3, TuB-T6.1, TuC-T1.3, TuC-T2.3, TuC-T2.4, TuC-T3.3, TuC-T5.1, TuC-T5.3, TuC-T6.1, TuC-T9.1, TuC-T9.3, TuD-T1.1, TuD-T1.2, TuD-T1.3, TuD-T1.4, TuD-T10.5, TuD-T2.1, TuD-T2.6, TuD-T3.2, TuD-T3.5, TuD-T4.4, TuD-T4.6, TuE-T1.6, TuE-T2.1, TuE-T3.2, TuE-T3.5, TuE-T9.1, TuE-T9.6, WeB-T1.4, WeB-T1.6, WeB-T10.2, WeB-T10.4, WeB-T11.1, WeB-T11.2, WeB-T2.1, WeB-T3.1, WeB-T3.3, WeB-T5.6, WeB-T6.1, WeB-T6.2, WeB-T6.3, WeB-T6.4, WeB-T6.5, WeB-T6.6, WeB-T8.1, WeB-T8.2, WeB-T8.3, WeB-T8.5, WeB-T8.6, WeC-T1.1, WeC-T1.4, WeC-T2.1, WeC-T3.3, WeC-T3.4, WeC-T4.4, WeC-T6.1, WeC-T6.2, WeC-T6.3, WeC-T6.4, WeC-T8.3, WeD-T1.2, WeD-T1.3, WeD-T10.1, WeD-T10.3, WeD-T2.1, WeD-T6.1, WeD-T6.2, WeD-T6.3, WeD-T6.4, WeD-T8.2, WeD-T9.1, WeD-T9.2, WeD-T9.3, WeE-T1.2, WeE-T1.3, WeE-T1.4, WeE-T2.1, WeE-T2.3, WeE-T6.1, WeE-T6.2, WeE-T6.3, WeE-T6.4, WeE-T8.2, WeE-T8.4, WeF-T1.6, WeF-T2.1, WeF-T2.3, WeF-T3.2, WeF-T3.3, WeF-T3.4, WeF-T5.1, WeF-T5.2, WeF-T6.1, WeF-T6.2, WeF-T6.3, WeF-T6.4, WeF-T6.5, WeF-T6.6, WeF-T8.4, WeG-T1.3, WeG-T1.4, WeG-T2.3, WeG-T3.2, WeG-T6.1, WeG-T6.2, WeG-T6.3, WeG-T6.4, WeG-T7.3
Electric Motors, Drives and Propulsion TechnologiesTuE-T9.2
Electric VehiclesMoC-T9.1, MoC-T9.2, MoC-T9.3, MoC-T9.4, MoD-T9.1, MoD-T9.2, MoD-T9.3, MoD-T9.4, MoE-T9.1, MoE-T9.2, MoE-T9.3, MoE-T9.4, MoF-T9.1, TuB-T1.4, TuB-T3.6, TuB-T5.5, TuE-T6.1, WeC-T9.1, WeE-T7.4, WeF-T3.1, WeF-T7.5
Electronic PaymentMoC-T9.1, MoD-T3.1
Emergency Vehicle ManagementMoE-T5.1, WeB-T10.1, WeE-T1.4, WeF-T4.2, WeF-T4.4, WeF-T9.2, WeG-T10.1, WeG-T6.2
Emission and Noise MitigationWeB-T10.2, WeD-T10.3
Energy Storage and Control SystemsMoC-T9.2, MoD-T9.3, MoE-T9.1, MoE-T9.3, TuD-T5.2, TuD-T6.3, WeE-T7.4, WeE-T9.4
Human Factors in Intelligent Transportation SystemsMoD-T9.3, MoE-T3.4, MoE-T8.2, MoF-T2.4, MoG-T1.6, MoG-T5.5, MoG-T9.3, TuB-T5.1, TuB-T5.2, TuB-T5.3, TuB-T5.4, TuB-T5.5, TuB-T5.6, TuB-T6.6, TuC-T5.1, TuC-T5.2, TuC-T5.3, TuC-T5.4, TuC-T9.4, TuD-T1.1, TuD-T1.3, TuD-T1.6, TuD-T4.4, TuD-T4.6, TuD-T9.1, TuE-T1.1, TuE-T4.2, TuE-T4.3, WeB-T10.3, WeB-T3.1, WeB-T5.2, WeB-T6.5, WeC-T1.4, WeC-T4.4, WeC-T6.3, WeC-T6.4, WeD-T3.2, WeD-T3.3, WeD-T6.1, WeD-T6.2, WeD-T6.3, WeE-T3.1, WeE-T3.2, WeE-T3.3, WeE-T3.4, WeE-T9.1, WeF-T2.2, WeF-T2.4, WeF-T3.1, WeF-T3.2, WeF-T3.3, WeF-T3.4, WeF-T3.5, WeF-T3.6, WeF-T7.3, WeG-T1.2, WeG-T10.4, WeG-T2.2, WeG-T2.3, WeG-T2.4, WeG-T3.1, WeG-T3.2, WeG-T3.3, WeG-T3.4, WeG-T7.4, WeG-T9.1
Incident ManagementMoD-T5.4, MoE-T5.1, MoE-T5.2, MoF-T10.2, MoF-T5.2, MoF-T5.3, TuE-T1.3, WeB-T9.6, WeC-T11.4, WeC-T4.1
Infrastructure for Charging, Communication and ControlsMoC-T9.4, MoD-T8.1, MoD-T9.2, TuE-T2.4, WeC-T11.1, WeC-T9.1, WeF-T9.5
Intelligent LogisticsMoE-T6.1, MoE-T6.2, MoE-T6.3, MoF-T6.4, TuB-T9.4, TuB-T9.6, TuD-T7.6, WeB-T9.2, WeC-T9.2, WeG-T7.1, WeG-T7.2, WeG-T7.3, WeG-T7.4
ITS Field Tests and ImplementationMoC-T8.3, MoD-T7.4, MoE-T10.1, MoE-T7.3, MoG-T7.3, TuB-T6.5, TuC-T6.1, TuC-T6.2, TuC-T7.4, TuD-T6.2, TuE-T2.6, WeB-T10.1, WeB-T10.2, WeB-T10.5, WeC-T10.1, WeC-T10.2, WeC-T10.3, WeC-T10.4, WeD-T10.1, WeD-T10.2, WeD-T10.3, WeD-T10.4, WeE-T2.4, WeF-T1.5, WeF-T10.5, WeF-T4.4, WeG-T6.3
ITS Policy, Design, Architecture and StandardsMoD-T8.2, MoE-T7.2, MoF-T8.3, TuC-T6.2, TuD-T1.6, TuD-T3.4, TuE-T6.5, WeC-T10.3, WeC-T4.2, WeG-T8.4
Management of Exceptional Events: Incidents, Evacuation, Emergency ManagementMoC-T4.1, MoD-T5.3, MoD-T7.2, MoE-T5.1, MoE-T5.2, MoF-T5.1, WeC-T11.2, WeE-T4.3, WeG-T10.1
Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Pedestrians and CyclistsMoC-T10.2, MoE-T3.4, MoF-T1.3, MoF-T4.3, MoF-T8.4, MoG-T1.1, MoG-T1.2, MoG-T1.3, MoG-T1.4, MoG-T10.2, TuB-T5.4, TuB-T6.2, TuC-T1.4, TuD-T1.6, TuE-T1.1, TuE-T1.2, TuE-T1.3, TuE-T1.4, TuE-T1.5, WeF-T8.1, WeG-T2.2
Multi-autonomous Vehicle Studies, Models, Techniques and SimulationsMoC-T1.4, MoC-T7.2, MoD-T7.1, MoF-T5.4, MoG-T1.3, MoG-T10.3, MoG-T10.4, MoG-T6.3, MoG-T6.5, TuB-T10.5, TuB-T3.3, TuB-T4.2, TuB-T4.6, TuB-T9.1, TuC-T6.3, TuC-T6.4, TuC-T9.1, TuC-T9.3, TuC-T9.4, TuD-T4.1, TuD-T4.3, TuD-T9.1, TuD-T9.2, TuD-T9.3, TuD-T9.4, TuD-T9.5, TuD-T9.6, TuE-T3.3, TuE-T4.1, TuE-T4.3, TuE-T4.4, TuE-T4.5, TuE-T6.1, TuE-T6.6, TuE-T9.1, TuE-T9.2, TuE-T9.3, TuE-T9.5, WeB-T2.5, WeB-T3.2, WeB-T7.5, WeB-T8.4, WeB-T9.1, WeB-T9.2, WeC-T2.2, WeC-T3.3, WeC-T3.4, WeC-T5.1, WeC-T5.2, WeC-T5.4, WeC-T7.1, WeC-T7.3, WeD-T1.4, WeD-T2.2, WeD-T3.2, WeD-T3.4, WeE-T2.4, WeE-T3.3, WeE-T7.3, WeE-T9.3, WeF-T1.2, WeF-T2.3, WeF-T2.6, WeF-T4.6, WeF-T6.3, WeF-T7.1, WeG-T10.3, WeG-T2.1, WeG-T8.4
Multi-modal ITSMoC-T2.1, MoC-T6.1, MoF-T6.3, MoG-T1.5, TuB-T9.6, TuC-T9.2, TuE-T9.4, WeF-T1.5, WeF-T2.5, WeG-T10.2, WeG-T9.3
Network ManagementMoD-T4.1, MoE-T10.2, MoE-T8.3, MoE-T8.4, MoF-T4.2, MoF-T8.1, MoG-T4.1, TuB-T10.5, TuB-T7.6, TuE-T6.4, WeB-T10.3, WeB-T11.4, WeB-T7.6, WeC-T11.4, WeD-T7.1, WeG-T9.2
Network ModelingMoC-T8.4, MoD-T4.1, MoD-T9.1, MoE-T8.3, MoE-T8.4, MoF-T4.2, MoF-T8.1, MoG-T4.1, MoG-T9.4, TuB-T7.4, TuB-T7.5, TuD-T4.5, TuE-T6.4, WeB-T7.3, WeC-T11.1, WeC-T5.2, WeE-T10.1, WeE-T10.2, WeE-T10.3, WeE-T10.4, WeE-T5.4
Off-line and Online Data Processing TechniquesMoD-T1.2, MoD-T3.4, MoD-T5.2, MoE-T2.4, MoE-T3.1, MoG-T2.3, MoG-T2.6, MoG-T3.5, MoG-T4.2, MoG-T5.1, MoG-T5.4, TuB-T7.3, TuC-T1.4, TuC-T10.1, TuC-T7.1, TuC-T7.3, TuD-T10.1, TuD-T10.4, TuD-T10.5, TuD-T10.6, TuD-T4.2, TuD-T5.4, TuD-T6.2, TuD-T7.1, TuD-T7.2, TuD-T7.3, TuE-T10.5, TuE-T2.6, TuE-T5.1, TuE-T6.2, TuE-T7.4, TuE-T7.6, WeB-T11.2, WeB-T5.4, WeB-T7.1, WeB-T9.6, WeC-T9.4, WeD-T4.3, WeD-T8.1, WeE-T2.2, WeE-T5.1, WeE-T7.1, WeF-T1.3, WeF-T10.6, WeF-T2.4, WeF-T4.1, WeF-T4.3, WeF-T5.5, WeG-T4.1, WeG-T4.2, WeG-T4.3
Other Theories, Applications, and TechnologiesMoB-P1.1, MoC-T3.1, MoC-T3.4, MoC-T6.2, MoC-T9.2, MoD-T3.3, MoD-T3.4, MoD-T4.2, MoD-T6.4, MoD-T7.3, MoD-T8.2, MoE-T1.4, MoE-T2.1, MoF-T2.3, MoF-T5.2, MoG-T1.5, MoG-T10.2, MoG-T10.5, MoG-T3.1, MoG-T4.4, MoG-T5.3, MoG-T8.2, TuA-P1.1, TuB-T1.3, TuB-T3.6, TuB-T4.4, TuB-T9.2, TuC-T1.1, TuC-T10.1, TuC-T2.4, TuC-T5.2, TuC-T5.4, TuE-T1.1, TuE-T2.3, TuE-T5.3, TuE-T5.4, TuE-T7.5, WeA-P1.1, WeB-T3.2, WeC-T10.2, WeC-T10.3, WeC-T8.1, WeD-T10.2, WeD-T10.4, WeD-T2.3, WeD-T5.3, WeE-T10.4, WeE-T3.3, WeE-T7.4, WeE-T8.1, WeF-T1.1, WeF-T1.6, WeF-T10.2, WeF-T10.5, WeF-T5.5, WeF-T7.3, WeF-T7.4, WeF-T8.1, WeF-T8.2, WeF-T8.3, WeF-T8.4, WeF-T8.5, WeF-T8.6, WeF-T9.3, WeG-T3.3, WeG-T4.1, WeG-T4.3, WeG-T4.4, WeG-T8.1
Personalized Public TransitMoC-T10.2, MoC-T10.3, MoC-T4.3, MoE-T10.3, MoE-T8.1, TuB-T9.2, WeC-T11.3, WeC-T9.3, WeF-T3.3, WeG-T9.4
See also Public Transportation Management
Ports, Waterways, Inland Navigation, and Vessel Traffic ManagementMoC-T2.4, MoD-T2.3, WeE-T8.1
Public Transportation ManagementMoC-T10.1, MoC-T10.3, MoC-T10.4, MoC-T4.2, MoC-T4.4, MoC-T5.4, MoC-T6.4, MoD-T10.1, MoD-T10.2, MoD-T10.3, MoD-T10.4, MoE-T10.1, MoE-T10.2, MoE-T10.3, MoE-T10.4, MoE-T5.3, MoF-T4.3, MoF-T4.4, MoF-T9.2, TuB-T9.3, TuD-T6.4, TuD-T7.5, TuD-T9.4, WeB-T10.3, WeB-T11.3, WeF-T9.3
See also Personalized Public Transit
Public Travel and National SecurityMoD-T10.2, WeC-T11.2, WeG-T9.3
Rail Traffic ManagementMoC-T10.4, MoC-T4.3, MoC-T4.4, MoD-T4.3, MoD-T4.4, MoE-T4.3, MoE-T4.4, MoF-T10.2, MoF-T4.1, MoF-T4.4, MoF-T5.1, TuD-T5.3, WeB-T4.1, WeB-T4.2, WeB-T4.3, WeB-T4.4, WeB-T4.5, WeB-T4.6, WeB-T7.2, WeC-T10.1, WeC-T4.1, WeC-T4.2, WeC-T4.3, WeD-T10.2, WeD-T4.1, WeD-T4.2, WeD-T4.3, WeD-T4.4, WeE-T4.1, WeE-T4.2, WeE-T4.3, WeE-T4.4
Ride Matching and ReservationMoF-T8.2, TuB-T9.4, TuB-T9.5, WeB-T11.6, WeB-T9.1, WeB-T9.2, WeB-T9.3, WeB-T9.4, WeB-T9.5, WeC-T11.3, WeC-T9.1, WeC-T9.2, WeC-T9.3, WeE-T10.1, WeE-T3.4
Road Traffic ControlMoE-T8.2, MoE-T9.4, MoF-T5.3, MoF-T9.1, MoF-T9.3, MoG-T10.1, MoG-T6.4, MoG-T6.6, TuB-T10.1, TuB-T10.2, TuB-T10.3, TuB-T10.4, TuB-T10.5, TuB-T10.6, TuB-T6.4, TuB-T7.6, TuC-T1.2, TuC-T10.1, TuC-T10.2, TuC-T10.3, TuC-T10.4, TuD-T6.1, TuD-T6.4, TuE-T6.5, TuE-T7.1, WeB-T11.4, WeB-T7.6, WeC-T11.4, WeC-T3.2, WeC-T7.4, WeD-T5.1, WeD-T5.2, WeD-T7.1, WeD-T7.2, WeD-T7.3, WeD-T7.4, WeE-T7.1, WeE-T7.3, WeF-T10.1, WeF-T10.2, WeF-T10.3, WeF-T10.4, WeF-T4.5, WeF-T9.4, WeF-T9.5, WeF-T9.6, WeG-T10.2, WeG-T4.1, WeG-T4.4
Roadside and On-board Safety MonitoringMoC-T5.3, MoD-T2.4, MoE-T4.2, MoF-T10.3, TuB-T1.3, TuD-T10.3, TuD-T5.1, TuE-T1.4, TuE-T9.5, WeE-T1.4, WeG-T2.3, WeG-T5.4
Sensing and Intervening, Detectors and ActuatorsMoD-T3.1, MoD-T3.2, MoD-T5.3, MoF-T3.2, MoG-T2.4, MoG-T4.4, MoG-T5.2, MoG-T7.6, TuB-T1.5, TuB-T4.6, TuE-T2.3, TuE-T2.5, TuE-T9.6, WeB-T5.3, WeB-T5.4, WeC-T6.4, WeD-T7.3, WeD-T7.4, WeF-T1.1, WeF-T1.4, WeF-T1.5, WeF-T10.4, WeF-T10.5, WeF-T10.6
Sensing, Vision, and PerceptionMoC-T1.1, MoC-T1.2, MoC-T1.3, MoC-T2.1, MoC-T2.2, MoC-T2.3, MoC-T2.4, MoC-T3.1, MoC-T3.2, MoC-T3.3, MoC-T3.4, MoC-T5.2, MoC-T6.3, MoD-T1.1, MoD-T1.2, MoD-T1.3, MoD-T1.4, MoD-T2.1, MoD-T2.2, MoD-T2.3, MoD-T2.4, MoD-T3.1, MoD-T3.2, MoD-T3.3, MoD-T3.4, MoD-T5.2, MoD-T5.3, MoE-T1.1, MoE-T1.2, MoE-T1.3, MoE-T1.4, MoE-T2.1, MoE-T2.2, MoE-T2.3, MoE-T2.4, MoE-T3.1, MoE-T3.2, MoE-T3.3, MoE-T3.4, MoF-T1.1, MoF-T1.2, MoF-T1.4, MoF-T10.1, MoF-T2.1, MoF-T2.2, MoF-T2.3, MoF-T2.4, MoF-T3.1, MoF-T3.2, MoF-T3.3, MoF-T3.4, MoF-T6.1, MoF-T7.1, MoF-T7.3, MoF-T7.4, MoG-T2.1, MoG-T2.2, MoG-T2.3, MoG-T2.4, MoG-T2.5, MoG-T2.6, MoG-T3.1, MoG-T3.2, MoG-T3.3, MoG-T3.4, MoG-T3.5, MoG-T3.6, MoG-T7.1, MoG-T7.2, MoG-T7.4, MoG-T7.5, MoG-T8.2, MoG-T8.3, MoG-T8.4, MoG-T8.5, MoG-T8.6, TuB-T1.1, TuB-T1.2, TuB-T1.3, TuB-T1.4, TuB-T1.5, TuB-T1.6, TuB-T3.1, TuB-T3.4, TuB-T3.5, TuB-T3.6, TuB-T6.2, TuC-T1.1, TuC-T1.2, TuC-T1.3, TuC-T2.3, TuC-T4.1, TuC-T4.3, TuC-T4.4, TuD-T1.5, TuD-T10.2, TuD-T2.1, TuD-T2.2, TuD-T2.3, TuD-T2.4, TuD-T2.5, TuD-T2.6, TuD-T3.5, TuD-T5.5, TuE-T1.2, TuE-T2.1, TuE-T2.2, TuE-T2.3, TuE-T2.4, TuE-T2.5, TuE-T2.6, TuE-T3.1, TuE-T9.6, WeB-T1.1, WeB-T1.2, WeB-T1.3, WeB-T1.4, WeB-T1.5, WeB-T1.6, WeB-T10.5, WeB-T2.6, WeB-T3.3, WeB-T3.4, WeB-T5.2, WeB-T5.3, WeB-T5.4, WeB-T5.5, WeB-T5.6, WeB-T8.3, WeB-T8.6, WeC-T1.1, WeC-T1.2, WeC-T1.3, WeC-T1.4, WeC-T2.1, WeC-T6.1, WeC-T6.2, WeC-T8.2, WeD-T1.1, WeD-T1.2, WeD-T1.3, WeD-T2.1, WeD-T2.2, WeD-T2.3, WeD-T2.4, WeD-T4.2, WeD-T8.3, WeD-T8.4, WeE-T2.1, WeE-T2.2, WeE-T2.3, WeE-T3.2, WeE-T5.2, WeE-T8.2, WeE-T8.3, WeF-T1.1, WeF-T1.2, WeF-T1.3, WeF-T1.4, WeF-T1.6, WeF-T10.1, WeF-T10.2, WeF-T3.2, WeF-T5.1, WeF-T5.2, WeF-T5.3, WeF-T5.4, WeF-T6.1, WeF-T6.2, WeF-T6.3, WeF-T6.4, WeF-T6.5, WeF-T6.6, WeF-T8.4, WeG-T1.1, WeG-T1.2, WeG-T1.4, WeG-T5.1, WeG-T5.2, WeG-T5.3, WeG-T6.2, WeG-T6.3, WeG-T7.4
Simulation and ModelingMoC-T2.3, MoC-T7.4, MoC-T8.1, MoC-T8.4, MoC-T9.3, MoD-T10.3, MoD-T10.4, MoD-T2.1, MoD-T4.2, MoD-T5.4, MoD-T6.3, MoD-T7.2, MoD-T7.3, MoD-T7.4, MoD-T9.2, MoE-T10.2, MoE-T4.1, MoE-T5.4, MoE-T6.1, MoE-T6.2, MoE-T6.3, MoE-T6.4, MoE-T7.1, MoE-T7.3, MoE-T7.4, MoF-T10.3, MoF-T6.1, MoF-T6.2, MoF-T6.3, MoF-T6.4, MoF-T9.4, MoG-T10.5, MoG-T10.6, MoG-T4.6, MoG-T6.1, MoG-T6.2, MoG-T6.3, MoG-T6.4, MoG-T6.5, MoG-T6.6, MoG-T9.1, MoG-T9.2, MoG-T9.5, TuB-T1.5, TuB-T10.1, TuB-T10.6, TuB-T2.2, TuB-T6.1, TuB-T6.2, TuB-T6.3, TuB-T6.4, TuB-T6.5, TuB-T6.6, TuB-T7.2, TuB-T9.1, TuB-T9.5, TuC-T1.1, TuC-T10.2, TuC-T10.3, TuC-T3.2, TuC-T6.1, TuC-T6.2, TuC-T6.3, TuC-T6.4, TuC-T7.3, TuC-T7.4, TuD-T1.3, TuD-T10.2, TuD-T5.1, TuD-T5.2, TuD-T5.4, TuD-T5.5, TuD-T5.6, TuD-T6.1, TuD-T6.2, TuD-T6.3, TuD-T6.4, TuD-T6.5, TuD-T6.6, TuD-T7.1, TuD-T9.2, TuD-T9.3, TuE-T10.3, TuE-T3.3, TuE-T4.5, TuE-T5.3, TuE-T5.4, TuE-T5.5, TuE-T5.6, TuE-T6.1, TuE-T6.2, TuE-T6.3, TuE-T6.4, TuE-T6.5, TuE-T6.6, TuE-T7.4, TuE-T7.5, TuE-T7.6, TuE-T9.3, TuE-T9.4, WeB-T10.4, WeB-T11.5, WeB-T2.3, WeB-T2.6, WeB-T4.1, WeB-T4.2, WeB-T4.5, WeB-T6.5, WeB-T7.3, WeB-T7.4, WeB-T9.1, WeB-T9.3, WeC-T10.1, WeC-T10.4, WeC-T4.3, WeC-T4.4, WeC-T5.4, WeC-T7.4, WeC-T9.2, WeC-T9.3, WeD-T3.1, WeD-T3.4, WeD-T4.1, WeD-T9.3, WeE-T10.2, WeE-T10.3, WeE-T2.3, WeE-T4.2, WeE-T4.3, WeE-T5.1, WeE-T5.3, WeE-T6.1, WeE-T6.3, WeE-T6.4, WeE-T7.1, WeE-T7.2, WeE-T9.2, WeF-T1.3, WeF-T2.4, WeF-T2.5, WeF-T4.1, WeF-T4.4, WeF-T4.6, WeF-T7.4, WeF-T7.5, WeF-T7.6, WeF-T8.1, WeF-T9.1, WeF-T9.2, WeF-T9.4, WeF-T9.6, WeG-T10.1, WeG-T10.3, WeG-T10.4, WeG-T3.3, WeG-T6.4, WeG-T7.1, WeG-T8.1
Theory and Models for Optimization and ControlMoD-T4.4, MoD-T6.2, MoD-T9.1, MoE-T4.1, MoE-T4.4, MoE-T9.2, MoE-T9.3, MoE-T9.4, MoF-T6.2, MoF-T8.2, MoF-T9.1, MoF-T9.2, MoF-T9.3, MoF-T9.4, MoG-T1.6, MoG-T6.2, MoG-T9.1, MoG-T9.2, MoG-T9.3, MoG-T9.4, MoG-T9.5, TuB-T10.6, TuB-T4.1, TuB-T6.3, TuB-T9.6, TuC-T10.2, TuC-T10.3, TuC-T2.1, TuC-T3.1, TuC-T9.1, TuC-T9.2, TuC-T9.4, TuD-T10.1, TuD-T5.1, TuD-T5.2, TuD-T5.3, TuD-T6.5, TuD-T6.6, TuE-T2.4, TuE-T4.4, TuE-T5.5, TuE-T5.6, TuE-T7.1, WeB-T10.1, WeB-T11.5, WeB-T11.6, WeB-T3.5, WeB-T4.5, WeB-T7.2, WeB-T7.3, WeB-T7.4, WeB-T7.5, WeB-T7.6, WeB-T8.4, WeC-T4.1, WeC-T4.3, WeC-T7.3, WeC-T7.4, WeC-T9.4, WeD-T3.4, WeD-T4.1, WeD-T5.3, WeD-T7.2, WeD-T7.3, WeD-T7.4, WeD-T9.1, WeD-T9.2, WeD-T9.3, WeD-T9.4, WeE-T10.4, WeE-T4.4, WeE-T5.3, WeE-T6.1, WeE-T9.1, WeE-T9.2, WeF-T10.3, WeF-T3.5, WeF-T4.5, WeF-T7.6, WeF-T9.1, WeF-T9.2, WeF-T9.3, WeF-T9.4, WeF-T9.5, WeF-T9.6, WeG-T2.2, WeG-T6.1, WeG-T9.2
Traffic Theory for ITSMoF-T8.1, MoF-T9.4, MoG-T10.1, MoG-T10.2, MoG-T10.3, MoG-T10.4, MoG-T10.5, MoG-T10.6, TuC-T2.1, TuC-T4.2, TuD-T10.1, TuD-T10.6, TuE-T6.6, WeB-T6.3, WeC-T7.3, WeE-T10.2, WeE-T10.3, WeE-T4.4, WeE-T5.3, WeF-T4.5, WeF-T9.1
Transportation SecurityMoC-T4.2, MoC-T5.4, MoD-T4.2, MoD-T6.3, MoE-T4.2, MoE-T5.2, MoE-T5.3, MoF-T10.1, MoF-T10.2, MoF-T10.3, MoF-T10.4, MoG-T4.3, MoG-T4.5, MoG-T4.6, TuD-T5.3, TuD-T7.2, TuE-T5.2, TuE-T5.3, TuE-T5.4, WeB-T5.2, WeC-T11.2, WeC-T4.2, WeC-T5.3, WeE-T6.2, WeE-T8.1
Travel Behavior Under ITSMoC-T10.3, MoD-T5.2, MoE-T10.4, MoF-T6.3, MoF-T8.3, MoG-T1.4, MoG-T4.2, MoG-T6.5, TuB-T5.5, TuB-T7.1, TuB-T7.2, TuB-T7.3, TuB-T7.4, TuB-T9.1, TuC-T10.4, TuC-T6.3, TuD-T10.2, TuD-T10.3, TuD-T10.4, TuD-T6.6, TuE-T1.3, TuE-T10.1, TuE-T10.2, TuE-T10.3, TuE-T10.4, TuE-T10.5, TuE-T9.3, TuE-T9.4, WeB-T7.4, WeE-T5.4, WeG-T1.3
Travel Information, Travel Guidance, and Travel Demand ManagementMoC-T4.2, MoD-T10.1, MoD-T6.1, MoE-T10.1, MoE-T10.4, MoE-T8.1, MoE-T8.2, MoE-T8.4, MoF-T8.3, MoF-T8.4, MoG-T9.2, TuB-T10.4, TuC-T10.4, TuD-T10.6, TuD-T7.4, TuD-T7.5, TuD-T7.6, TuE-T10.1, TuE-T10.2, WeB-T11.1, WeB-T11.2, WeB-T11.3, WeB-T11.4, WeB-T11.5, WeB-T11.6, WeB-T4.2, WeB-T7.2, WeF-T4.2, WeF-T6.6, WeG-T9.4




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