The 21st IEEE International Conference on
Intelligent Transportation Systems
The 21st IEEE International Conference on
Intelligent Transportation Systems
The 21st IEEE International Conference on
Intelligent Transportation Systems
The 21st IEEE International Conference on
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Maui, Hawaii, USA, November 4-7, 2018 Maui, Hawaii, USA, November 4-7, 2018
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Last updated on November 11, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ITSC 2018 Keyword Index

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.MoAT1.1, MoBT1.2, MoD1T5.1, MoD1T5.2, MoD1T5.3, MoD1T5.4, MoD1T5.5, MoD1T5.6, MoD1T5.7, MoDT5.1, MoDT5.2, MoDT5.3, MoDT5.4, SuA1T3.1, SuA1T3.2, SuA1T3.3, SuA1T4.1, SuA1T4.2, SuA1T4.3, SuA1T4.4, SuB1T3.1, SuB1T3.2, SuB1T3.3, SuB1T4.1, SuB1T4.2, SuB1T4.3, SuB1T4.4, SuC1T1.1, SuC1T1.2, SuC1T1.3, SuC1T1.4, SuC1T1.5, SuC1T1.6, SuC1T7.1, SuC1T7.2, SuC1T7.3, SuD1T1.1, SuD1T1.2, SuD1T1.3, SuD1T1.4, SuD1T1.5, SuD1T7.1, SuD1T7.2, SuD1T7.3, SuD1T7.4, SuD1T7.5, SuXC1.1, TuAT12.1, TuBT12.3, TuCT12.1, TuCT9.1, TuDT9.1
Accurate Global PositioningTuDT6.5, WeAT6.2, WeAT6.6, WeBT6.2, WeBT6.3, WeBT6.5
See also Positioning
Adaptive Cruise ControlMoCT6.3, TuAT1.1, TuAT11.2, TuBT9.1
See also ADAS
AdasMoCT6.1, MoD2T11.2, TuAT1.5, WeAT2.2, WeBT7.2
See also ADAS, Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Assistance Systems
Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsMoCT10.5, MoCT12.3, MoCT12.4, MoCT12.5, MoCT6.2, MoCT6.4, MoCT6.5, MoCT6.6, MoCT6.7, MoCT8.7, MoD1T6.2, MoD1T6.3, MoD1T6.4, MoD1T6.5, MoD1T6.6, MoDT4.1, SuC1T8.1, TuAT3.1, TuAT3.2, TuAT4.5, TuAT5.2, TuBT1.3, TuBT1.4, TuBT3.3, TuBT3.5, TuBT4.1, TuCT3.1, TuCT5.4, TuDT3.2, TuDT4.4, WeAT11.4, WeAT11.5, WeBT1.1, WeBT10.1, WeBT11.1, WeBT11.4, WeBT12.5, WeBT4.4
See also ADAS
Advanced Vehicle Safety SystemsMoCT6.2, SuC1T8.1, TuAT1.1, TuAT1.2, TuAT1.3, TuAT1.4, TuBT1.1, TuBT1.3, TuBT3.5, TuCT1.2, TuCT1.3, TuCT1.5, TuDT1.2, TuDT1.6, WeAT7.5
See also Safety
Agent-based modelling and simulationMoCT7.1, MoD1T3.4, MoDT3.1, MoDT3.4, TuDT1.6, TuDT10.6, TuDT4.4, WeAT4.1, WeBT3.6, WeCT11.2, WeCT11.3, WeCT9.1, WeDT4.1, WeDT4.2, WeDT4.3, WeDT4.5
Agent-human interactionsMoCT8.1, MoCT8.6, MoD1T8.3, SuC1T8.1, TuDT3.4, WeBT3.4, WeDT4.2
Artificial IntelligenceMoCT11.3, MoCT13.4, MoD2T12.1, MoDT2.1, MoDT3.2, SuA2T1.1, SuA2T1.2, SuA2T1.3, SuA2T1.4, SuA2T1.5, SuA2T1.6, SuB2T1.1, SuB2T1.2, SuB2T1.3, SuB2T1.4, SuB2T1.5, SuB2T1.6, TuBT10.5, TuCT2.4, WeBT10.1, WeBT9.3, WeBT9.4, WeCT8.2, WeDT2.1, WeDT3.5
Artificial Neural NetworkMoCT13.1, MoCT8.2, MoD1T4.1, MoD1T6.3, MoDT3.2, TuAT10.5, TuBT5.3, TuBT7.5, WeAT10.1, WeBT10.6, WeBT2.5, WeBT8.1, WeBT8.3, WeBT9.1, WeBT9.2
Automated DrivingMoCT6.2, MoCT6.4, MoD1T4.2, MoD1T8.4, MoD2T11.1, MoDT4.2, MoDT4.4, SuA1T6.3, SuC1T2.1, SuC1T3.1, SuC1T3.3, SuC1T8.3, SuD1T3.1, SuD1T3.2, SuD1T3.3, SuD1T3.4, SuD1T8.1, TuAT1.2, TuAT3.3, TuBT11.1, TuBT11.4, TuBT9.2, TuCT1.3, TuDT11.1, TuDT11.2, TuDT11.4, TuDT11.5, TuDT12.2, TuDT12.3, TuDT12.4, TuDT12.5, TuDT3.1, TuDT3.5, WeAT1.1, WeAT11.3, WeAT6.1, WeAT6.6, WeCT2.2, WeCT4.3, WeCT9.5
Automated Vehicle Operation, Motion Planning, NavigationMoCT11.2, MoD1T4.3, MoD1T4.4, MoDT14.1, TuAT4.1, TuAT4.6, TuBT11.1, TuCT5.3, TuDT11.3, TuDT12.1, TuDT12.6, WeAT11.1, WeAT6.1, WeBT5.2, WeCT11.1
Automated VehiclesMoCT12.2, MoCT6.6, MoD1T4.5, MoDT14.3, SuB1T6.1, SuB1T6.3, SuC1T2.4, SuD1T6.2, TuAT1.3, TuBT11.5, TuCT1.4, TuCT1.5, TuCT11.1, TuCT11.2, TuCT11.3, TuCT11.4, TuCT11.5, TuDT1.3, TuDT11.6, TuDT2.3, TuDT4.1, WeCT4.3, WeDT12.3
Autonomous DrivingMoAT1.2, MoCT10.2, MoCT10.6, MoCT13.6, MoD1T14.2, MoD1T8.3, MoDT14.4, MoDT2.1, MoDT4.1, MoDT4.3, TuAT1.1, TuAT1.3, TuAT11.1, TuAT11.2, TuAT11.3, TuAT11.6, TuAT4.2, TuAT4.3, TuAT4.4, TuAT9.3, TuBT1.2, TuBT11.3, TuBT4.1, TuBT4.4, TuDT1.2, TuDT4.5, TuDT6.4, WeAT11.1, WeAT11.2, WeAT11.3, WeAT11.4, WeAT11.5, WeAT11.6, WeAT4.2, WeAT4.3, WeAT5.4, WeAT7.3, WeBT11.1, WeBT11.2, WeBT11.3, WeBT11.4, WeBT11.5, WeBT11.6, WeBT6.3, WeBT7.4, WeBT8.5, WeCT1.1, WeCT2.1, WeCT3.1, WeCT5.3, WeDT1.1, WeDT1.4, WeDT5.1
Autonomous VehiclesMoCT13.2, MoCT8.3, MoCT8.6, MoD2T10.3, MoDT14.2, MoDT4.1, MoDT4.4, TuAT11.4, TuAT11.5, TuAT12.4, TuAT4.5, TuBT11.1, TuBT3.1, TuBT4.2, TuBT5.1, TuCT1.1, TuCT1.2, TuCT11.5, TuCT3.3, TuCT5.3, TuDT11.2, TuDT2.2, TuDT3.4, TuDT5.3, WeAT1.3, WeAT11.4, WeAT11.5, WeBT11.4, WeBT3.3, WeBT5.1, WeBT5.3, WeBT6.5, WeBT8.6, WeDT1.1, WeDT1.2, WeDT11.1, WeDT11.3, WeDT7.2, WeDT8.2
Aviation Systems Intelligent Computational ModelsMoCT7.2, WeCT8.1, WeCT8.4, WeCT8.5, WeDT8.1
Bayesian EstimationMoD1T2.3, MoD1T6.1, MoD1T8.6, TuBT4.5, TuDT2.4
Bayesian FilteringTuBT3.4, TuBT4.5, TuBT8.1, TuCT4.1, TuDT6.4
Big DataTuAT11.5, TuAT2.1, TuAT2.2, TuAT2.3, TuAT2.5, TuBT2.1, TuBT2.2, TuBT2.4, TuBT2.5, TuCT4.3, TuCT8.1, TuDT2.1, TuDT2.2, TuDT2.5, TuDT2.6, TuDT4.2, TuDT8.2, WeAT2.4, WeBT5.2, WeCT2.4, WeDT2.2
CalibrationTuCT2.1, TuDT7.1, WeAT10.2
Calibration and validation of agent-based models for traffic and transportationWeAT5.6, WeDT4.2, WeDT4.4
CameraMoCT10.4, MoCT13.7, MoD2T13.2, MoDT15.3, WeAT5.6, WeBT5.1, WeBT5.4, WeBT5.5, WeBT8.1
See also Perception
Car FollowingTuCT3.5, WeBT9.2, WeCT9.1
Car-Following ModelMoD1T14.6, TuAT3.6
ClassificationMoCT13.1, MoCT7.6, MoCT8.2, MoD1T6.2, MoD1T6.6, MoD2T10.3, MoD2T15.1, TuCT3.4, TuCT4.2, TuDT1.5, TuDT5.5, WeAT1.4, WeAT2.1, WeAT5.2, WeAT5.5, WeBT10.6, WeBT2.4, WeBT7.4, WeBT9.5, WeDT2.3
ClusteringMoCT7.5, MoD1T6.6, MoD2T12.2, TuAT11.6, TuAT2.3, TuAT5.6, TuAT7.2, TuBT2.3, TuBT2.4, TuBT6.4, TuCT2.4, TuDT2.6, WeAT10.4, WeAT5.2, WeBT2.4, WeBT9.4, WeCT11.1, WeCT2.3, WeCT4.1, WeCT4.5, WeDT1.2, WeDT8.1
CNNMoCT10.1, TuAT2.6, TuAT5.1, WeAT7.3, WeCT7.4
Collaboration, cooperation, competition, coalitions in traffic and transportation modelsMoBT1.1, MoD1T2.2, MoDT2.3, SuB1T6.6, TuBT5.4, WeCT11.2, WeCT6.2, WeDT4.1
Commercial Fleet ManagementTuAT2.5, TuAT7.5, WeAT3.1, WeAT3.2
Communications and Protocols in ITSMoD1T14.1, MoD1T14.2, MoD1T14.3, MoD1T14.4, MoD1T14.5, MoDT14.2, MoDT3.3, SuB1T6.2, SuB1T6.10, WeBT12.4, WeBT9.1, WeCT3.2, WeDT3.1, WeDT3.2, WeDT3.3, WeDT3.4
Complex NetworkTuCT8.2, WeCT4.5
Computational IntelligenceMoCT7.1, MoCT7.3, MoD1T3.2, SuD1T4.1, WeAT8.4
Computer VisionMoCT10.5, MoCT13.3, MoCT13.7, MoDT15.2, TuAT5.3, TuAT5.4, TuAT5.5, TuCT5.1, TuDT11.1, TuDT4.1, WeAT1.4, WeAT6.2, WeAT7.4, WeBT10.5, WeBT5.5, WeBT7.5, WeBT7.6, WeBT8.1, WeCT5.1, WeCT5.2, WeDT5.4, WeDT5.5, WeDT8.2
See also Perception
CongestionMoD1T9.1, MoD1T9.2, MoDT9.3, SuD1T4.2, TuAT8.4
Connected Shared MobilityMoD1T14.3
Connected VehiclesMoCT12.2, MoCT6.4, MoD1T14.3, MoD1T14.6, MoD1T2.4, MoD2T7.2, MoDT14.1, MoDT14.2, MoDT14.3, MoDT14.4, SuA1T6.3, SuB1T6.3, SuB1T6.9, SuD1T2.2, SuD1T2.3, TuAT4.2, TuAT6.1, TuAT9.1, TuAT9.2, TuAT9.4, TuAT9.5, TuBT12.4, TuCT4.5, TuCT6.1, WeAT9.1, WeBT1.1, WeCT12.1, WeCT12.2, WeCT12.3, WeCT12.4, WeCT12.5, WeCT3.1, WeCT3.2, WeCT3.4, WeCT3.5, WeDT12.3, WeDT3.2, WeDT3.4, WeDT3.5
Convolutional Neural NetworksMoCT10.2, MoCT10.4, MoCT13.1, MoD1T6.4, MoD2T13.1, TuAT5.3, TuBT1.2, TuCT1.2, TuDT5.1, WeAT10.6, WeAT5.5, WeAT7.1, WeBT11.2, WeBT5.6, WeBT7.3, WeBT8.2, WeBT9.5, WeCT7.1, WeCT7.5, WeCT9.2, WeDT5.5
CooperationMoDT2.2, TuAT9.1, TuAT9.2, TuBT9.2, WeBT3.6
Cooperative Adaptive Cruise ControlMoCT12.6, MoCT12.7, MoD1T8.2, MoD1T9.2, SuB1T6.7, SuB1T6.8, SuB1T6.10, TuAT9.2, TuAT9.3, TuBT9.1, WeBT1.2, WeBT1.3, WeBT12.4, WeDT12.1
See also ADAS
Cooperative Automated VehiclesMoCT12.3, MoD1T2.1, MoD1T2.2, MoDT2.3, MoDT2.4, SuA1T6.1, SuA1T6.4, SuB1T6.1, SuB1T6.5, SuB1T6.6, SuB1T6.7, SuB1T6.9, SuB1T6.11, SuC1T2.2, SuC1T6.1, SuC1T6.3, SuC1T6.4, SuD1T6.1, SuD1T6.3, SuD1T6.4, SuD1T6.5, SuD1T6.6, SuD1T6.7, TuAT9.4, TuAT9.5, TuAT9.6, TuBT9.4, TuBT9.5, TuDT10.4, WeBT1.3, WeBT12.1, WeBT12.2, WeBT12.3, WeDT10.3, WeDT12.2
Cooperative DrivingMoCT12.1, MoD1T2.4, MoD1T2.5, MoDT2.4, SuA1T6.5, SuB1T6.1, SuB1T6.4, SuB1T6.10, SuC1T6.2, TuAT10.1, TuAT3.3, TuBT9.3, WeBT12.2, WeBT12.3, WeBT12.4, WeBT12.5, WeBT12.6, WeDT1.4, WeDT12.2
Cooperative Techniques and SystemsTuAT9.1, WeBT6.2, WeCT12.4, WeDT12.2, WeDT3.3, WeDT9.1
CoordinationTuAT9.4, TuBT1.5, WeBT3.2, WeBT3.6, WeCT1.4
Cryptographic Algorithms and ProtocolsMoD1T14.4, TuBT5.5
Data Association, Extend Kalman FilterMoDT2.2, SuD1T4.3, TuCT2.1, TuCT5.4, TuDT8.3, WeBT5.3
Data FusionTuAT11.1, TuBT10.5, TuDT6.5, TuDT8.4, WeAT10.3, WeCT8.3, WeDT10.1, WeDT7.2
Data Management and Geographic Information SystemsTuAT1.6, TuAT7.5, WeAT9.2
Data MiningTuAT2.1, WeAT2.2, WeBT2.4, WeCT2.3, WeCT2.4
Data Mining and Data AnalysisMoCT7.5, MoCT9.1, MoCT9.3, MoD2T10.2, MoDT2.1, MoDT3.2, TuAT10.4, TuAT2.1, TuAT7.6, TuBT2.1, TuBT8.5, TuCT2.4, TuCT8.2, TuDT2.3, TuDT2.4, TuDT2.5, TuDT2.6, TuDT7.2, WeAT2.1, WeAT2.4, WeAT2.5, WeAT2.6, WeAT3.6, WeAT6.3, WeBT2.1, WeBT2.2, WeBT2.5, WeBT2.6, WeBT3.5, WeCT2.2, WeCT2.5, WeCT3.5, WeCT8.5
Data Mining and Data Analysis for Artificial Transportation SystemsMoD1T3.2, TuBT10.2, TuDT2.2, WeAT2.3, WeAT2.6, WeBT2.3, WeDT2.4
Decision ModelingMoD1T8.6, MoFT7.2, TuAT8.1, TuDT11.4, WeAT9.4, WeBT11.1, WeBT9.3
Deep LearningMoCT10.6, MoCT13.5, MoCT6.5, MoCT7.2, MoCT7.6, MoD1T4.1, MoD1T4.3, MoD1T6.2, MoD1T8.5, MoD2T13.1, TuAT1.5, TuAT11.6, TuBT2.4, TuBT2.5, TuDT11.1, TuDT11.5, TuDT5.3, TuDT6.1, TuDT8.2, WeAT2.5, WeAT7.6, WeBT10.4, WeBT10.5, WeBT2.2, WeBT5.6, WeBT8.2, WeBT8.3, WeCT1.2, WeCT1.3, WeCT7.1, WeCT7.4, WeDT11.2, WeDT11.3, WeDT7.1, WeDT7.4
Deep Q-NetworkMoCT11.3, SuC1T4.1, TuDT4.5, WeBT8.4, WeBT8.5, WeBT8.6
Deep Reinforcement LearningMoCT10.7, MoD1T9.2, MoD2T12.3, SuC1T4.1, SuC2Tut2.1, SuC2Tut2.2, SuC2Tut2.3, SuD2Tut2.1, SuD2Tut2.2, SuD2Tut2.3, SuD2Tut2.4, SuD2Tut2.5, SuD2Tut2.7, TuAT1.4, TuAT8.3, TuBT5.1, TuDT11.6, TuDT4.5, WeAT11.6, WeBT8.2, WeBT8.4, WeBT8.5
Destination PredictionMoD1T6.1, WeCT2.4
DetectionMoCT10.1, MoCT10.2, MoCT10.4, MoD2T10.3, MoD2T11.1, MoD2T13.1, MoD2T15.2, TuAT2.6, TuAT5.6, TuCT4.2, TuDT6.2, WeAT10.6, WeAT5.3, WeAT7.1, WeAT7.3, WeAT7.6, WeBT11.2, WeBT7.3, WeCT5.1, WeCT7.1, WeCT7.2, WeCT7.3, WeCT7.5, WeDT5.3, WeDT5.5, WeDT7.3, WeDT7.4
See also Perception
Driver Assistance SystemsMoCT10.3, MoCT12.5, MoD1T6.1, TuAT10.1, TuCT1.5, TuDT1.4, TuDT3.5, TuDT5.4, TuDT5.5, WeAT10.1, WeBT10.5, WeDT11.1
See also ADAS
Driver BehaviourMoCT6.7, MoCT8.1, MoCT8.2, MoCT8.3, MoCT8.4, MoCT8.5, MoD1T8.1, MoD2T15.3, SuC1T6.2, TuAT3.2, TuAT3.4, TuAT3.5, TuAT3.6, TuBT1.1, TuBT3.1, TuBT3.2, TuBT3.4, TuBT9.3, TuCT11.1, TuCT4.1, TuCT4.3, TuCT4.4, TuCT4.5, TuDT2.4, TuDT3.2, TuDT3.6, TuDT4.2, TuDT4.3, WeAT6.3, WeBT10.2, WeBT11.3, WeBT3.5, WeCT9.5, WeDT4.4
See also Driver
Driver ClassificationMoCT6.5, TuBT3.2
See also Driver
Driver ModellingMoCT12.5, MoCT8.3, MoD1T6.3, MoD1T8.4, MoD2T15.3, MoDT9.3, TuBT4.3
See also Driver
Driver MonitoringMoCT8.1, MoD1T6.4, TuAT3.1, TuBT3.3, TuCT3.1, TuDT3.3, WeBT10.4
See also Driver
Driver StateMoCT8.7, MoD1T4.2, TuBT3.3, TuCT3.3, TuCT3.4, TuCT4.2, TuDT3.1, TuDT3.3, WeAT1.5, WeBT10.3, WeBT10.4
See also Driver
DrivingTuDT2.3, WeAT8.4, WeCT1.3
See also Driver
Driving StyleMoD1T8.1, MoD1T8.5, TuBT2.2, WeBT10.6, WeBT2.2
See also Driver
Electric Autonomous VehiclesMoCT11.2, MoCT11.3, MoCT11.4, SuA1T7.1, SuA1T7.2, SuA1T7.3, SuA1T7.4, SuB1T7.1, SuB1T7.2, SuB1T7.3, SuB1T7.4, TuAT11.1, TuBT11.5, TuDT12.6, TuDT7.1
Electric Motors, Drives and Propulsion TechnologiesMoCT11.1, MoCT11.4, MoCT12.4, TuAT6.3, TuCT6.2
Electric VehiclesMoCT11.1, MoCT11.5, MoCT11.6, MoDT3.1, SuC1T4.3, TuAT6.1, TuAT6.3, TuAT6.4, TuAT6.5, TuAT6.6, TuBT6.1, TuBT6.2, TuBT6.3, TuBT6.4, TuBT6.5, TuBT7.1, TuBT7.2, TuBT7.3, TuCT6.2, TuCT7.1
Energy Storage and Control SystemsMoCT11.1, MoCT11.5, TuAT6.4, TuAT6.5, WeAT8.3
Environment PerceptionMoCT10.1, MoCT13.6, TuAT11.2, TuAT5.4, TuAT5.6, TuBT11.4, WeAT1.2, WeAT11.1, WeAT5.1, WeAT5.2, WeAT5.3, WeAT5.4, WeAT5.5, WeBT5.2, WeBT5.3, WeBT5.4, WeBT7.3, WeCT2.1, WeCT5.4, WeCT7.2, WeCT7.3, WeCT7.5, WeDT5.3, WeDT5.4, WeDT7.1, WeDT7.2, WeDT7.3
See also Perception
Environmental ImpactMoAT1.3, TuAT6.3, TuAT6.6, TuBT12.1, TuBT12.2, TuBT6.4, TuBT7.3, TuCT6.1, TuCT6.2, TuCT6.3, TuCT6.4, WeAT3.3, WeAT9.3
Free Way Traffic ControlMoD1T9.3, SuD1T2.1, TuBT5.2, TuCT5.1, TuCT5.2, TuDT10.5, WeBT1.4, WeBT4.3, WeCT10.4
Genetic AlgorithmMoFT7.2, SuD1T2.3, TuCT11.2, TuCT8.1
GPS DataTuCT2.5, TuCT4.4, WeAT6.3, WeAT6.4, WeBT3.5, WeBT6.4
Growing artificial societies in artificial transportation systemsMoDT3.4
Hardware, software, and human-in-the-loop simulationMoD1T3.1, MoDT4.2, SuB1T6.8, WeBT1.2, WeBT4.5, WeCT9.2, WeCT9.3
Human FactorsMoCT8.6, MoCT8.7, MoD1T8.1, MoD1T8.2, TuAT3.4, TuBT9.2, TuCT3.1, TuCT3.2, TuCT3.3, TuCT3.4, TuCT3.5, TuCT4.3, TuCT8.3, TuDT3.1, TuDT3.2, TuDT3.3, TuDT3.4, TuDT3.5, TuDT4.3, WeAT9.2
See also Human-Machine Interface
Human-Machine InterfaceMoCT10.3, MoD1T4.2, SuC1T3.1, SuC1T3.3, SuD1T3.1, SuD1T3.2, SuD1T3.3, SuD1T3.4, TuAT3.2, TuAT3.3, TuAT3.4, TuAT6.1, TuBT1.1, WeBT12.5, WeBT3.4, WeCT11.4
See also Human Factors
In-Vehicle Safety SystemTuBT1.5
See also Safety
Information Security and PrivacyMoCT7.3, MoD1T14.4, TuBT2.2, TuBT5.5, WeDT12.1
Infrastructure for Charging, Communication and ControlsTuAT6.4, TuBT6.3, TuBT6.5, WeCT3.3, WeDT3.2, WeDT3.3
Intelligent LogisticsMoD2T12.1, TuBT5.4, WeAT3.2, WeAT3.3, WeAT3.4, WeAT3.5, WeAT3.6, WeBT3.1, WeBT3.2, WeBT3.3, WeBT3.4
Intelligent Transportation Systems and Disadvantaged PopulationsTuCT7.5, WeAT9.2, WeAT9.3, WeAT9.4, WeAT9.5, WeAT9.6
Intelligent VehiclesMoCT6.1, MoCT8.4, MoD2T15.3, SuB1T6.2, TuAT1.2, TuBT5.2, TuCT2.2, TuDT4.6, TuDT5.1, TuDT5.4, WeAT11.3, WeBT2.3, WeBT3.3, WeBT7.1, WeBT9.1, WeCT3.4
Internet of ThingsMoD1T4.4, MoDT3.3, MoFT7.3, SuB1T6.2, WeCT11.4, WeCT3.4
Junction SafetySuD1T8.1, TuBT1.2, WeDT9.3
See also Safety
Large scale simulation of agent-based traffic modelsMoD1T3.1, MoD1T3.5, MoDT3.4, TuAT7.3, WeDT4.3
Learning and adaptationMoD1T8.5, TuAT3.1, TuAT8.3, TuBT7.4, WeBT8.3, WeCT9.2, WeDT11.3, WeDT2.3, WeDT4.1
Light Rail TransitWeAT8.2
LocalizationMoD2T13.2, TuAT5.4, TuAT8.2, TuDT6.1, TuDT6.3, WeAT6.6, WeCT8.3, WeDT10.1, WeDT8.2
See also Positioning
Microscopic Traffic SimulationMoD1T4.3, MoDT3.1, SuC1T2.2, WeAT4.1, WeAT4.2, WeAT4.3, WeAT4.4, WeAT4.5, WeBT4.2, WeBT4.3, WeBT4.4, WeBT4.6, WeCT12.4
Motion PlanningMoCT12.3, MoCT8.4, MoD1T2.1, MoD1T2.5, MoDT2.3, SuB1T6.6, SuC1T6.2, TuBT11.2, TuBT11.3, TuBT3.1, TuBT9.3, TuDT11.3, TuDT11.6, TuDT12.2, TuDT12.3, TuDT12.4, TuDT12.5, TuDT7.5, WeBT12.2, WeBT8.6, WeCT9.1
Multi-Autonomous Vehicle Studies, Models, Techniques and SimulationsMoCT12.1, TuCT11.3, TuDT10.6, WeBT12.1, WeBT3.1, WeBT4.5, WeCT12.2, WeCT9.3, WeDT11.2
Multi-modalityMoCT9.3, SuC1T2.3, TuCT6.3, TuDT7.2, TuDT7.3, TuDT7.4, TuDT7.6, WeAT4.4, WeDT4.5, WeDT9.2
See also Public Transport
MultipathMoD2T11.2, TuCT11.2, WeBT1.6
Network ModellingMoD1T9.1, MoFT7.1, TuAT8.4, TuCT10.3, TuDT10.1, WeAT3.4, WeCT6.2, WeCT8.4, WeDT6.1, WeDT6.2, WeDT6.3
New trends and inspirational metaphors for artificial transportation systemsTuAT4.1
Off-Line and Online Data Processing TechniquesMoCT7.4, TuAT1.6, TuBT10.2, TuCT2.2, TuCT2.3, TuDT4.2, WeAT2.5, WeAT3.6, WeCT3.5
Path PlanningMoD1T9.5, MoD2T12.1, MoDT4.4, TuAT4.3, TuAT4.5, TuBT11.2, TuBT6.2, TuDT12.2, TuDT12.6, TuDT7.5, WeAT3.1, WeAT3.3, WeBT3.1, WeCT10.5, WeCT12.3, WeCT2.5, WeCT6.1
PerceptionMoCT13.4, MoCT13.5, MoD2T11.2, MoDT15.2, SuC1T3.2, TuAT5.3, TuDT1.5, WeAT1.3, WeAT4.3, WeAT5.1, WeBT5.1, WeBT7.2, WeBT7.5, WeDT5.2
See also Camera, Computer Vision, Detection, Environment Perception, Recognition, Road Edge Detection, Saliency, Scene Parsing, Segmentation, Sensing and Intervening, Detectors and Actuators, Sensing, Vision, and Perception, Sensor Data Fusion, Sensor Fusion, Stereo Vision, Trajectory Tracking, Visual Odometry
Personalized Public TransitSuC1T4.2, TuAT7.6, WeCT12.1
See also Public Transport
PlanningMoCT11.6, TuAT9.6, TuBT6.3, TuCT5.5, WeAT3.5, WeAT6.5, WeBT3.2
PositioningSuD1T4.3, TuDT8.3, WeAT6.5, WeBT6.1, WeBT6.5
See also Accurate Global Positioning, Localization, Vehicle Localization
PredictionMoCT11.5, MoCT6.6, MoCT6.7, MoCT7.4, MoCT7.7, MoCT8.5, MoD2T7.1, MoDT9.4, SuD1T4.2, TuAT11.5, TuAT8.5, TuBT2.3, TuBT2.5, TuBT4.5, TuCT2.5, TuDT1.6, TuDT2.5, TuDT3.6, TuDT8.4, WeAT10.1, WeAT2.1, WeBT1.1, WeBT1.4, WeBT10.1, WeBT10.3, WeBT11.3, WeBT2.3, WeBT2.5, WeCT1.2, WeCT8.5, WeDT2.1, WeDT2.4
Probe DataTuCT4.5
Probe VehicleWeBT1.5
Probe Vehicle DataTuAT3.6, TuCT10.5, WeAT10.3, WeCT10.1
Probe VehiclesWeBT6.4
Public TransportMoCT8.5, MoFT7.1, MoFT7.2, MoFT7.3, SuC1T2.3, SuC1T4.1, SuD1T4.4, TuAT2.5, TuBT7.5, TuCT2.3, TuCT6.3, TuCT7.2, TuDT7.2, WeAT2.6, WeAT3.5, WeBT8.4, WeCT11.3, WeCT12.1, WeCT4.4
See also Personalized Public Transit, Public Transportation Management, Public Travel and National Security, Multi-modality
Public Transportation ManagementMoD2T12.2, SuC1T4.3, SuD1T4.1, SuD1T4.4, TuCT7.1, TuCT7.2, TuCT7.3, TuCT7.4, TuCT7.5, TuDT2.1, WeAT9.4, WeAT9.6
See also Public Transport
Rail Traffic ManagementSuD1T4.1, SuD1T4.3, TuAT8.2, TuAT8.3, TuAT8.4, TuAT8.5, TuAT8.6, TuBT8.1, TuBT8.2, TuBT8.4, TuBT8.5, TuCT8.3, TuDT8.1, TuDT8.2, TuDT8.3, TuDT8.4, TuDT8.5, TuDT8.6, WeBT2.1, WeCT3.3
Random ForestTuBT3.2, WeAT10.4, WeDT2.1
Random ForestsTuAT8.5, TuBT7.2, TuDT11.2
RecognitionMoCT10.5, TuAT1.5, TuAT3.5, WeAT7.4, WeCT5.5, WeCT7.2, WeCT7.4
See also Perception
Recurrent Neural NetworkMoD2T7.1, TuAT10.3, TuAT10.5, TuCT2.3, WeAT7.1, WeAT7.2, WeBT10.2, WeBT10.3, WeCT1.1, WeDT9.2
Reinforcement LearningMoCT10.7, MoD2T12.3, SuC2Tut2.4, SuD2Tut2.6, TuBT6.2, TuBT7.4, TuCT8.4, TuDT10.5, TuDT11.4, TuDT4.6, WeBT11.5
Ride SharingMoCT9.3, SuC1T4.2, TuAT7.2, TuAT7.3, TuDT2.1, TuDT7.3, WeDT11.2
Road Edge DetectionMoCT13.2, MoCT13.3, MoCT13.5, MoCT13.6, MoCT13.7, TuAT2.2
See also Perception
Road SafetyMoD1T8.4, MoD1T9.4, TuBT1.3, TuBT3.5, TuDT4.3, WeAT1.1, WeAT1.2, WeAT1.6, WeBT2.6, WeCT10.2, WeCT10.3
See also Safety
Road TrafficMoD1T2.3, WeAT4.6, WeAT9.1, WeBT2.6, WeCT1.4, WeCT10.1, WeCT10.4, WeDT2.2, WeDT3.5, WeDT6.1, WeDT6.3
Road Traffic ControlTuBT5.1, TuBT6.1, TuCT5.3
Road Traffic ManagementMoD2T10.2, WeBT1.6, WeCT10.1, WeCT10.2, WeCT10.5, WeDT10.1
Roadside and On-Board Safety MonitoringTuAT1.6, WeAT1.1
See also Safety
Routing GamesMoDT9.1, WeAT3.4, WeAT4.6, WeCT12.5
SafetyMoCT6.1, MoCT7.7, MoDT14.3, MoDT15.2, MoDT4.2, SuB1T8.1, SuB1T8.2, SuB1T8.3, SuC1T8.2, SuC1T8.3, SuC1T8.4, SuD1T8.2, SuD1T8.3, TuAT4.6, TuAT8.2, TuBT1.4, TuBT4.2, TuCT1.3, TuCT1.4, TuCT11.5, TuCT3.2, TuCT8.5, TuDT12.1, TuDT4.6, WeAT1.2, WeAT1.3, WeAT1.4, WeAT1.5, WeAT1.6, WeAT2.2, WeAT8.1, WeAT9.1, WeBT1.6, WeCT1.2, WeCT1.4, WeCT10.3, WeCT2.2, WeCT3.1, WeDT1.2
See also Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems, In-Vehicle Safety System, Junction Safety, Road Safety, Roadside and On-Board Safety Monitoring, Vulnerable traffic users, Vehicle Safety
See also Perception
Scene ParsingMoCT13.4, TuDT12.3, WeCT5.2, WeDT5.4
See also Perception
SegmentationMoCT13.2, MoDT4.3, TuAT2.2, TuDT6.2, WeAT10.6, WeAT7.4, WeCT5.1, WeCT5.2, WeCT5.3, WeCT5.5, WeDT5.1, WeDT5.2, WeDT5.3
See also Perception
Sensing and Intervening, Detectors and ActuatorsMoD2T15.1, MoD2T15.2, TuBT8.2, TuDT1.3
See also Perception
Sensing, Vision, and PerceptionMoCT10.6, MoD1T6.5, MoD2T11.1, MoD2T13.2, MoDT15.1, MoDT15.3, MoDT4.3, SuC1T3.1, SuC1T3.3, SuD1T3.1, SuD1T3.2, SuD1T3.3, SuD1T3.4, TuAT5.1, TuAT5.2, TuBT11.4, WeAT5.3, WeAT5.4, WeBT4.6, WeBT5.5, WeBT5.6, WeBT7.5, WeBT7.6, WeCT1.3, WeCT5.4, WeCT5.5, WeCT7.3, WeDT5.1, WeDT7.4
See also Perception
Sensor Data FusionSuC1T3.2, TuBT3.4, TuCT5.4, TuDT5.3, TuDT5.4, TuDT5.6, WeCT2.1, WeCT5.4, WeDT5.2, WeDT7.1, WeDT7.3
See also Perception
Sensor FusionMoD2T7.2, SuC1T3.2, TuDT5.1, TuDT5.5, TuDT5.6, WeAT5.1, WeAT7.6, WeBT7.6, WeDT12.1
See also Perception
Shared Autonomous VehiclesTuBT11.5, TuDT7.4, WeCT11.1, WeCT11.2, WeCT11.3, WeCT11.4, WeCT11.5
Shared Mobility SystemsMoD1T9.5, TuAT7.2, TuAT7.3, TuAT7.5, TuAT7.6, TuBT7.1, TuBT7.2, TuBT7.3, TuBT7.4, TuBT7.5, TuDT7.3, WeAT2.3, WeAT3.1
Shortest PathMoCT12.4, TuCT6.4, TuDT7.5, WeCT6.1
Simulation and ModellingMoD1T2.4, MoD1T3.1, MoD1T3.5, MoD1T9.3, MoDT14.4, MoDT9.1, SuC1T2.2, SuC1T4.2, SuD1T8.1, TuAT1.4, TuAT10.4, TuBT11.3, TuBT5.2, TuBT8.3, TuBT9.1, TuCT10.2, TuCT11.4, TuCT2.1, TuCT2.5, TuCT6.4, TuCT7.3, TuDT10.1, TuDT10.6, TuDT7.6, WeAT2.3, WeAT4.4, WeAT9.3, WeBT11.6, WeBT4.1, WeBT4.2, WeBT4.5, WeCT1.1, WeCT2.5, WeCT4.1, WeCT4.2, WeCT4.4, WeCT4.5, WeCT5.3, WeCT6.1, WeDT10.2, WeDT2.2, WeDT4.3, WeDT6.2
Smart MobilityMoCT11.6, SuA1T5.1, SuA1T5.2, SuA1T5.3, SuA1T5.4, SuB1T5.1, SuB1T5.2, SuB1T5.3, SuC1T5.1, SuC1T5.2, SuC1T5.3, TuAT12.2, TuAT12.3, TuAT12.5, TuAT9.6, TuBT6.5, TuDT7.1, TuDT7.6, WeDT9.1
Smart VehiclesSuB1T6.9, TuAT9.5, TuCT2.2
Social and emergent behaviour in MAS-T (multi-agent systems applied to traffic and transport)WeCT6.2, WeDT4.5
Social transportationMoD1T8.3, TuAT6.5
Speed PredictionTuAT10.3, TuAT10.5, TuCT4.1, TuDT4.4, WeAT10.5, WeBT6.4
Speed Trajectory OptimizationMoD1T8.2, SuC1T8.3, TuAT4.4, TuAT4.6, TuBT4.4, TuBT8.3, WeAT8.3, WeAT8.4, WeCT12.2, WeCT12.3
Stereo VisionTuAT5.1, TuAT5.2
See also Perception
Text MiningMoDT15.3, WeCT11.5
Theory and Models for Optimization and ControlMoD1T3.3, MoD1T6.5, SuC1T4.3, TuAT4.4, TuBT1.5, TuBT9.5, TuCT10.3, TuCT10.4, TuCT11.3, TuCT7.2, TuDT7.4, TuDT8.6, WeAT8.5, WeAT8.6, WeBT4.2, WeCT9.4, WeDT10.4, WeDT6.3, WeDT9.3
Traffic CongestionMoD1T3.4, MoD1T9.3, MoD1T9.4, MoD1T9.5, MoDT9.1, MoDT9.2, MoDT9.4, TuAT2.6, TuAT8.6
Traffic ControlMoCT12.1, TuAT2.4, TuDT5.2, WeBT4.3, WeBT4.4, WeBT9.5, WeCT1.5, WeDT10.3
Traffic FlowMoCT10.3, TuDT10.2, WeAT10.2, WeDT6.1
Traffic Flow ModelMoD1T3.5, MoDT9.2, TuBT10.1, TuBT10.3, TuBT10.4, TuCT10.2, TuCT10.4, TuCT10.5, TuDT10.2, TuDT10.3, WeDT2.4
Traffic Flow Modelling and ControlSuC2Tut2.4, SuD1T2.1, TuAT10.6, TuBT10.4, TuCT10.3, TuCT10.4, TuDT10.1, TuDT10.4, TuDT10.5, WeBT1.4, WeCT10.5, WeCT8.1, WeCT8.4
Traffic Flow PredictionMoCT7.4, MoD1T3.2, TuAT10.1, TuAT10.3, TuAT10.4, TuAT10.6, TuBT10.1, TuBT10.2, TuBT10.3, TuBT10.4, TuBT10.5
Traffic Light ControlMoD1T3.4, WeBT9.4
Traffic ManagementMoD1T4.4, MoD1T9.4, MoD2T15.1, MoD2T15.2, SuB1T6.11, SuD1T2.1, SuD1T6.4, TuAT2.4, WeBT12.3, WeCT10.3, WeCT10.4, WeCT8.1, WeCT8.2, WeDT10.2, WeDT10.3, WeDT10.4
Traffic Signal ControlMoCT10.7, MoCT12.2, MoD1T2.2, MoD1T3.3, MoD2T12.3, SuB1T6.11, SuC1T2.3, SuD1T2.2, SuD1T2.3, SuD1T2.4, TuAT10.6, TuCT5.2, TuCT6.1, TuCT7.3, TuDT5.2, WeAT4.5, WeAT8.1, WeCT12.5, WeCT9.4
Traffic SimulationMoCT12.6, MoD1T3.3, MoDT9.3, SuC1T2.1, TuBT10.1, TuCT10.2, TuCT3.5, TuCT5.5, TuDT10.2, TuDT10.4, WeAT4.1, WeAT4.5, WeAT4.6, WeBT4.1, WeCT4.3
Traffic State EstimationTuAT2.4, TuBT5.3, TuCT10.5, TuCT5.2, WeAT10.2, WeAT10.3, WeBT1.5
Traffic Theory for ITSWeAT8.6
Train Control SystemTuBT8.3, TuCT8.4, WeAT8.1, WeCT1.5
TrajectoriesTuDT10.3, TuDT11.5, WeAT10.5, WeCT4.1, WeDT4.4
TrajectorySuB1T6.4, TuCT4.4, TuDT12.1, WeBT1.5, WeBT12.6
Trajectory PlanningMoD1T2.1, MoD1T2.5, MoDT2.4, SuB1T6.5, TuAT11.3, TuAT4.1, TuAT4.2, TuAT4.3, TuBT4.2, TuBT4.3, TuBT6.1, TuBT9.4, TuBT9.5, TuCT1.4, TuDT11.3, TuDT12.4, TuDT12.5
Trajectory PredictionMoDT14.1, TuAT11.3, TuBT4.1, TuCT1.1, TuDT3.6, WeAT7.2, WeAT7.5, WeBT7.1, WeBT7.4, WeDT1.4, WeDT9.2
Trajectory TrackingMoD1T2.3, MoD1T4.1, TuCT5.1, TuDT1.2, TuDT5.6, WeAT9.6, WeBT5.4, WeDT1.1
See also Perception
Transport Health ManagementMoCT7.1, MoCT7.2, MoCT7.3, MoCT7.5, MoCT7.6, MoCT7.7, MoD2T7.1, MoD2T7.2, WeCT2.3, WeDT9.1
Transportation knowledge automationWeCT8.3
Travel Behaviour Under ITSMoD2T10.2, TuAT2.3, TuBT2.1
Travel TimeMoCT12.6, MoD1T9.1, MoDT9.4, TuBT2.3, TuBT5.3
Urban RailTuAT8.1, TuAT8.6, TuCT8.5, TuDT8.5, WeAT8.2
Urban Rail TransitSuD1T4.2, SuD1T4.4, TuBT8.4, TuBT8.5, TuCT7.4, TuCT8.1, TuCT8.2, TuCT8.3, TuCT8.4, TuDT8.6, WeAT8.2, WeAT8.3, WeAT8.5, WeAT8.6, WeDT10.4
Urban Traffic ControlMoCT12.7, MoDT9.2, SuC1T2.1, SuC1T2.4, SuD1T2.2, SuD1T2.4, TuCT5.5, TuCT7.5, TuDT5.2
V2v CommunicationMoCT12.7, MoD1T14.2, MoD1T14.5, MoD1T14.6, MoDT3.3, SuA1T6.2, SuB1T6.3, SuB1T6.4, SuB1T6.5, SuB1T6.7, SuB1T6.8, TuAT9.3, TuBT9.4, TuDT6.5, WeBT1.2, WeBT1.3, WeBT11.5, WeBT12.6, WeDT12.3, WeDT3.4
Vehicle LocalizationMoFT7.3, TuBT8.1, TuDT6.1, TuDT6.2, TuDT6.3, TuDT6.4, TuDT6.6, WeAT6.1, WeAT6.2, WeAT6.4, WeBT6.1, WeBT6.2, WeBT6.3
See also Positioning
Vehicle SafetyMoCT11.2, MoCT11.4, TuBT1.4, TuCT1.1, TuCT11.4, TuDT1.3, TuDT1.4, TuDT1.5, WeAT10.4, WeAT4.2, WeBT12.1, WeCT1.5, WeDT11.1, WeDT6.2
See also Safety
Vulnerable traffic usersMoDT2.2, WeAT7.5, WeBT4.6, WeBT7.1, WeCT9.3, WeCT9.4, WeCT9.5, WeDT9.3
See also Safety




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